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  1. Judging by our first two competitive matches of 2021, things are not going to be that easy
  2. It had to be China, long time now It did not come easily, mind you. I interviewed at least 5 clubs, and each time they chose someone else, which created another job vacancy and I applied there and so on... Anyway, we were predicted to finish third by a small margin. Also, this was the first time I had both transfer budget and Wage budget in 8 figures. Anyhow, onto the league: Jiangsu were a pain in the **** They were on the top throughout, but luckily fell to us home and away. Which meant: Man, this is big. For some reason, Guangzhou did not challenge much(ok
  3. The route: Surely there is a smaller route? Well, on the positives, I get to take a look at China So, after India, I moved to Vietnam, where the best club had ended up second and fired their manager. No long story here: The first competition of the season is the Mekong Club Championship, which is a mini champions league of South east Asia: Easily done. Next up, continental competitions: Yadanarbon was a great match, but overall, not important. Onto the cup: Rough times, but it counts. Finally the league, So, all won. Hoping
  4. too many teams in the Euro competition. I guess 3 divisions with 80 teams would be ideal, simulating the current 80 team european group stages
  5. Sigh, when I saw that Europa league, Copa Sudamericana and even African confed cup was in, I assumed Asian Cup would also be.
  6. I stayed here only for the durand cup, surely, we cannot lose it a second time Why??? Mohameddan took its revenge(it is the Indian counterpart that plays in I league 2) Mayanmar's best team finished third in the league and the manager got the sack. I did not have the patience to wait another year for the Durand cup another year se decided to apply for that Job. The main issue in asia is that only Four foreigners are allowed in the first team, so the best bet is to have the best players of the country play for you. But this was not happening because of reputation(bug?)
  7. I did not vike the FA cup, not that it mattered. I am basically just retracing my footsteps, so no map needed. A lot here. But the biggest number, 37, will never grow, because The calcutta premier division is not simulated in FM(why???). The ASEAN club championship is defunct, and the ONGC Super cup and Indian Fed cup are useless to me. That leaves out two competitions, and I hope that I can win both. The first one is Osians Durand Cup This match did not matter, apart from the fact that it was my first defeat as a manager This match mattered,
  8. @ryanlion28 Andromeda skin and Metallic logos. My logos are not pdated since 2015 though, as you can see the crest of my club in my post and my game is different
  9. As the new season started, There was the Independence Cup to play 12 teams participate, as you can figure out After this there was the federation cup to play, but there was also a vacancy at East bengal, who were going to play in the Indian Federation Cup Final in a weeks time. Seeing an opportunity to Vike* that competition, I resigned and applied there. Lets see what time holds *See UFMC Thread Season Club Nation Achievements Comments 2016 Sheikh Jamal Dhanmodi Bangladesh League won Start off!!! 2017 Sheikh Jamal Dhanmodi Bangl
  10. first things first: I won't be a badgeless coach for much longer: I said that there was a single important match, and when we won it: Focus on 'retain' Unbeaten tenure here. and the final table: The season ended pretty fast, in fact this screenshot ws taken after all my players had gone on holiday, while the league was yet to conclude. Another screenie: Not much to remember there, this is an entirely semi-pro league, so hopefully will manage better players in my career Season Club Nation Achievements Comments 2016
  11. Now, onto the first job. While India would have been the first choice, it is not often that the second in a national first league is managerless. Dhaka is closer to Kolkata than Delhi anyway... So where are we going? A club with a history, one would say Would basically want to make both those numbers 4 before leaving. Here is how the league table looks at the start of the job(actually, one match into the job) Just one mportant match we have, and that is the one against Mohamedan Dhaka. Win it and the league is ours(or so I think)
  12. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Federation_Cup_(India) This is the main cup in india, and all teams of the I league(except the one relegated) take part. But that makes it only 8. Will it count?
  13. Anayjit Kautilya is back! A bit of determination and knows what goalkeeping is. Born in Kolkata, supports Barcelona. Will look for a job in Indian top flight to get started on the legendary Giant 70 challenge (India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Vietnam, Myanmar loaded)
  14. Was about to start a new game and then saw this. Can you upload Bangladesh and pakistan immediately please?
  15. With 804 Million in the bank, youcan buy anyone, Or so I thought Seems that money cannot *afford* everything
  16. Having soe real fun with Taj Mahal SC. Currently in Wonders league 1 and Gaia league 2.
  17. Really interested to know what his long term plan is...
  18. Yes. Someone surely has started in Australia... https://sortitoutsi.net/careers/story/25131 Not sure if it was posted here(in fact I think it was not)
  19. Okay, No.1 Gunner, I think following are the used Paths: =>Load only S.Africa and hope for the best. If no jobs appear by New year, reload. ADVANTAGES:Get going in the challenge by getting as many as 3 trophies in about 3-4 years. DISADVANTAGES:Cannot build reputation fast enough. =>Load Higher Asian Leagues: a slightly modified version of the previous, but it can be a lot more difficult to win the Asian CL with a minnow team than Africa. =>Load European lower leagues. ADVANTAGE:Build Reputation fast. DISADVANTAGE:Can get boring to stoop down to lesser leagues as you must get
  20. So,till you win the lottery, you can use this by another user http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/451927-FM16-European-Cups-90s
  21. It is a lie. He was born on Monday. https://calendar.google.com/calendar/render?pli=1#main_7%7Cday-1+24341+24341+24341
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