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  1. Thanks, that's good to know. I don't know why it says it doesn't in my save then, is there something wrong with my game specifically? Save started in 2020 says next season, 2021 will still have teams play once: Save starting in 2021 says teams play each once in the current and next (2022) season: If playing once doesn't happen then that's great, it's confusing when it says it does.
  2. I ran into that too the past couple of days. I don't know anything about Swedish football but it's one of the nations with more playable tiers with 4 and I was keen to give it a go. If I start in the 2020 season I only get 1 match against each other team It also says next season's structure (2021) is identical. If I start in 2021 then it's the same story, playing once and saying we'd play once each again in 2022. Was wondering if it was an error on SI's part and sadly it appears to be one. Looking back on the Soccerway websiite showed that teams played each other twice every year before 2020 and now I can see the fixtures are out for 2021 and once again they're playing each other twice in the real world. It's disappointing and I'm not sure I want to try the 4th tier (aka division 2) now as such short seasons would be a lot of time sitting around doing nothing. It would be ok for one season, and understandable if trying to replicate the Covid year but if failing to get promoted first time that would be boring as well as inaccurate. Don't really feel like spending a lot of time on recruitment only to play so few matches either.
  3. In the real-world when a match goes to penalties and one side has fewer players on the pitch at the end of the game either due to injury or red card the team with more players gets to nominate a player who won't be asked to take a penalty. This rule is in place so that should it get that far a team with 11 men on the pitch doesn't have to take their 11th penalty with their weakest player while at the same time the team with 10 gets to go back to their strongest. Just had a game where this didn't happen in the CONCACAF Champions League quarter final. Cruz Azul (AI) had a man sent off during the match and got to take their 11th penalty with their 1st penalty taker again, whereas my team (Philadelphia Union) had to take the 11th with our worst. Luckily we won through so it didn't matter but that's still not following the laws of the game as I understand them. There was nothing asking me to nominate a player who wouldn't take one. I did list the full pecking order of 11 players ahead of the shootout from strongest to weakest which could have been the cause I suppose, but I would have thought the game would have just skipped 11th choice player during the shootut itself or that it wouldn't let me pick 11 to start with. From the screenshots, E. Hernandez, their first taker goes after Renato Caja first time around, but second time around goes before him as N. Taitague, my worst taker is forced to take one.
  4. Well that's interesting to know and makes what I've been doing pointless. When picking the subs and deciding for example whether to have my second best left winger or second best right winger on the bench I often go on who has had the least appearances in the last 5 games from a player's form tab. Always thought that at least if they come on then it will make them semi-happy. Obviously expectations and player personality are a part of it too, but intuitively I'd have thought that if you had 2 players with everything else equal then the one who came on for half an hour would be happier about that than the player who was told to watch from the stands and not even put his kit on. He's getting more game time, would feel more important and is getting an appearance fee. He also has a chance to get a goal or assist bonus etc. He'd get to hear the teamtalks, be a part of all the dressing room camaraderie and could even be the hero if he scores the winner. The player sitting in the stands in his suit doesn't have any of that.
  5. Pretty sure there's a problem with this and there's not much you can do. I'm in the same boat, have been doing some searching lately and we're not alone. No League invite for this player's Luton U23s Still not invited after 3 seasons No league invite for York U23s No U23 league invitation after having an U23 side for 8 seasons Mod replies saying it's something to do with EPPP ratings not refreshing. I don't know what they are. Player says he's never invited to a league with the U23s Player can't get Torquay youth sides invited to leagues plus mod reply about EPPP ratings Telford U23s not being invited for this player Player replies to Telford post, having the issue with Cambridge Bath City not getting invited, a couple of other people chime in Player turned down the invitation with Spurs one year, never got invited back Loads of people having the same problems over on the Steam forum My own story is that I'm with Southport, currently in 2030/31 season. We didn't have an U18 or U23 team when I took the job. Created a U23 team about 3 seasons in, and an U18 side 4 or 5 in and neither team has been invited to a league yet. Still just friendlies all the time for both. I don't have the best youth set up yet, but at level 2 it's good. We got to the FA Youth Cup final last season but still no invites for any leagues for either the U23 or U18s. They're not going be fixing this in August, 10 months after release, let's face it.
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