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  1. I think the outside sometimes is ridiculous. Sometimes I see in the 3Dscreen my other players are way upfront with my rival players but my player who intercept the ball is said to be outside though he was way below my other players and rival players as well Is this outside rule only appears in SIGames?
  2. yeah that`s too bad. I would prefer if posters also point out the player role such as BBM or what in playing for the club. talking about freebies Nikola Vlasic I got for free at season3 turn out to be a player with value of 42 millions by the end of season 3. Waiting patiently to get him and it worth !!! Played him mostly as a RMB (AMR). Damned this player is the new David Beckham
  3. maybe later meanwhile here is a little update about the player who is in my team after being scouted by my scout, look into the SS and it said Man Utd is in Sky Bet League 1 while you can see my Man Utd is First in EPL
  4. I said maybe yes and maybe no I enjoy the game and actually by posting this and giving all the ss are already giving some hints to the development department of SI about some bugs they might be able to look into or maybe in a day or two someone who got the same incident as I do might realize and kind enough to upload the their saved game since I am not kind enough to do so Anyway this has been a positive discussion and I am thankful for the positive responds I received. and btw sorry if my english is lousy as it is not my mother tongue Editted: Damned! I just wish I could played him when he was 12 even as a sub on the 90+ min as to break all the records of Champion Leagues, EPL, FA Cup and World Club Championship Cup as the youngest player ever without ever being broken again
  5. nope, maybe later or maybe not at all Sorry I just find it curious but not interested in reporting actually as I live in a country where uploads and downloads are based on quotas and internet broadband subscription is based on that too so I do not upload or download things that is not so significant to me especially fun stuff which has no benificial value to me personally and that is why also I do not put this thread in the bugs forum but just wanna know if anyone experienced the same yet
  6. what make it more interesting is that he is already in the club since he was 12 (youngest player ever LOL) and never left the club but yet suddenly on trial with the club as leyton orient player A rare phantom player
  7. Now here is something more interesting He joined Man UTD at 2014 which meant he was 12 at that time He was already on trial with me for sometimes actually according to his contract, maybe I did not notice as he was in blue colored. here is the SS: So I got a player who joined the club at 12 but only recently on trial with me As per your request here is leyton orient players which I filter out the significant point without having to see the grey players:
  8. it was on my last screenshot on the first post. No history with Man Utd nor with Leyton Orient. Maybe this is a bonus from SIGames
  9. Yes it was written on trial with Man UTD but I never trialed the player and his name is not colored with green as trial player BOOM ;D plus for trial player on you team you do not need to ask your scout for info. all you need for trial player info is to ask a member of your coaching team. Here is a list of my feeder clubs:
  10. His name is not colored with green as trialed players and I have to scout him as well while he is already in my team. Look like a great stat for youth keeper. gonna sign him. considered it as a bonus from SIgames
  11. sam johnstone and vanja are on loan, I still have two youth keepers and joel on my 21 squad
  12. look at the first screenshot, his name is colored with blue which is like my other players on loan. He is not a grey player
  13. I am playing the game on season 3 2018 and preparing for a match. I found something very strange in my senior team as suddenly I realize there is a player who come into my senior team out of nowhere I do not remember this player as my youth intake nor do I ever offered him for a trial. Even if supposed I trialed this player, his name should be colored with green not blue as my other players on loan. I even have to scout this player who is in my team. This is a Phantom Player
  14. Let discuss player we could buy cheap and sell high. On my first season as MU manager I bought LR for 4 millions Pounds. Renewed his contract after a year and add a minimum release clause for 66 millions. Got an enquiry from PSG at the end of my second season. I replied with his minimum release clause fee and got an unnegotiable offer for direct cash 62 millions. He got an italian second nationality Played him mostly as BBM A Good Business Editted: Season 3 BE mostly played him as False Nine and sometimes as AMR (IF) Sold To Dortmund for 42,5 Millions with with 2 clauses 30% profits on next sale goes to Man Utd + 8,5 millions after 50 league Apps Reject stupid non-negotiable offer from Poor Juve for 21 millions + stupid clauses and reject 31 millions offer from Barca as well.
  15. respectable or not I am sure if you give the same offer to an AI manager, the AI manager would reject the offer as well. Try to buy an everton attacking midfielder with the same clause on the end of the first season and was rejected as well. Eventually I even matched his value with 15 millions after 10 international matches not offering a lower value as RM and was also rejected.
  16. I thought it was B (the manager of RM) who like to annoy MU, the team I am managing as I saw his name in MU like and hated staffs thru the editor . So it was the annoying RM instead LOL. Anyway, I am happy as I keep annoying RM in the fourth season by keep declaring and makin bids on their players to make them unhappy LOL. My Club Rep has exceeded RM by the 4th season Revenge is sweet indeed
  17. He was happy before the offers came in. I setted to 60 millions as to get direct money or maybe monthly installment not to get the money from stupid clauses. Next maybe the AI managers can offer a transfer 60 millions for my center back or my keeper after he scored 50 goals edit: look like I gonna apply to become spain manager and play him for 10 international matche as soon as possible then resign as spain manager LOL
  18. Same here. Financially rich. Player is happy BTW. I have a player with a value 48 millions in pounds and has 3 more years in contract with 2 years optiional renewal, as I am annoyed by RM which keeping wanna buy my players for 43 millions and stupid clauses I put the player's value to 60 millions, hopefully would get 60 millions cash in case I have to sell the player. RM then came with an offer 20 millions in cash, 12 months 23 millions installment and 17 millions after the player played 10 international matches with non negotiable offer. I rejected the offer. The player got upset as RM is his favourite club. so I promised the player that I would sell him if RM gives a value that I have setted. RM then came with the same offer again. This time I saved the game before rejecting the offer. Rejected it and my player became unhappy and his teammate as well supported him. Restart the game I sold him for that stupid offer. Very annoying.
  19. I like a squad with "loyalty" than "professional", it just a matter of taste.....but that is only if you are not a journeyman.
  20. A very good idea. Thanks ghost I have a saved game after I won all competitions. Here is how it was done as to cheat the Bugs My contract at the end of the season on May 2016 My Contract Negotiation Board Final Proposal My New Stupid Contract on May 2016 My Raise on June 2016 Within one month I got the wage almost the same like my previous wages and all the bonuses, Next Year I gonna be richer What a stupid bug
  21. hopefully they would also add that we can negotiate our wages when we negotiate with other club and not just wait for the genarosity of the owner/chairman to randomize our wages
  22. Regardless with what u said I was offered a stupid contract with decrease from 100k t0 91k, I try to simulate the game by doing a "Perfect Job" without any lose for a season and won all cups for MU (I did it without adding manager, just restart a few games I lost plus making future transfer by buying Gareth Bale from Madrid for 40M and sell Rooney there for the same amount from the editor then buy Romero and Zivkovic without editor help and sell Valencia, Harrera, Young and few fringe players with the help of the editor as well with their real value to French League Clubs such as Monaco etc, the league I did not play). I wait until my contract expired and no new contract for a raise was offered, always the same amount new contract for 91k eventhough Chelsea agreed to hire me LOL. Is this a bug? in FM2015 I was given a raise without even doing "a perfect job" I am now a manager of MU with expired contract. Now that is very very realistic BTW since we got paid, I would like to sugguest FM2017 a new feature, we could buy a club and become The Jack of All Trades
  23. itu happened to me just now on the new patch. used to happen too on the older patch. restart the game and the same thing happened. have to restart the pc. This is a bug. should be fixed on the next patch
  24. place ad/s but get ready to be disappointed as the applicants mostly are craps
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