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  1. Ok thanks. So what is actually developing? When they fill up the Progress bar, they won't improve their stats any more?
  2. At the end of every game, I get a list of players, the minutes played, rating and then a percentage next to the Progress field. I believe they're linked, but not sure. I assume they're to do with familiarity with the system being played, or something similar? Can someone explain both the % and Progress fields please?
  3. Hi there Alari, I have also noticed pretty hefty drain on my battery too. Could you please share whatever you did on "Vibe"?
  4. Sorry for bumping this, but I'm still wondering whether there are actually ever any transfer updates going to be done for FMM 2016. Anyone?
  5. Hi there, Just wondering if there are actually going to be any updates to the earlier versions to make them current? I'm not sure why, but I just started a new game and I expected to see West Ham already at the Olympic Stadium and with an updated squad. Then it occurred to me, that perhaps there won't actually be any updates, and I'll have to purchase a later version? Cheers Jonah
  6. Let me know if you want the screenshots and I'll find somewhere to upload them.
  7. Ok, I've just had another penalty shootout, and the score definitely doesn't appear in the top left during it, but it does show up there at the completion of the match. Again, I have taken a couple of screenshots of the various screens.
  8. I'm on the Enhanced engine. I have done a test transfer and checked the Contract screen and it only shows my club under Future Transfers, no value. The player value still shows what it did before, even though I offered 10 times that. I have a screenshot of it if required.
  9. Hi again. I'm on an HTC One M8. How do I find the match engine version please? Thanks i have now found the pending transfers, but they don't seem to display a value?
  10. Shootout doesn't show in the clock area at all. In fact, the score on penalties doesn't show up anywhere I don't think. You have to count them to see what the final score was. I couldn't find the club transfer page either. Maybe I'm being a little bit thick here, but can you tell me which menu it's under please? Cheers
  11. First the question....is it possible to see a list of your future agreed transfers anywhere? I made a couple of transfer deals and then didn't play for a week or so and have now forgotten who I signed, and they don't seem to be on my shortlist. Before I rashly make any more signings now I've had a 125 million pound investment, I'd like to see who is already joining next window. Onto the suggestion....penalty shootouts. There doesn't seem to be any record of the score shown on the match screen anywhere, so it might be nice to add this for the next update. As it is currently, if you look away for a second, you miss a kick and don't know if it's gone in or not. Cheers
  12. I've tried at home, and at work, and on 3g and 4g connections and the same problem. I've moved the game from SD card to internal storage and tried then, moved it back again and tried again, and still get the same error. Next step is to reinstall I guess?
  13. Can FMM actually run FROM the SD card? I have mine on the SD card, and every time I try to open it, I get a message about downloading data and it fails every time. I have tried both basic and player pictures and both over WiFi and 3g and still fails. I'm not sure if it has been run since I moved it to SD card.
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