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  1. Yeah, I used full fat with Andromeda skin which allows instant results
  2. 2061: 2062: 2063+profile: The other profile: Do not see him going far with those stats. And the last news item:
  3. So, when I asked him to reconsider his retirement... Burim:Hi Gaffer, wanted to see me? Anayjit:Yes, and you know why... Burim:I know, but this time I really must disobey you Anayjit:Come on, you are not that old. Surely you can last another season. Burim:It is not about lasting, it is about dominating. I am clearly the weak point of our starting lineup. Anayjit:Do not think it that way. You still inspire the others. Burim:and Mourinho inspires you. But that does not mean that he should still be managing, does it? Anayjit:Well, at his medical condition, certainly not. But you are not
  4. Btw, Abazi has gone past 300, but I will upload the screenshots all at once when he decides to hang his boots EDIT:The sad moment seems near, he has set his retirement date on the new year day of 2064(1/1/2064)
  5. Wow, Abazi is actually feeling insecure. And here is what he is doing: 2056:He played essentially only half a season. Also, I think 2 international goals were carried over from the Belgium Season. But 4 goals is hardly satisfactory: 2057:10 goals in 73 appearances is like 1 goal in 7. Well, by Abazi standards, nonsense: 2058:Won't say anything. He retired from International soccer in this season: 2059:It seems International soccer was holding him back, after all. With that out, he is back to about 1 goal/5 games: 2060:What the ****? Why was he not doing this all along(maybe becaus
  6. So, Making a Staggering loss of $131million in a season, we managed to win almost everything:the Rio State Championship, The Brasilearo, The Copa Libertadores and the Clubs World Cup. We did not win the Copa do Brasil, but that was hard luck. The obvious problem with bulldozers is that they get injured, and called on international duty, and we have no replacements. In the mean while, I continue to spend, this time $30million for the best Brazilian striker around. Meanwhile, Abazi scored just 5 times in 78 total appearances, so even 250 is seeming difficult.
  7. It does not seem that I will get anywhere clse to 300, it is the second season and the National league is half done, but Abazi still sits on 222 goals. I lost the Belgium job after failing to go beyond the group stages in the world cup, and abazi declared his International retirement soon after. I realised that the Brazillian season was not as long as it seemed, unless you were in the continental competitions. So, I decided to splash the cash. In another part of the world, Juventus finished outside the UEFA CL places and their two best players, both wingers, got upset. They were transfer lis
  8. Okay, so the big news is that Burim Abazi is probably the first Goalkeeper to score 200 career goals. Here are his season stats from 51/52 to 55/56 149+12+7+16+8+13=205 This done, I moved as promised to Botafogo. This club is completely opposite to Sporting. In sporting, I had a world Class squad, Negligible (excess)wage and transfer budget and Extreme expectations, with a -$100m in the bank(or $100m debt). In Botafogo, the squad is useless, but the transfer budget is huge, $150m, and there is over $550m in the bank. Moreover, they do not expect more than a mid table finish. Here i
  9. I am having another crisis, which may prevent Abazi from achieving his promise. Basically, despite winning the Champions league almost every year for the past decade, The board has stuck to 5 million an year sponsors. Now that means that we are losing money very fast. For the past few years, this was okay, i sold a player, and board provided a 30 m cash injection, and we stayed in the positive. But the last year, they took drastic steps, reducing the payroll from 28 million/month to 13 million/month, leaving me with only 1 million of excess wage budget. also they slashed my 153 million transfe
  10. Just to clarify, I am also not playing in Brazil, I am in Portugal. It was just an advice to anyone who wanted to start afresh. And Abazi is not too great, he just got to start early: while Lucio was still praying that he would get a chance in the first team, Abazi was made the vice captain of Anderlecht(before moving to Sporting Portugal at 20)
  11. =Okay, so last time I posted till 46/47, I will carry on from there till 50/51: So there it is, 95+14+11+17+12=149. He achieved the brilliant 150 in the ongoing season, which I shall post later, but you can get a sneak peek in the next snapshot of his profile: And then, here is how the world sees him: I dare say that he has reached his peak now, and will not improve. However, he is likely to stay on top for another 3 years or so. Even after that, he can continue to score goals for as long as he likes, and I am hoping he plays even into his 40s, like Buffon and Neuer. 200 will b
  12. I will post screenshots soon, but just to inform, Belgium and Sporting Lisbon captain Burim Abazi(28 yrs) just scored his 150th goal!!!
  13. I think Nations are more likely to hire you if you are managing a Club within the nation. When I took up Russia, the Belgium job was available, but they laughed off interest from me, but later, when I was managing Anderlecht, they took me happily.
  14. I do not have many backdated saves, so can afford only the latest profile pic. He has really shiny stats, though. Now some year by year scoring patterns. This one I had already shared, but he added one in the taca final, so an update: Now the rest, back to back 43/44 to 46/47 Basically, he never went past 10, which is sad. But given his age I still have hope. Here is the current season, where he scored his 100th goal Edit: I actually miscalculated, he was on 98 when these screenshots were posted. Presently, though, he has made it past 100, so no follies there.
  15. Brazil has the highest youth ratings, so if the domestic league is active, they always have plenty of talent. Best of Luck!
  16. Burim seems to have changed his priorities. Through two seasons, an European Championship, and some WC qualifiers, he has added only 20 goals to his tally, and one of these was in the Taca final after the previous update. However, he grabbed the most shutouts this season, and I am worried that he may be taking Goalkeeping too seriously.
  17. Let me introduce you to the world's most faithful squad. Here are a couple of them. In Detail. So, basically, they were playing with us before they were born.
  18. Can you, for example, check for some player who did not play his entire career at the same club? Here is another example from my save. Introducing Jose Carlos, Barca Striker His all time league goals is 12 less than his All time goals. This means that in all Continental and Cup competitions combined he has scored 10 goals. Now here are his stats from 2040 He scored 12 goals in the continental competition. As for Burim, here are the yearly screenshots. He has never played outfield, just a joke, on my side. He came in when he was barely 14, and the league, and I was not in charge. I
  19. No just showing 39. I think that is because he switched clubs(and countries)? EDIT:Yes, that is the reason, because now that he has scored in the Europa league for Sporting, it shows 40. And no PPMs because he was always training for penalties with intensity set to Heavy. Also, there are no PPMs like "Likes to leave the goal to try and score" so I saw no use, really. Might put him in the outfield in some game to see if that helps
  20. Not sure what I should show here. He has moved to 50 despite missing a penalty in the last match. His league goals count is 39. I am on fm15
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