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  1. Well if anyone could say whetehr they think i should start it up yet! I don't think i will until tomorow now anyway
  2. Hello again I think i might as well start my sign-up tonight as long as its not clogging up the forums. There are quite a few threads atm so i'm not sure whether to get it going or wait for a few others to diedown first. Anyway, i was thinking that it would still be a follow your progress sign up but, so not everyone is a striker, i would have 11 spots. A GK, a LB, a RB,two CBs etc...
  3. I'm not going to be making a follow your progress until after new year as i'm going away The basic idea was going to be 10 players(because sign-ups with 20 take ages!) in the lowest brazilian league. The nationalities have to be south american and all players will be 17/18. I would run leagues of brazil, argentina, italy, spain and england. It's mainly just a follow your progress through your career game but i would also like to see if we could get some new Ronaldinhos and Kakas. All other info i will put in the thread!
  4. Hi, I was thinking of doing a " Follow your progress sign-up" and wasn't sure if you had to post in here before creating it.
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