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    A hometown hero

    A perfect start against a strong opponent
  2. I'm no expert in tactics, but by looking at your formations, it seems like you are leaving a lot of space on the flanks for the AI to utilize.
  3. jrfellow

    [FM15] Kyle Cain's Flying Circus

    The best part in FM is building the next season team. Looking for bargains, putting your whole transfer budget on a great player (for that level), getting some good loan players... good luck in season 2 of Oxford United!
  4. jrfellow

    [FM15] Raising Cain

    Even though the match is already played, good luck!
  5. jrfellow

    [FM15] Raising Cain

    Oxford to the finals!
  6. jrfellow

    [FM15] Raising Cain

    If Kyle is in that state of mind, I feel sorry for the next team Oxford will face
  7. jrfellow

    [FM15] Raising Cain

    Really good story so far