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  1. Friend, It does not matter if the money spent on Fm can spend a night or a sweatshirt, or women. Spent money and want to match. What matters is that they get money for what they do . Do not make us any favors . They have merit ? Has. But they are not immune to criticism . As for the FM be the best of recent years , the fact that the doors still play last year ... says it all.
  2. More: 11 days ago that nothing is set in application . We can confirm that even in steam.db ... https://steamdb.info/app/378120/history/?changeid=1581750 " 11 days ago Change # 1581750 " Our money the SI already have it ... so are quiet.
  3. Even I , who for years just watched what was written by friends , I had to register an account to lament , once again , that the SI has so little regard for who gives you money. Every year is the same thing ... and apparently , this year is even worse! It is inconceivable that after a month after the game's release , although no corecção has left . Inconceivable. They can make the turns they want to defend the indefensible that this is truly a shame. And yes, not worth being asked when you leave the patch because it will come out when the SI staff find it a good day to work . Until then ... go enjoying with our money.
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