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  1. Hi

    I have a suggestion for something that would be, in my opinion, very interesting: that you could be manager of U19, or reserve. Not manage them as you have the first team, but really be hired as U19 or reserve coach, and if you do a good job you can be promoted up until first team.
    With the reserve, you could select U19 players, but if first team's manager take some reserve players, you can do anything but play without them (basically how it works IRL, of course).

    I think it would be really fun.

  2. Hi

    In Touch what are the important attributes for each staff member? Especially the ones who really differs from full FM.
    Like for example, in full FM you can have 6-7 coaches, so you get one with the right attributes for offense, one with the right attributes for defense,... But in Touch, you have one guy.
    So I assume he doesn't need to have all coaching attributes at a nice rating? I guess a team of coaches is "built" (not physically built though) depending on his level? If so, what is important to have a nice team of coaches?

    I guess for scouts, physio, it's the usual but maybe there are differences?

  3. Got that kid in my academy during first season in 3rd portuguese division (he was 16):


    At first I noticed him but thought he still had to do quite some things before becoming the real deal, but he attracted a lot of offers from Porto, Sporting and Benfica, and now he is 17 and we just started the season but he is really performing. First game and a half of the season, 3 goals and an assist

  4. Le 07/12/2017 à 03:07, noikeee a dit :

    I'm dead certain someone around here had a big save with Leiria a few years ago (when they were still a big club!!), but don't know for sure who. Vague idea it could've been @Deisler26

    I'm not surprised, they were a good club ;) They dropped due to a relegation and then financial issues.

    Second season is over, in the 2nd division. We were expected 10th and the objective was first half of the table. What's interesting is that the best teams in that division are Porto B, Sporting B and Benfica B, and none can get promoted. So there are big chances that if you're 5th you'll have promotion (although it's not automatic, if one of the reserves fails to achieve top 3).
    I got a few players who looked good on paper, like Vinicius (striker, great stats to be a deadly finisher), Gudiño (keeper from Porto, a beast for this division) or Sandro Costa (CB who stays on a very good season in div 2).

    Started well, we got that 6-7th place for quite some time. I wasn't sure how I would perform so I think I went in a bit defensive and prudent. We got 2 draws back-to-back at Porto and Lisboa against the 2 giants, which was very sweet! We got dominated like hell but got the results.
    We started having issues after those 2 games. We weren't able to win anything anymore. From start of november to the end of the season, we won 6 out of the 24 games we played. Yet we dropped in the rankings only late, and finished 10th, as expected. Still a bit disappointed. Gudiño got quickly injured for months, and Sandro Costa missed basically 6 months. Vinicius couldn't score at all and we got a ton of injuries (137 on the season).

    Now season 3, with ambitions: not saying I want promotion, but I changed my assistant and medical staff, got some nice players and I intend to play more my game instead of coming into games with the mentality of an inferior team.

  5. il y a 12 minutes, Geordieboy52 a dit :

    Why not? It's his decision.

    If that's real news, then ok. Hven't seen it though, maybe I missed it. But if it happened in 17, doubt it is.

    If that's just the game... well let's try to not always defend the game for everything that happens. You guys always hae the most ridiculous excuses to everything that happen in this game. Soetimes, it's just broken and need to be fixed.

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