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  1. For those who want to follow the topic in the bug forum.
  2. Seems like the new "clicks" and players grouping up on the manager is somewhat of a problem. One misstep and all your players are against you.
  3. It has been like that for the past few years, and It's just something i've learned to live with like everyone else. Players ego is not the problem I have at the moment, but I will make a post in the bug forum aswell and see if I can get some responses there
  4. Amen to that. There is still time for them to fix it, but I don't have too high hopes.
  5. Another problem is that NON of the players want to renew their contracts. Something is not how it should be..
  6. Here is a quote from another forum. "from what ive seen in the Beta it wont matter if you win every game, for the first season if you picked "sunday league footballer" as your background, any player who thinks he has a reputation will not have faith in you because you are a nobody and footballers are made of ego"
  7. I needed to have a team meating where I basicly had to promise to win "back" the dressing room if they where to give me more time, even tho I never had it in the first place. My current Captain is marked with "Promise" witch states that he is waiting for me to uphold my promise. Seems a bit harsh?
  8. My reputation/faith to the players have been at Poor/Very poor since the beginning, but I can't think of anything setting him off like that specificly. I did have a talk with him giving him praise for good work lately, which he didn't really understand why for some reason. The moral on all players where good but as I said, reputation/faith to me as a manager seems to be non existent with me as a 23 year old nobody. Actually seems more realistic now when I think about it to be honest, but still. Have not had this problem before.
  9. I've started my annual Zero to Hero (Non League to Legend) save where I put myself in the nearest club in the lowest league in my country and try to do everything as realistic as possible. When I started I put my attributes and manager experience at the lowest I could and my age at 23. (Did the exact same thing last year only I had the age at 30). My club set a goal to reach the top half of the table, and half way trough the season I was doing well for myself sitting at 2. before my captain told me that I had lost the faith from the players, and that either him or me where leaving the club. After kicking him on his arse out the door, the rest of the players wanted me to leave aswell. Any idea why, and/or how to fix this?
  10. https://gyazo.com/7ef7c1a25b64c9615a549dfb8d539be9 I have the same problem. I have the latest Windows 10 and have tried to reinstall the game twice aswell as deleting all the traces from the game beforehand with no luck..
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