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  1. I'm a fan of 3CB myself and apply it quite successful in my save (as Blackburn Rover) as well, i've tried using Libero at first but then decide to change back to BPD(d) for reliability in defence. For the tactic to work, u must have a world-class defender to act as an Libero because he himself can win or lose the game. The way that role work used to put the Libero in a lot of 1 vs 1 with attacker, which i really dont like
  2. Can you write more about how this tactic work in defend ? In my opinion, one of the most irritating with 4-4-2 in FM is that 2 strikers seems to be too high and dont involve much in defend causing lack of defensive body in front of goal. Especially against better opponent like Arsenal, how can you overcome them in defend when your fullback is not ideal and Bellerin and Sanchez were still there. I always have problem with defending against better opponents and used to switch mentality, defensive line and width or even formation but defending seems never be a trouble with you :/
  3. You seems to be quite negative about what i write. Actually, i don't tend to throw mud or cause any kind of tensions and i think you should be proud of my words and think about it positively . If you're at the level that another player think you're cheating, well... that's what make me happy through all the times i have played games. Anw, i just want to confirm that i don't accuse you or trying to throw off this topic as well as your hard work. I'm just skeptical about the tactical side, and i think its natural when i sees the achievements that you get in your save, which is at least for me (
  4. Getting 2 promotions and reach 2nd position in the Premiership within the first 3 seasons is really .... suspicious. Maybe this game becomes too easy for you :/. Looking for your tactical post !
  5. How can u use a player with very low mental-attribute like patrick-robert ?
  6. What is Sneijder Role in Mourinho - Intermilan tactic ? Trequatista, AP (A) with tackle harder,more closing-down or AP (S) or Enganche ?
  7. Is that a must for a WB-FB to has good pace and acceleration ? I'm trying to build a defensive squad, but it seems that every good FB-WB who are quick and technical are lack of height and jumping reach :-?
  8. Should i trained "Avoid to use weaker foot" or "Attemp to develop weaker foot" ? It seems very ambiguous on this matter :/
  9. Can you elaborate more what would you do when you're on the lead, same when you're one or 2 goal behind, and what would you do when you meet a "Park the bus" system ?
  10. I think this formation shape is what you guys are looking for and it can replicate exactly Barca's system with some TI/PI. ----------------------SK(D)------------------------- -------------BPD(D)-------- -CD(D)---------------- -CWB(S)-------------DLP(D)---------------WB(S)- --------------RPM(S)-----------AP(A)-------------- ----------------------------------------------IF(S)--- -------------------T(A)-CF(A)----------------------- Enjoy at
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