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  1. On 06/02/2019 at 10:37, Marc Vaughan said:

    The bar shows time until their next 'visible' improvement - once its filled the bar resets to 'empty' and they will start progressing again IF they are able to ...

    Bear in mind that sometimes a player won't progress due to 'factors' rather than lack of potential - if a player is unhappy (and not sufficiently professional) or has insufficient factors towards progress at his club (coaches not good enough, facilities not good enough, not playing at a high enough level etc.) then he won't improve ... look at this training profile page and that will help work that side out.

    Clicking on the progress bar will explain some things as a summary btw.

    Great, thanks for the summary Marc. 

  2. 8 hours ago, Sebastian Szlenkier said:

    This is to do with their development from the previous match. Younger players will be likely to develop at a better rate than older players due to the fact they have more room to reach their potential. This is reflected in their development progress bars as seen here. Hope this helps!

    Ok thanks. So what is actually developing?

    When they fill up the Progress bar, they won't improve their stats any more? 

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