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  1. I would take Torrao. btw, Can I have a look at OCK? Very interesting name, like a bik Okay
  2. How come france has only 4 players? What database is being used?
  3. Name-Zaheerafaghara Kakhanakarna(Kazikannajeera's younger brother) Position-Goal Keeper(Kazi used him as a dummy for showing off to girls in taking penalties. Zahi realised that stopping them may be an even better show off) Starting Nation-Spain Country-The Bahamas
  4. Name-Kazikannajeera Kakhanakarna Position-Striker Starting Nation-Spain Country-The Bahamas
  5. Vijayraj injured again? Also strange that he has not got the highest number of caps
  6. Is that 104 or 10.4 for Vijayraj? What the hell did he do to get such a high price?
  7. For how long has Vijayraj been injured? Too few starts for him this season. If magic overtakes him, he may be out of the competition already
  8. Cannot see the snapshots. Could you use imgur?
  9. Now that makes Vijayraj interesting. He will probably hope for the worst kind of Brexit, where even english players require Work Permit
  10. If you want to create new clubs, here is an idea Create a parallel Martian league system(or any other alternate world), and have the Martian XI vs Gaia XI as the biggest match of the universe
  11. So a quick Update here. After resigning from the Peruvian club, I was hoping to make the cut into Argentina, but that did not happen. All the clubs thought that I was of a very low calibre. So, I went on to take the Senegal Job. The squad was not very good, and we did not make much of a cut in the African cup of nations, Ending third in our group Luckily, Egypt fired their head coach, and I got that job. We were all set for the World cup qualifiers. Easy, though I would have wantod to not lose to Congo. The world cup itself, though, was no less than a
  12. Trying to carry on from where I left. Hopefully, will post an update in a couple of days
  13. So, after a long time in Asia, We move on to Peru The club is a mid table club, and the first competition is the opening stage of the League Okay performance, but one cannot fail to notice that 5 points is all that separates first and 13th And we capitalise on it to move top of the table after the closing stage. But it is not over yet. One more part remaining: THe stutter towards the end of closing stage continued, and one can see that we finished 2nd overall(just merge the two tables). But there was still the playoff: A good awa
  14. Back playing after a brief pause, and this happens in my first game (images in reverse order, I guess) btw, peru does have a playoff at the end, so one has to win that. Really complicated structure
  15. I know Asian Games don't count. Peru has the following structure: Torneo Apertura: 15 matches Torneo Clausura: 15 matches, teams retain all statistics from Apertura. So table consists of 30 games. Tabla Acumulada: 14 games(League splits into two groups of Even and Odd position teams) All stats from Apertura and Clausura retained. So, does Being at the top of the Clausura table(ie 30 games) count for anything
  16. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2015_Torneo_Descentralizado#Torneo_Clausura @TheEarl does the Clausura count as a league?
  17. Well, don't get overexited by the logo, I got a job with the Iran U23s, not the main team. Good club jobs were not coming up, and staying at the top of Chinese league was not helping my reputation. So I decided to quid China. And, a trip to Tehran was welcome. The agenda was Asian Games, and actually, Iran was coming to China. So: The hosts gave us a hard time, but apart from that, All was well Another Cup to my CV...
  18. @ryanlion28 changed in the last season. 5 Foreigners (of which 1 must be asian) in squad while only 4 Foreigners(with one Asian) in match squad.
  19. This year started with bringing in Kagawa, a mistake I would try not to repeat. I bought him based on stars and did not scout well, and he spent most of the season injured This season also saw me complete my Continental Pro License, so that is one part of my learning curve done and dusted. The league in China is really strange. Last years perrenial challengers Jiangsu did not even come close to us at any point in the league this year. All they did though was to take the Super Cup This competition does not matter to me, neither do these: Jiangsu did come close
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