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  1. 11 hours ago, Britrock said:

    @Sankalan you are flying through these seasons! The FM quarantine life is going well for you! :lol:

    Thank god for Holidays and instant result

    Santos Futebol Clube

    End of Season 2025

    In Brazil, The Year starts with the state league


    Both media and board expected us to win. Honestly, I do not get the structure of this state league, there are groups, but we seem to be playing everyone?


    Anyway, we won the final, so safe to say we won it. Now, onto the real League


    We were supposed to challenge for the title. Shoutout to Athletico Paraenese and Fluminense foor having nothing to the left of their name😉





    We won with quite a margin. Sad to lose to Parana, but Flamengo was acceptable.

    This year we also had the CWC



    Never expected to win against Liverpool. Right? Surely we are much worse than European teams?


    Well, It turns out that if we had won against Liverpool, We would be looking at an all-Brazillian Semifinals. Crazy!!!

    Somewhat better news came in Copa LibertaDores, which we retained:



    The sad part of the season, however, was:


    We did not win the cup. Which means that I will have to stay over for another million match season in Brazil.

    On a side note, Here is how things went with Colombia


    In the World Cup, we are supposed to try to get to the Third round, and I am not really hoping to surpass that. Curious to see Chile miss out

    Finally, we still have the Youth:




    Season   	Team    			Position  		Notes and Achievements
    2019/20		Lee Man FC			1st			FA Cup and League Winners
    2020/21		Lee Man FC			1st			Senior Shield, Sapling Cup and League Winners
    2021		Zhejiang Greentown		14th			Just above drop Zone
    2022		Zhejiang Greentown		1st			N/A
    2023		Zhejiang Greentown		1st			Champions League Winner. Resigned at End of Season
    2024		Santos FC			6th			Copa Libertadores Winner	
    2025		Santos FC			1st			League and Libertadores Winner



    Challenge Progress


    3/10 top domestic leagues (Hong Kong, China PR, Brazil)

    1/10 domestic cups (Hong Kong FA Cup, Hong Kong Senior Shield, Hong Kong Sapling Cup)

    2/5 club continental championships (Asian Champions League, Copa Libertadores)

    0/1 club world championship


    0/5 continental tournaments ()

    0/1 world tournaments ()


  2. Santos Futebol Clube

    End of Season 2024

    As is obvious from the header icon, I got a Job in Brazil:



    This is how the table looked when I joined:


    Rather poor, considering Media predicted that the club would finish 2nd. The expectation was to finish 6th or better, which is rather steep from 16. Nevertheless, I guess that I would not have got the job if things were better. So, How did we do?



    It is easy to see that the bad results came in patches, and that was because very often, we were expected to play 2-3 matches with 7-8 first teamers on international duty. However,


    Interestingly, with 2 matches remaining Palmerias were 6th, 4 points ahead of us, and the target seemed impossible. Somehow, they managed to mess up

    There was ofcourse the cup


    Unfortunately, we fell short of board expectations. Better luck next year

    However, One important thing is that it is Brazil, so almost everyone has continental football. For us, It was Libertadores. I started off just after the Group stage. And:



    We won the damn thing!!! No internatioonal duties is the secret.

    Finally, the youth:



    Better than what I am used to, but not that good. We shall see if any of then=m become useful.

    This year there was the Copa America So Jobs became available. I took one:


    The only reason is to win thhe Copa America in 4 years, don't think I stand a chance in the World Cup



    Season   	Team    			Position  		Notes and Achievements
    2019/20		Lee Man FC			1st			FA Cup and League Winners
    2020/21		Lee Man FC			1st			Senior Shield, Sapling Cup and League Winners
    2021		Zhejiang Greentown		14th			Just above drop Zone
    2022		Zhejiang Greentown		1st			N/A
    2023		Zhejiang Greentown		1st			Champions League Winner. Resigned at End of Season
    2024		Santos FC			6th			Copa Libertadores Winner		


    Challenge Progress


    2/10 top domestic leagues (Hong Kong, China PR)

    1/10 domestic cups (Hong Kong FA Cup, Hong Kong Senior Shield, Hong Kong Sapling Cup)

    2/5 club continental championships (Asian Champions League, Copa Libertadores)

    0/1 club world championship


    0/5 continental tournaments ()

    0/1 world tournaments ()


  3. Zhejiang Greentown

    End of Season 2023

    Firstly, I started my Continental pro course this year, but forgot to screen shot. Therefore, I start of with the league:




    Almost managed to go undefeated, but  that was not to be. Obviously, this meant:


    We did way better than last year, but so did Beijing. Anyway, What was more important this year was the cup:



    We lost in the fifth round to Beijing, which is really unfortunate. Beijing did go on to the final, but just like the league, fell short here too.

    This Year, we also had the Champions League:



    Won with an attitude.

    Oh, and the youth:




    Now that we have won ACL, I do not feel like doing another season just to win the cup. I intend to come back to manage India someday, so will win the extra cup there if needed. Therefore:


    I have Brazil and Mexico loaded, so now I wait and watch

    Season   	Team    			Position  		Notes and Achievements
    2019/20		Lee Man FC			1st			FA Cup and League Winners
    2020/21		Lee Man FC			1st			Senior Shield, Sapling Cup and League Winners
    2021		Zhejiang Greentown		14th			Just above drop Zone
    2022		Zhejiang Greentown		1st			N/A
    2023		Zhejiang Greentown		1st			Champions League Winner. Resigned at End of Season

    Challenge Progress


    2/10 top domestic leagues (Hong Kong, China PR)

    1/10 domestic cups (Hong Kong FA Cup, Hong Kong Senior Shield, Hong Kong Sapling Cup)

    1/5 club continental championships (Asian Champions League)

    0/1 club world championship


    0/5 continental tournaments ()

    0/1 world tournaments ()

  4. Zhejiang Greentown


    End of Season 2022

    First Things First, i got the board to get me on two more courses:



    This Year, the board still wanted me to avoid relegation , but the media had something Else in mind:


    As for me, I wanted to win it all. And come the end of the season:



    Unfortunately, the cup was not to be, with Shanghai knocking us out in the semi final. Here is the full set of fixtures:



    Finally, There is the youth:



    As usual, meh.



    Next year, we will be in the Champions League. We just won the number one ranked league in Asia. Surely we can...

    Season   	Team    			Position  		Notes and Achievements
    2019/20		Lee Man FC			1st			FA Cup and League Winners
    2020/21		Lee Man FC			1st			Senior Shield, Sapling Cup and League Winners
    2021		Zhejiang Greentown		14th			Just above drop Zone
    2022		Zhejiang Greentown		1st			N/A





    Challenge Progress


    2/10 top domestic leagues (Hong Kong, China PR)

    1/10 domestic cups (Hong Kong FA Cup, Hong Kong Senior Shield, Hong Kong Sapling Cup)

    0/5 club continental championships ()

    0/1 club world championship


    0/5 continental tournaments ()

    0/1 world tournaments ()


  5. 8 hours ago, vikeologist said:

    @Sankalan It's domestic cups from 10 different countries, so only one of them will count towards the challenge.

    Okay, I see

    Zhejiang Greentown

    Moving on from Hong Kong, I Enter China



    I was given a transfer budget of 50m and wage budget in excess of 600k. There is one problem however:


    Here is what we managed to do:


    Really expected to do better with Chongqing, but rest was great. Guangzhou, on the other hand:


    Which meant:


    Also, There was this:


    Our wage budget is somehow as high as the best in the league, so the Title Challenge is on next year!!!

    Season   	Team    			Position  		Notes and Achievements
    2019/20		Lee Man FC			1st			FA Cup and League Winners
    2020/21		Lee Man FC			1st			Senior Shield, Sapling Cup and League Winners
    2021		Zhejiang Greentown		14th			Just above drop Zone




    Challenge Progress


    1/10 top domestic leagues (Hong Kong)

    1/10 domestic cups (Hong Kong FA Cup, Hong Kong Senior Shield, Hong Kong Sapling Cup)

    0/5 club continental championships ()

    0/1 club world championship


    0/5 continental tournaments ()

    0/1 world tournaments ()




  6.  Lee Man Football Club

    End of Season 2020-21

    This year, I was able to take two steps towards becoming a certified manager, so that is an improvement from last year:



    Moving on to youth:




    Meh, and never mind.

    Now onto the real stuff. This year, media predicted us to be champions:


    Now, this is hard to beat, but still, I doubt they had expected this margin:


    And the fixtures:


    Kitchee, who had an otherwise unremarkable season, managed to beat us away and hold us to a draw at home, but otherwise, we were perfect.

    Now, the cups:


    We won the sapling cup, staying undefeated throughout, and yet again, kitchee was the only team that managed to hold us back


    In the Senior shield, however, we managed to beat kitchee when it was mmost necessary, completing the full complement of cups from Hong Kong


    It was sad to exit the FA cup on penalties, but this on I have won already. It was somewhat satisfying to see Kitchee fall at the first hurdle.

    In the ACL, we were expected to make it to playoffs, but we did a little better:



    Topping this group above Antlers and Jiangsu was great, I am loving this tactic. At to the Knockouts, we never really stood a chance, though I can complain that my star striker was out injured.

    What Now?

    Despite the great season, we continued to lose money, and ended the season in red. Each ACL group win gives us 37k and I had to rely on that to get us just in the black before asking for my National A license. For the next season, my wage budget has been reduced from 17k p/w to 10k p/w and we are spending 14.5k, so there is no scope for improvement. Also, I do not see myself getting  anothe license. In view of all this, I will be resigning, hoping to get a job in China.


    Season   	Team    	Position  		Notes and Achievements
    2019/20		Lee Man FC	1st			FA Cup and League Winners
    2020/21		Lee Man FC	1st			Senior Shield, Sapling Cup and League Winners



    Challenge Progress


    1/10 top domestic leagues (Hong Kong)

    3/10 domestic cups (Hong Kong FA Cup, Hong Kong Senior Shield, Hong Kong Sapling Cup)

    0/5 club continental championships ()

    0/1 club world championship


    0/5 continental tournaments ()

    0/1 world tournaments ()

  7. Lee Man Football Club

    End of Season 2019-20

    First Things First, I started my journey towards becoming a certified manager:


    Next up, the youth:



    Poor, but honestly, I do not care, this is not that kind of save

    Moving over to the sapling cup, we drew against Fuli, but then won 6-1 against Eastern, to make the final table look like this:


    Thereafte, we won the semi-final 1-0 in extra time against Wofoo, but Eastern got their revenge in the Final, winning 1-0

    Next up, the FA Cup:



    Short and sweet, my first trophy towards the challenge!!!

    Finally, we have the league:


    Perfection. So how does the table look?:


    While this was somewhat unexpected, I will take it. On a side note, perhaps it we were really just underachieving at the point where I took over, because the final media prediction had us 2nd:


    Also, I signed a couple of free agents when I took over, and they finished with average ratings of 7.68 and 7.18, so that might have been a factor too. Finally, I think I am using a pretty good tactic, but it is downloaded, so I won't talk about it here.

    Next season, we get a shy at the Champions league, where I am hoping to maki it to groups, which, if we do, will get us some money, since we are down to undel 100k right now.


    Season   	Team    	Position  	Notes and Achievements
    2019/20		Lee Man FC	1st			FA Cup and League Winners			



    Challenge Progress


    1/10 top domestic leagues (Hong Kong)

    1/10 domestic cups (Hong Kong FA Cup)

    0/5 club continental championships ()

    0/1 club world championship


    0/5 continental tournaments ()

    0/1 world tournaments ()

  8. Kautilya is Back!!!

    Back with FM 15, he had completed this challenge. 5 versions later, he is back

    To be frank, this time I wanted to start off in the lower rungs of one of the big 5 countries, but failed to get a job in the first 2 years over 3 tries. Therefore, in my 4th try, I decided not to post here immediately. In reality,i am a year and half into the save, and this time, it looks much more possible.

    So here we go:


    And Here are the initial Manager Stats:


    It is basically just the standard youth development preset

    What really matters, however, is that this time I got a job:


    Here is the welcome message:


    We have over 400k in the bank. Transfer budget is negligible, but we have 2k available on the weekly wage budget.

    We have been knocked out of the Senior shield, but there is still the FA cup, and the sapling cup:


    And there is the league:


    There is a total of 18 games, so I have half of them to make a mark.

    Finally, Here is the club vision:


  9. End of Season 2023-24

    Youth Intake





    We won the league with several games in hand, and then it became difficult to finish unbeaten. Nevertheless, we ended up with quite the margin:


    Copa del Rey:


    Once again, Levante defeated Barca in the semis to lose t to us in the finals. If Betis would have lost their quarters, we could hav had a repeat of last years matches from the semis.

    Champions League:


    We retained our title in a spain only final. Hopefully we can make a habit of it



    Looks like I will have to rethink who is my main striker.

    End of Season Awards:


    Tato has been attracting all sots of interest, hopefully we can keep him. He is currently on contract till summer of 2027, and does not want to extend that yet.

    Next Update:New yeay 2025

  10. New Year 2024

    We started this season with odds of 9-2, our best so far, while the board wants us to retain the title. 




    The pre season started before the season switch, so July is split into two. We did a mini League with some of the Best teams in Europe, and won it. I intend to keep doing this every season now.

    Would have been nice to win the European Super Cup, but a great Pre-Season nonetheless. 





    Most surprising is Atletico trailing off at 9th. We have a game in hand and 8 points

    Champions League



    This group is as expected, though a clean sweep would have been better.



    Just the one pair of matches here, and it was perfect too.

    Clubs World Cup


    Much of a muchness, really, but I will take it.

    Goals and Assists


    Rodrigues in 5th. He has been acting out, even missed 3 matchdays due to being absent. Really Sad.

    Ballon d'Or



    Next update:End of Season

  11. End of Season 2022-23


    Youth Intake



    And again another set of upgrades have been approved.



    Ended the season Undefended, Which obviously means:


    We Retain the Title!!!



    Barca Lost out to Levante, Real Lost to Celta, And Atletico met Real in the fifth rund, so this time we had a clean path. 

    Champions League



    The last Group match was really dead rubber, but we won it anyway.


    And then we won the tournament too!!! The final was real sweet, since Angel was on PSG's starting 11, and did not manage to score. 

    Striker Woes


    Rodrigues finally became the top goalscorer with a goal in the CL final, but still, I want more than 36 from my striking pair. Luckily, Tato has been phenomenal. Rodrigues did not make it to the best 11, losing his place to Edivaldo, so that is sad(considering how much more I paid for him.

    What Goes Next

    Firstly, there is still the European Super cup and Club's world cup to win. Thereafter, I would like to see one of my players win a Ballon d'Or. 

    I will skip the Pre-Season updates from now on, since there is not much to see in the transfer market

    Next Update:New Year 2024

  12. New Year 2023



    Fewer matches due to the winter world cup, but unbeaten throughout!!


    No idea why Atletico got to play 3 extra matches.

    Champions League



    Again, Winter World Cup means that the CL group could not conclude before new year, although, the qulifications are sealed. Crazy to see Juventus miss out. 



    A single legged 5th Round, and we are through, fairly easily

    All seems well, except that neither of the strikers is turning out as good as I wanted them to be


    My full back is the top scorer, and my backup is outperforming my star striker. Hopefully, both these change.

    World Cup:



    Wales made it to quarters, rest all is normal it seems.

    Next Update:End of Season

  13. End Of Pre-Season 2022-23

    Expectations continue to rise as this time the media predict us to finish 5th with odds of 6-1 while the board wants qualification to the Champions League. I personally want to repeat last year's achievement of winning the legue.


    To begin with, I purchased Rodrigues, whom I have already shown, for a whopping 60M. He is the second best striker at the club behind Romero, but Romero is needed in the left wing, so I decided to bring in some competition for Rodrigues, Just to keep him on his toes.


    Meet Edivaldo, who cost me 7.5 Million. He is signed as a Backup, while Rodrigues is on rotation. Hopefully, together they will fill up the gap left by Angel, who, by the way, would cost me around 130 Million.



    A winter world cup means that La Liga kicks off in July itself, so fewer friendlies. But Dominant ones. Also, wolves match was away this season due to this:


    I did not know this was possible, but seems logical. Also, there was the Super Copa:


    We continue to dominate Barca, but I would have liked it better if Rodrigues, who was the lone striker, could get himself on the scoresheet. He did have 2 assists though.

    Next Update:New Year 2023

  14. End of Season 2021-22

    Youth Intake


    Never mind. Another set of upgrades is happening by the way.


    Let me start with the goal scorers:


    Fair to say that Angel's form dropped in the second half of the season, but still, he more than doubled our top-goal scorer count from last season. Admittedly, he had more matches to play though. However, that meant that our league performance looked somewhat like this:


    As to why we lost to Villarreal in the last match, We had already won the league!!!


    Champions League


    We went to the final, and lost. Obviously, we were called the biggest overachievers. This also means I have about 60M to spend next season on a Strikr, and I do have someone in mind:


    He is ith real, and I have been trying to unsettle him for 6 months now. He has expressed desire to move, but Real won't sell him. Which means, I will have to pay his release, which is 60M. Now he is not as good as Sahin, and more expensive too, but I will stick to my under-19 rule, and Sahin is 19 now.



    While we continue to dominate Barca in the League, Barca continues to kick us out in the cup. At this point though, the cup is no longer that important to me.

    Now to see if we can keep up without Angel.

    Next Update:End of Pre-Season 2022-23

  15. New Year 2022




    Osauna and and the two Madrid sides are the  blips here, of which Osauna is just unlucky. Oh, and we continue our domination over Barcelona in the league. How did we get so much better from last season then? Here is the answer:


    Angel has scored more goals in the first half of the season than our top-goalscorer did in the entirety of the last season. Sadly, PSG wont let him go for even 75M, which is already way to high for our club, even if we have a very good run in europe. In the meanwhile, here is the League Table:


    If we win our game in hand, we ca go to top!!! What is even more surprising is that Both Real and Barca are out of the ECC places, though more than half odf the season is yet to go.



    Again, Angel is the , well, Angel.


    This is going to mean Big money(which is why I was looking at 75M options)



    Just the one pair of Matches, and you know who won them for us...

    Next Update:End of season

  16. End of Pre Season 2021-22

    This time Board and media both expect top half. Frankly, I would be sad if we do not make it to CL again.


    The board refused to make more than 8M available for transfers,and I could get it upto 12 with a higher aim, but decided against it as Sahin was not budging at less than 26. with no other option, I decided to do this:


    This might be counter to youth development idea, but then he is my club's product, and only 18(though I doubt PSG will let him go). Hopefully, he will help us make enough to get a good striker(which won't be Sahin since he will be celebrating  his 19th birthday soon.

    Also got this guy:




    Next Update:New Year

  17. End of Season 2020-21

    Youth Intake:



    More updates please




    It is not often that a team beats Barcelona home and away. In face, Barcelona was leading the table till the third week of February, but then we lost to Real and won against Barca, giving Rel the advantage. In the end though, real also got overthrown by their local rivals, Atletico, who won the league. Speaking of the which...

    League Table:


    We are in th CL!!!! That should take care of all the promises made. In fact, I now have all my main players tied down for atleast 2 years, with release clauses more than 50M for all. Some stability is always good.



    Our cup run was as good as our league, and we beat league champions Atletico on way to the finals, which I was hoping to win, given our record against Barcelona. Unfortunately, that was not to be.

    Transfer targets:

    This is our current squad, with star ratings, and more importantly, goals scored. As you can see, the top scorer in a midfielder, and the second best is primarily a winger.image.png


    Basically, we haven't been able to replace angel, despite buying Tavares and Brito. I need a striker, and there is a very good option out there:


    Problem is that he will not be sold at less than 26M, his release clause, and I do not have that kind of budget remaining. Also, he turns 19 This November, so I cannot get him in the winter. As for our Finances, they were good, but then this happened:


    And now we have a massive loan over us. I guess I will have to live without Sahin. Hopefully, there would be other options...

    Next update:End of pre-season

  18. New Year 2021



    We have been going in patches, but I will take it. While I expected to lose against Athletic and Real, Malaga, Levante and Betis were easier clubs. But then we have that win aginst Barca, so I do not know what the formula is here, but more of the same please!!!



    We are in the European places with 4 points lead and a game in hand at halfway, so that would take care of a couple of promises if we can hold on. 



    Last time round, Athletic knocked us out. This time, we have a 2 goal advantage coming home. Fingers crossed.

    Next Update:End of Season

  19. Pre-Season 2020-21

    Once again, the the media predicted us to finish last, this time with odds of 1000-1. Once again, board wanted me to fight against relegation, and I increased it to avoid relegation. Once again, I hope to do better than that...



    Unfortunately, no suitable targets were found in Brazil or Africa, so all my transfers were from Portugal. Guimaraes had to be given a first team status, since he would take nothing less, and  he was the only defensive player availbale of his caibre(he is a DM). Rest are all on rotation/backup status. Angelo is a GK, and rest are midfielders/forwards.

    As for transfers out, I did manage to keep a clean slate, though no without upsetting a couple of players. Of note, Jordan and verdejo would stay if I made them Key players, but since I wanted to limit that status to 1-2 players only, I told them that they could go only if their release clauses were met. Both of them accepted, and now I feel that I might regret saying that, since they won't extend their contracts, and have clauses of 10 and 18 Million respectively.



    A tie with Barca and a win against Real...Is Europe a possibility this year:eek:

    Next Update:New Year

  20. End of Season 2019-20

    As expected, the Year 2020 kicked off with a flurry of transfer offers for almost all of my players. I obviously rejected them all, which meant upsetting half of my team. Javier Miguel was convinced when I told them that I would improve the squad in the next transfer window, while Parraga was satisfied on being told that we would finish top half in La Liga in 2012/22(both rather hard challenges, but better than to upset the right away). A couple got unhappy, and we needed a couple of squad meetings, luckily, only backup players showed up for these. Despite all this, the one player I could not save was Angel:


    Here he is now, with a salary that is double of what he would have got if he had stayed. cannot blame him, but I do hope to get him back one day(I am allowed to re-sign my old players.

    Youth Intake:


    Again everyone was signed but no one was tagged. Also, another round of facility upgrade was sanctioned after this:447767690_YouthFac.thumb.PNG.a9168540e2308bc11099aad84fd051a5.PNG


    We also got outr scouting range upgraded to all over the world, so Brazil and Africa, here I come...



    Luckily, the bad atmosphere in the dressing room did not transfer to the ground that much, and that meant:




    As we had a long January, we are likely to have a longer Summer. Being in the top league should help us out though. I will also look to bring in some talent this year, especially at the front to cover for Angel's departure, and to fulfill my promises. All my players have atleast 2 years on their contracts, so hopefully, I can keep my squad together.

    Next Update: End of pre-season



  21. New Year 2020



    It has been a dream run, with the only loss against Getafe being more of an anomaly. Luis Silva got to tart in 12 games with an additional 10 appeaance as a sub(including cup appearances). Most of the other Backups got 2-5 games each.

    League Table:


    We are comfortably at the top after 19 games, And it would be dissapointing to miss out on automatic promotion from here.



    It was close against Athletic. In any case, we exceeded expectations.

    Players in Demand:

    While all my players have 2-3 years on their contracts remaining, most of them are attracting interest from several clubs. Take for example my strker Angel:


    His case is most interesting because he has not signed a pro contract yet, and believes that our squad is too weak. He supposedly is on a youth contract till 2022, and I have no idea what that means in terms of him leaving. 

    One thing is sure, it is going to be a long January.

    Next Update:End of Season

  22. Pre Season 2019-20

    In our first season in Spanish second division, media expect us to finnish dead last again with pre-season odds of 200-1. Board wanted us to "Attempt to avoid relegation", which I raised to "Avoid Relegation." This year, we also take part in the Spanish King's Cup, and board wants us to make it to the second round.



    Silva comes in as a backup to full-backs, Neves for striker, Paz and Castellano in the midfield, Rohas for wingers and martinez for central defence. Hopefully, I will not have to start with greys this season.



    July was mostly as expected, with lossed againgt bigger sides and wins against smaller ones. August was big, with wins against Parma and Hamburg, both First Division sides. This make me hope that we might get back to back promotions!!!

    Next Update:New Year

  23. 19 hours ago, abulezz said:

    Nice! Looking forward to reading this :) 

    Great to Have you on board

    Youth Intake


    I was really looking forward to having 3-4 players with 1 golden star so that they could become backups to my team. Unfortunately, that was not to be, and all I get is Oriol. I signed all of them since I need an U19 team, but no one is tagged, since they are unlikely to make it to first team anytime, what with them being older than my starting 11:D

    We had Poor youth facilities , luckily that is going to change:




    With injuries and suspensions kicking in, I had to field a grey player almost every match. Luckily, that did not matter, and with the exception of Malagueno match(which had no-golden-star players starting), we dominated this level. 

    League Table and Playoffs:



    Which meant that:


    Well, this actually was sealed after the semi-final itself. Leading to the end of the Season, my best Player Tato demanded a contract with a non-promotion release clause of 300k, which made the promotion even more important.



    Future Plans:

    I was able to extend most contracts to 2021, and pushed up the release clauses to 10M at least. Hopefully, that will keep the big guys away.

    Clearly, creating my own players gave me an edge over other teams in the league, but come next year, we will be taking part in the Cup, and also play in a league with 22 teams, so we need to get backups. That will be my main aim in the pre-season, made tougher by the fact that I cannot sign anyone above 18 years of age. 

    Next Update:End of pre-season

  24. 40 minutes ago, Carambau said:

    Are they eligible to play in the league at that young age in the first Place?

    Turns out they are.

    New Year 2019



    Turns out that the media prediction was very wrong, and we have been great in the league.  There have been 3 clear phasesIn September, I am guessing that everyone was underestimating us, allowing us to win every game until the Villanovense game, which was after our only mid-week fixture. Then we struggled to win during October and November, at which point, I decided to change the team mentality from Balanced to attacking.

    There haven't been many injuries, and never 2 at the same time. Add that to the fact that we have few mid-week fixtures, and we have had almost no problems due to the squad size. Don Bento was the first game where we had to start with a grey player.


    We are currently at the top of the table, which means we might get promoted at the end of this season itself(although that would need us to do well in a playoff)

    Once the youth intake happens, we should have fewer problems with squad size. I intend to send out scouts to other clubs in our division to recruit any good youngsters they get too

    Next update:End of Season

  25. First off are the friendlies:


    Good overall, though it was mostly against poorer clubs for morale building(considering all players are new, it was required)

    Turns out that we inherited the affiliation to wolves from the club I replaced. I do not intend to use any loans, but I will keep it for the payout and friendly.

    Next update:New year.

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