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  1. I personally don't find it too easy. I like the update. One thing missing though, (perhaps this should be in the 'wish list' bit), but surely it must be possible in current database to be able to assign a marker to an opposition danger man. I keep being told about danger men that inevitably kill me, but I can't do anything about it! Being able to assign a man-marker (at least) should be an option in mobile by now. This should (?) be simple I would have thought, to blunt both this danger player's stats and the those of the assigned marker, and also the effectiveness of this task be subject to certain performance traits such as movement and concentration? Just so frustrating not being able to manage my team to isolate or deal with dangerous players, as this is fundamental to the game in the real world. Otherwise the game is great and so very nearly 'there' as the perfect mobile experience, just please give me something I can do that takes into account the specific opposition players. Cheers!
  2. Could anyone tell me please on what basis is the auto 'pick team' button assigning players to the team? Is it fitness level? If it is (as I suspect) it would be great to be able to 'pick team' using user-assigned other criteria. For example, having won the league with two games to spare, I'd like to be able to quickly 'pick team' by age (youngest first), or even pick team by average game rating, least number of yellows, highest morale.. etc etc Thoughts?
  3. Could anyone tell me please on what basis is the 'pick team' button assigning players to the team? Is it fitness level? If it is (as I suspect) it would be great to be able to 'pick team' using user-assigned other criteria. For example, having won the league with two games to spare, I'd like to be able to quickly 'pick team' by age (youngest first), or even pick team by average game rating.. thoughts?
  4. Hi. I play as Wolves and beat Everton over two legs to make the EFL Semi Final. However, I didn't get to play a final, it just disappeared from my fixture list. Now when I have started the new season, my EFL result (incorrectly recorded as a 'loss') from last year is 'stuck' at the semi final from last season. See screenshots 1 (new season) and 2 (last season's result, win 5-2 over two legs but no final) attached. Jon
  5. I think it's a good idea. I don't know how it would affect the current attributes as there is form and morale, not necessarily focus or composure. Maybe those attributes would need to be there for a Sports Psychologist to be able to effect a change? I think they would be good attributes to have! My constant request for enhancement would be a whole-team talk and half time intervention that could change morale as a result of a team talk as I find the player by player interaction too laborious and unrealistic in the heat of a game.
  6. Thanks, There are no 'official' teams of the week as far as I'm aware. Just would be a different way of slicing the data that is already there -helpful for scouting if nothing else. I doubt it will get included as I don't see many suggestions for changes implemented anyway, but I still keep seeing if one might stick Cheers
  7. As well as Manager of the month, how about team of the month? Shouldn't be too hard for the database to sort highest scoring players in the division by position into a 4-2-3-1 or 4-4-2 formation? Would be nice to see your players making it into team of the month based on average form/score, no?
  8. A few ideas for enhancements to information screens using data presumably already captured in the game. 1). Before each game I'd like to see a head to head record over the last few meetings between the two sides. Check out the Forza Football app for how this could look. It's very interesting. 2). I'd like to be able to give a whole team motivation talk pre game, with corresponding effect on each player on the team sheet up or down a step, for that game only 3). The commentary scrolling should not replace the last statement but include it below on a rolling basis - this will help with understanding and communicating the game flow better. Final 'wish list' item unlikely to be possible in the mobile game - it would be great to get an assessment of the REFEREE for each game - i.e., are they heavy on cards, show a home bias, as well as giving manager's some way of interacting with the press with regard to refs. Seems a massive part of the game in real life and would be fun to have something to relate to in the game on this front. Cheers and keep up the great work.
  9. A couple of wished for items please: 1. Pressing tactic should be either 'whole pitch' or 'own half only'. I think more practical and realistic if split that way? 2. Scrolling text for match events, i.e., don't replace the last comment, just add the newer ones above or something, leaving the older comments there for reading - replacing commentary makes it too difficult to follow what's going on and makes it hard to follow the 'story' of the game 3. Match summary at half-time - I need to know if I'm lacking width or too soft in the tackle at a time when I can do something about it - i.e., at half time. This feedback is not possible to ascertain from raw match stats populated during the game. 4. Better trophy cabinet. I'd like it to look a bit more impressive, but that's just me. 5. A 'park the bus' or 'all out attack' tactical option - perhaps just activated within last five minutes of a game or activated via a 'from the bench' audible. Still finding tactics are too conservative when I need everyone up or back 6. An ability to target a particular opposition player for extra attention - i.e., identify the key player and do something about it - man mark or close down 7. Press Conferences - it's a massive part of the job of being a manager, like it or not, so should be included 8. Team talks with global/team morale implications That's it, just a wish-list from a dedicated player of the game and real world coach Jon
  10. Hello. Please consider adding game (i.e., match) sound. Surely a relatively easy thing to add? Never been passionate one way or the other before but the excellent Football Chairman just added sound to games and it really does add so much in terms of atmosphere. Those important goals are so much more satisfying when accompanied by the roar of the crowd. Without this I find the atmosphere somewhat lacking in comparison. Also, I've asked this before but as most users of the mobile version are, er, well, mobile, perhaps add the option to listen to music or the radio (link to Talk Sport?) while you play. The silence is rather deafening at the moment with neither in game sound nor the option to listen to something other than the bloke next to me on the bus... Cheers Jon
  11. Thanks for the clarification. So therefore I'll still keep my wishlist item active for clearer stats and reporting of goal assists. It seems to be talked about very often in the real world and a stat much celebrated and watched by players and fans, e.g.,Ozil at Arsenal. It's also a part of the player's contract in the detailed screens about that player, and it would be nice therefore to be able to incentivize that or track it..?
  12. How do people best identify the player giving the assist for goals? I can get some information in the detailed screens, but during a match, is it possible to see more clearly who provided the assist? I've posted the ability to see the assist in the overview screen in the 'wishlist' thread, but just wondering if anyone else saw scope for improvement on this or had any ideas as I would find it useful to see more clearly who is working well with which striker.. Thank you
  13. A couple of small, and hopefully easy to accomplish ideas for presentation improvement: 1. It would be EXTREMELY helpful to see who was the assist for goals scored on the 'Overview' Screen. i.e., put in brackets perhaps under the scorer who provided the assist. Very helpful to see this I feel and sometimes difficult to get to this important information through player ratings. 2. Instead of replacing the commentary words in the ribbon every time, perhaps you could have two commentary lines, the previous message and then the new commentary. Currently it's hard to keep up or understand the continuity of the commentary where each phrase is replacing the previous one - I'd like to be able to see some history so that I can better understand trends - e.g., x loses the ball, then if another player does, and another etc.. Thanks for listening! Jon
  14. Would you consider two more tactical options? A 'park the bus' defensive tactic and 'all out attack'. Currently when trying to protect a lead the defensive option still results in too many forward runs. I want everyone behind the halfway line with maybe one up front! Similarly with all out attack, I just want two back and everyone else up front. These extreme tactical options don't exist at present and the current 'attacking' and 'defensive' settings are more an overall team mentality and not what I need when desperate. Thanks for listening Cheers
  15. Thanks Marc. I'm not sure how to forward the save game to you? I tried clicking on the greyed out and nothing happens.
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