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  1. AMAZULU 2014/15 UPDATE Started off with top two divisions of South Africa Loaded, but somehow, could not tolerate the fact that any work done in to first(actually second) division would be useless. However, I missed out on all of the initial job opportunities and loaded Peruvian top division, just in case. The job opportunity came from SA none the less, and the team is, well, in the only relegation spot. 7 games remain, we must prevent ourselves from being relegated. The FA cup was easy in the R16, but we met the Chiefs in the Quarters, and they politely showed us our way out. The
  2. Are players still allowed to take this challenge on fm15? And is it okay if I finish this in say 2020(real life)
  3. A threat!!! I hope you meant treat
  4. Ya, maybe i will do that. I would have loved to converted my current save into this challenge, but for two facts: ->My manager started at 28 ->I have loaded quite a few League expansions. Details here So, I continue on my save and use the other rules from this save (though first I would like to build a dynasty at Barcelona)
  5. But should that be the case? India has had 5 different managers in the past five years, and SI are saying that there will be only one in the next few decades?
  6. Not related to the challenge, but has anyone ever managed to make the afghan national team playable? I currently have all "players from top clubs" from all nations + all players of nationality from Afghanistan but they are not managable. The reason I want them is that I want to manage India and Stephen Constantine has never even got insecure in 10 years, so Afghanistan, who have swapped head coaches twice would be one team that can beat India repeatedly so that Constantine may finally leave
  7. High standards, really. After all, they are third in the new caledonian super League.
  8. Just in case, I am waiting for the day when a scout reports like "A win will take them out of relegation zone, though they do not know it"
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