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  1. Sorry, maybe I'm being thick here. I want them to appear in the match preview, not team overview, in the screen before a match.
  2. Can I have the stadium pics appear in the match preview screen? Now all I get is the default steklo.
  3. I mean, is it mandatory to use Steam to download the file? I am not using workshop. I don't care for steam and like to use it as little as possible. All my graphics files I have used the traditional way.
  4. Looks like a great skin. I am not using Steam, though. Where can I get it?
  5. Escaped their minds? How is that even possible? Their game is called football manager for the last 7 years or something. You think the OP thought something they haven't thought? They just haven't bothered with it for their own reasons. It would be great to have an official explanation though.
  6. Will the ability to make changes to the A.I. in certain aspects be available? Because that's the main problem of the game. All the stuff you mention are merely cosmetic. Games in steamwork allow for proper modding.
  7. Simple, stupid question after all this time: is there any way to somehow see, in a simple way, like a meter or any kind of indication, if your training is benefiting the team or not?
  8. I did. Unfortunately I got a bit confused. That's why I asked for a more simple explanation, with a specific example with one of my players.
  9. I am quite confused by all this. How much training is enough for each area, to maintain and improve? For example, I have a very good AMC, age 23, that he has acceptable levels of strength and stamina for me, 16 and 14 respectively. If I want to just maintain his physical attributes and improve his mental ones, what do I do? Should I just have 4 notches for stamina and 6 for aerobic and spend my remaining points at tactics, ball control and attacking?
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