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  1. Yeah when I see the formation the defense is a big concern too. That's why in my previous attempts I used either a lone CDM with 2 midfielders in front of him, or either 2 CDMs with a mid in front of them (like the current tactic but the 3 mids lower). For that one I started higher because I thought the striker could use the support, since he couldn't score in my other saves.
  2. How do you guys managed your use of tactics? I guess you don't use only one (or maybe you do). Do you change for away games? Or for games against bigger teams?
  3. Ok thanks! For the CAM, I wasn't sure between Attacking Mid and Advanced Playmaker. What made me lean towards AP is that Lopez is a bad finisher and long-shooter. AP seems more focused on passing the ball. The two CMs, even with a more defensive one, it's not a bit too offensive? Although looking at the description, I guess the main plus over the BWM is that it links defense and offense, which is important with 2 midfielders. I like the idea though! Might try that straight away! Gustavo has enough technical ability to not give it straight to "someone more technical" I'll uncheck "retain possession" and see how we perform (when I finally start my save lol). Individual instructions, it's pretty much what I thought: keep it as a final touch. For the distribution of the keeper, he could kick it if SI had been slightly accurate on his kicking I mean, come one, Mandanda with 11 kicking?!
  4. Hi So the first save I started, when I went into Staff Search there was nobody. No a single person. I deleted all filters, everything, nobody. Second save, I went into Staff Search, there was a list of staff members. I didn't go back to it later though. For my third save, there was nobody in Staff Search. Now I started my 4th. I went into Staff Search, there were people. I looked for staff members as good as my actual assistant (through the menu on my assistant's page), and it found nobody. So I thought there was nobody better. Except that when I deleted all filters, there was nobody in Staff Search. Not a soul. Is it a bug? Is it normal and there's something I don't know/understand?
  5. Alright so I read a few stuff about tactics, and I think I might start with that: I think/hope everything is sort of coherent.
  6. Do you mean do they lack good rating in some important stats? Here are their stats: Assistant Youth manager So my youth manager isn't amazing, and my assistant is lacking some stuff (attacking, defending, fitnes, mental), but do my assistant need to be good everywhere? Because in full FM I can have like 6 guys to do it all. If I need one guy who can do everything in Touch, it gets impossible. I kind of assumed if I had a 4-star assistant, it would "build" a coaching team based that rating. Kind of the same with scout, where you have a head scout, and then you have 5 scouting slots (which could be imagined as 5 "hidden" scouts rated accordingly to your head scout's rating).
  7. Do you guys change the individual instructions a lot? Or is it ok to let the default ones, especially if you find the rights roles and duties?
  8. Hi I'm not too sure about creating a thread for such a small question but I can't really find a thread where I could ask it. So in the team report, it says that there is "room for improvement on the coaching team". But being on Touch, I can't change the coaches. Only the assistant, the head youth manager,... Does this simply mean my assistant isn't good enough? He has 4 stars though, so it's not bad at all. Or maybe it includes also the youth manager (which has 3.5 stars, less good)? Or maybe they just mean I could have a 5-star guy instead of a 4-star guy but that seems a bit weird... in that case they can rethink the whole squad. So I'm not too sure how to take that Thanks
  9. I think the IFs need to stay like that, since they are keep players and are made for that role. I can change the CAM to something else, and the striker. Advanced playmaker is a bit lower than AM, isn't it? It would suit Lopez perfectly too. Maybe an advance playmaker support? Striker, I like the deep-lying forward idea since Germain can play that definitely. Overall, I'm not really closed on changing positions or roles. The ones I think are needed are the IFs, since Payet and Thauvin are some of the best players in the squad, and they are made to be IFs (well, Payet could be CAM but there's a lack of wide players). I think Gustavo would be a good BWM, but if it has to change, I'm ok. I'm not closed on putting my CMs lower, and my CAM too. I guess I try to understand what combinations are dumb, and what combinations could work. Like for example, TM with IFs, that's kinda dumb. Burnum > about the CM, you talk mostly about Sanson? Honestly I just kept the original role for him since I don't know what type of midfielder would work well there. I guess like you said I'd need a guy who links, like a box-to-box
  10. That's a concern I had, the target man not having crosses. Marseille doesn't really have wingers. I think it would be more suited to change the striker's role then. Mitroglou has good stats in a quite specific style: strong, finisher, great headers, but slow, not very mobile, no team work. He is made to be a target man, the guy you look for on crosses, even though he can also play poacher, complete, advanced or trequarista, but not nearly as good as TM. I also have Germain who has a very different set of stats. His strengths are less strong than Mitroglou's but he is way more well-rounded. Naturally a complete forward, but really good at deep-lying forward, and can play all the other striker roles (his worst role is as good as Mitroglou's second role, so he really is far more well-rounded). His downside (well, is it? depends how you play him) is that he looks for passes instead of shots. This makes me think of something: I often see people use "Work ball into box" With 2 IFs, is it still something to do? And is it really possible to have goal-scoring strikers with IFs, especially decently offensive IFs? PS: Marseille really struggles with their strikers too IRL, so that's kind of funny.
  11. Hi After playing some FM16 and 18 I realize I am totally incompetent with tactics. I started 3 saves with Marseille, been sacked twice and the thrid, I would have if I hadn't stopped before. I think most of my issues are tactical. (FYI I'm on FM Touch, if this is a useful info) Here is my idea, as Marseille's squad is basically made for that type of tactic: (click on the positions to see a screen of the player) Team instructions (unchanged so far) All the player instructions are the defaut ones. In my 3 saves, I've tried different tactics. 4-2-3-1, 4-3-3, a bit of 4-4-2 and 5-2-3. I've tried being offensive, defensive, counter-attacking. I've tried being high, low, centered, wider. I've tried different roles, especially for fullbacks, striker, midfield. I've noticed a few things that seem pretty recurrent: - at half-time, I always get the messages about how we lose the ball in the central part of the midfield, and about how we can't keep the ball in the opponent's half - my strikers can not score. At all. They are terrible. - Thauvin is bad. He can have his moments but he really struggles, when he should be a beast (even though his stats are underrrated) - Amavi is bad. Sakai is ok, and he has similar strengths/weaknesses so that's a bit weird I'm not sure about anything, in the tactic I've posted. Roles, positions,... I could play with my 2 CMs lower, maybe the CAM at CM then. My striker could be more attacking. On the wings, the idea is that Payet is less of a guy who runs forward, so I put support. Thauvin is the guy who takes the ball and goes forward, so I put attacking. About the half-time message, I suppose having "Retain possession", and play shorter passes and maybe even a lower tempo would be a solution. Never worked when I tried though. Not entirely sure how to use a target like Mitroglou, especially if playing like that. I also tried using Germain as a striker, as a complete striker (I tried false nine, advandec and even CAM as shadow, never worked either). I'm no really sure how to play in the defense either. Having the possession means playing the ball from behind, where defenders aren't technical. It also means being higher on the pitch, when they aren't the fastest. So as you can see I need overall help. What would advices would you have? What stuff works well and stuff don't really work well? What combinations of roles/instructions are correct or incorrect? Thank you PS: I haven't started the new save yet.
  12. All of them. I tried 4-3-3, 4-2-3-1, 5-2-3, 4-4-2. Offensive, defensive, counter-attack, possession. Self-made, downloaded. Couldn't even get first half of the league in my 3rd attempt (board wanted that because I arrived after 11 games and the club was 12th). No matter what I do I feel like it's the same. I played like 70 games total, all have been the same.
  13. Hi I'm looking for a way, on FM16, to start with an owner trying to sell the club. I want to play with Marseille, and I want the previous owners to be looking for selling (as they were IRL). But I never really found a way. I don't really see that type of option in the editor. I guess that ticking "will leave club at the end of the season" only applies to the players/staff (in the Contract page of editor). I never thought of setting a retirement date, maybe this would do the trick? Is it possible? Thanks
  14. Usually not too good. But even in wins I get those. And even when I have the ball (which is never by much, and it's not that often).
  15. Very generic question: how do I keep the ball? It's my third save, and every single game of those 3 saves, I've been told that "we're losing the ball a lot in the midfield" and "we can't keep the ball in the opponent's half". I've tried different 4-2-1-3, 4-3-3, a few 4-4-2, a 5-2-3. I've tried all sort of player. All sort of opponents. Of course, my first instinct is: "Keep the ball", "Play shorter passes". Yes, but no. Doesn't work. Even without any instructions (by that, I mean just the defaut ones on a "normal" approach), I get that, and I don't play reckless or fast or risky. I have ball players in the midfield too, they aren't bad with their feet at all. What am I missing? Thanks
  16. Are people achieving anything in Touch 18? I'm starting to wonder because, even though I would never call myself "good", I'm astonished at how bad I am... The only other person I've seen plaing Touch is a youtuber who plays full FM every year, got good results, yet in Touch 18 he gets battered (like, badly). I guess it's not the game, but I just check if more experienced players struggle more than they should.
  17. Second time I'm sacked with Marseille (well technically the first I stopped before being sacked) I don't know, there must be something I really don't understand with that game. I bought Sturaro and Nissen, and it started well. Even beat Monaco 1-0. And then, without really any obvious reason, I started to lose every single game. Gustavo was bad, Thauvin was bad, Amavi was really bad, both my strikers couldn't score at all. I don't know, two saves with Marseille, and the exact same things happens. Even the games are almost all the same. I'm just really bad at this game I guess. EDIT: 3rd attempt, I change things though: I sart the game in India, so we're october 30th. Marseille is 12th, so it's realistic that they change the coach, and the expectations are lower.
  18. You really need someone to add it to the wishlist when it's something that was in the game for years and that you deleted just so people would be tented to take the most expensive version indeed?
  19. We can find excuses, but come on, it's like that every single year for over 15 years. I mean, we know video games aren't all nice and legit. Some stuff are meant to make the game harder in artificial ways. It's not even criticizing, it's just accepting what video games are.
  20. Injuries have been a problem since the very first CM I played, CM01-02. My guess is they do that to make the game harder. Same with how hard it is to sell players (in some versions, I literally offered nice players for 0€ and nobody wanted them, and they were worth 7M€).
  21. Somebody really manages to do something with OM?! I'm struggling quite hard. Thauvin is atrovious. He had 3 consecutive games, and nothing since or before. Payet is very inconsistent. Germain and Mitroglou are dreadful. Mitroglou, as a target man, supposed to stay on top, spend a lot of time on the wings. His shots are literally 10 to 15 meters off from the goal. Germain has scored his first goal after 14 games and brings nothing. The rest is decent (although Amavi is bad), but I still struggle and conceed bad goals. I lost against Nice (16th), Strasbourg (19th), Caen (20th) recently. I tried 442, 433, 523, many different tactics, some self made and some downloaded (like Goals Galore). I just can't get anything. The first game after I change the system is always good and then it crumbles. I mean, on paper, having Mandanda in the net, Rami - Abdennour in defense (both are good IG), Amavi and Sakai who have good stats and can bring forward, Gustavo as a DM, Lopez - Sanson in the midfield, Payet and Thauvin as inside forwards and Mitrgolou as target man, that seems perfect for those players. And most importantly, better than most Ligue 1 teams. PS: weird thing is, I beat PSG 4-2... crushed them... only took 2 goals because I got an early red card EDIT: take 2, I start over. I was doing better, I had a tactic that was decent (not sure it was better than decent), but it was just too late, I was close to getting fired and 7-8 players told me they weren't trusting my abilities
  22. I started with Marseille to since it's my favorite team for like 20 years. As usual I struggle tactic-wise. I didn't buy anybody, I only programmed the tranfer of De Ligt for next summer to renew that defense. In the winter I want a midfielder and a right back but so far I couldn't really decide who. I'm only late spetember, and it's... mixed. In the league, I don't really lose but I don't win either, so I'm 9th after 7 games. In EL, it's better, first of my group with 2 wins in 2 games. Thauvin seems to start being after being atrocious for like 10 games. Mitroglou starts scoring after a few below average games. Payet is getting a bit better too, still not amazing. I play 4-3-3, like Garcia wanted to play at the start of the season.
  23. Hopefully this is considered a "training question" but honestly, I couldn't find any more suitable thread. When I go into the team report in FM Touch, it tells me there is room for improvement on the coaching team. But I can't change the coachs in FMT. I can change the assistant, but he has 4 out of 5 stars, which seems more than ok. Is "assistant" what they mean by that?
  24. My first save will be as always with my fav team, Marseille! I'll use (at first at least, hopefully I can make it work) a system that isn't even slightly in the pipe IRL, but I think we have some players to use it! A 5-2-3, with Payet as a playmaker on the left, Thauvin as an inside forward and Mitroglou as a target. With Gustavo as a ball winner and Sanson as a CM, on paper it's really really good. Amavi - Sakai are offensive providers who can defend, but are mostly offensive, so it's perfect. The only problem IRL would be central defense, but in the game they look fairly good. Abdennour has great stats (despite being meh IRL so far) and Doria looks better than he should be. Kamara also has a ton of potential and his stats are already good. I'm planning on not bringing in anybody in summer, first because the window transfer is over IRL and also because I think we have quite a number of players. I could buy players who would come in next season though (ideally this winter but there is not that option as long as the summer window transfer is open).
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