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  1. FM18 was released on 10/11/17, this was 103 days ago. 103*24 = 2472 hours. If you've clocked over 2000 hours in that time I'm not surprised that you're jaded.
  2. If you're finding you're weak to balls over the top then having a deeper defensive line might help, offside trap too. If your defenders are slow (especially your centre backs) then having them close down will mean they're out of position and then unable to recover if they then get caught out. Having a pressing game doesn't mean that all 11 press all over the pitch. I play as Lincoln and the defence is slow (whole squad compared to the league) so I have them drop deeper and stay on feet in the tackle. This means that they're hard to play through but it's harder to pop it over the top. I'd swap your two centre midfield roles over as well. The BBM is great to join in (with a get further forward instruction) but having him on the left would give better angles for the passes from your target man.
  3. The Belotti shots, I don't see an issue. He's trying to play it in the corner and simply missing. I can think of several players who have spells without scoring. The chances are clearly being created. I'd try one simple thing, move Belotti to the right side of attack rather than the left. To me he looks awkward when shooting so I'd switch it. Simple change that may not make a difference but it's worth trying.
  4. You lost to Real 1-0 and Barca 2-0, I'd not call that comical defending. Again, why is he missing now? What has changed? Just showing some results does nothing.
  5. He's scored 9 in 6 for Italy, I don't think perceiving him to have anxiety is going to help. His passing for you is higher, his tackles are better so he's doing more for your team than he is for Italy but at the detriment of the goals he's scoring. His shot on target percentage is similar. So go look how he plays for Italy, see if that's what you want to re-create. Look at the difference in his chances and where he shines. Again this is from one screenshot, you are not providing context to anything.
  6. The last screenshot is not from the same season you have been playing up until now, this is entirely new and we have no idea what is going on (you drew 2-2 with Sevilla in the screenshots above and won 3-1 in this one), also you seem to be in the 2017/18 season. Why? What has happened in the previous season that you don't want us to see? As the dates of the games tie in I assume you're starting a save from the start of the 2017/18 season. Is this to prove some sort of point? Why not start at the 2016/17 season and work from there? I've had a feeling your screenshots are a bit off for a while now, you swap skins and now languages readily. You simply are not providing the full picture and then when advice is given you don't supply the results.
  7. Ok then let's ignore what's happened in the past. Right now what goals are you conceding and where are they coming from? When you start seeing this slump, re-visit again and figure out where the goals are coming from. Let's use a scientific method to see if we can determine what is happening. Right now I doubt you're conceding too many goals from crosses. So, if in six months, you start conceding several from there then we need to figure out why. If I was facing you and saw that crosses were useless I'd change my tactics, after a certain amount of games maybe that's simply what is happening. There may be a glaring weakness that right now is not being exploited that eventually is. The data is there and by sticking to one formation there's a better chance people can help you.
  8. I'm simply going to focus on this one screenshot (as you say it is a typical attack). Yes, it is 5 vs 9 but why can it not work? You're playing the ball down to the right winger, if your right sided striker makes a run behind the defence he'd be in on goal. At this point there is no point in that player crossing as there is no one in the box. But the one glaring thing for me is that the opposition right back has been drawn in which has left so much space for your left winger. Now look at the players doing nothing, your full backs and the more defensive midfield. The opposition have completely ignored these as an attacking threat, here's where your advantage is and where you should be making changes (during this game alone). Defensively you are on top, they can't even put in a cross against you that isn't dealt with. The opposition have basically put 4 players to mark your strikers, but the channels (the area between the centre back and full back) are completely and utterly open. I would have one, or both, strikers play into the channels which will stretch the defence then have a deeper runner from midfield to follow up. I'd also have the full backs push up further to overload (maybe even overlap, there's little danger of a counter) the sparse wide areas. The opposition has 1 player in your half, you have 5. As long as you have decent centre backs I'd push your defensive line up (again, just in this instance), hopefully this would have the knock on effect of pushing your team further forward but that would need to be tested. You're conceding a fair amount of fouls and have had players sent off in other games, look as to why that is happening. What you have to understand is that is one screenshot, I can give my opinion and I can point out where I feel the weaknesses are but it's up to you to implement.
  9. Treat it as a RPG, build a character for yourself. Maybe you're a FM veteran (sunday league experience) but you've paid for and gone through some coaching badges in a mid-life crisis, pumped your CV full of middle management experience out to all and sundry and some crazed chairman has taken a punt on you because your tie was the right shade of blue during interview. Or live the dream, no coaching badges, no experience, just your FM experience has convinced a club to take a chance as you're cheap and your cousin was once postman to George Weah. Just have fun with it.
  10. Wingers on support will still try and beat their man to get a cross in, just do it from a deeper starting position really. I play LLM so the skill is lesser, it's all about positioning. Full backs I keep on FB-S, I don't want them overlapping. Providing a deeper passing option for the winger but I want them to be able to get back as soon as and reclaim the defensive position. Centre mids - I've stuck to CM-D and CM-S, my players aren't the most skillful so I don't want to overload them. Just keep it simple tackle, pass and move. If I had the choice I would go for a RPM/BBM duo. The TM-S will drop between the lines, especially if you have a guy who plays with his back to goal, the other alternative is to go for the opposite big-man small-man combo. Think Les Ferdianand and Peter Beardsley. The big man occupied the centre backs and the little man (false 9? DLF?) fed off the knock downs and found his own space to create. I think Zola was probably the best at this, though you could argue that he was more an attacking midfielder. Either way, you could play a big man up top and a player in the AM role as a SS and achieve the same result. You could argue that it is then a 4-4-1-1 but still is 4 defenders, 4 midfielders and 2 attackers.
  11. From my experience wingers perform more to my liking in a 4-4-2 on a support role rather than attack. My strikers aren't the fastest so I found the wingers were beating them to the last third and attacks were breaking down. Poacher works fine as a compliment to the target man, can see the advanced forward doing this too, you want him to always be ahead of your target man ideally. I also found a target man with an attacking focus to try and flick the ball on (to no one generally) rather than build the play that the support role offers. I play a deep line, defence is there to defend. Having the 4 midfielders make 2 banks of 4 is the main line of defence. I tend to not use much closing down, they have to play through me to score. You may not need to up the tempo, what you are looking to do is frustrate the other team then clear it to your flanks and let the wingers do the damage.
  12. I think what people are struggling with is the pure amount of information you are supplying and what it means. I look at the last 3 screen shots you have supplied and see that you have scored 11 goals in 3 games against top European opposition. This is after you say you cannot score, it's simply not true. So in the league you are struggling more as, in general, Italian teams set up more defensively and you are one of the stronger teams in the league. Yes, creating a more attacking formation to counter this is probably the best course of action. What you seem to be doing is going to extremes, changing formation and mentality to batter the opponent. If you are coming up against a team that is defending doggedly then stretching the play and causing issues with player movement is key but by changing the formation wholesale you may be causing more harm than good. If your wing backs aren't doing much defending can you move them into the midfield strata? If so, do you then need 3 centre midfielders there? You could easily slip into a 3-4-3 like Chelsea play this season and have 2 attacking midfielders that play between the lines and cause confusion and defenders to step out of position, therefore creating the space you need to break them down. This also maintains the defensive shape the players are familiar with when the play breaks down. Having a second formation that the players are tactically familiar with, that is more attacking would be much more potent. Then making further changes as you see the game pan out.
  13. Yes I see that you're saying that your coaches are telling you that you lack strength in general. What I am saying is do you require a strong side for the tactics you want to play? If yes, make changes to increase it. If not, the report has no bearing on how you want the side to be. Eden Hazard (from looking at the internet so apologies if this is incorrect) has a strength of 9, any coach report may say he is lacking in strength but does he need to be strong for the position he plays? I'd argue that dribbling, balance and agility are more important and raising his strength may impact on them. It also may make him heavier, so less pace and acceleration. So, in essence, him lacking in strength is not only not a problem but it is a bonus.
  14. Does strength in general matter to the style of play you want? If no, does it matter? If it does, then train your players in strength, buy new stronger players or both.
  15. I struggled with this last year and what I did was to create a spreadsheet that I could feed into the players' stats and then weight them based on the attributes needed for each role. So an advanced playmaker would have a higher weighting on passing and vision, less on dribbling and none on marking etc. which then gives players a rating out of 100 for each role. This allows me to 'see' at a glance where the players play best, whether they fit into my style of play and where they need improvement. Previous instalments I've been able to do this by looking at the players stats themselves but I haven't played properly for a few years and I've been left behind a little. From a real world example look at the difference between say Andy Carroll and Sergio Aguero. On paper Aguero is by far and away the better striker but play Carroll in a role he is suited for (target man?) and swing crosses into him and he will perform superbly. Play him as a role that doesn't suit him and he'll be useless. Play Aguero as a target man and he'll do a job but nowhere near as good as Carroll.
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