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  1. How can I have my wide players play in the half spaces consistently? Even with IFs with sit narrow PI on the lowest width they sit on top of my wing backs in early build up play, means two players are wasted
  2. Anyone else finding it really hard to sell players? I've offered Sanchez, Lukaku, Mata, Thiago, Shaw and more out for £0 and no offers. Sanchez I can understand because of his wages but the rest seem a bit ridiculous
  3. Phil Jones has 13 crossing which I find very strange, can't remember ever seeing a good cross from him irl. Also Azpilicueta is terrible compared to real life. I assume its because he's either footed and natural in 3 positions which will have made his CA quite high already but SI shouldn't avoid giving players the attributes they deserve just because of where their CA would end up
  4. I just booted up a save that had a game the next day to test once I'd downloaded the full game. Its an obvious issue so it didn't take long to notice
  5. I'm aware, I submitted the report for the beta problem but it hasn't been fixed for final release. What's wrong about that?
  6. Selecting 3 strikers or three AMCs still leads to them all standing on top of each other in certain situations. Submitted the issue to the bug forum a couple days ago but got no reply, is it worth sending another one?
  7. Ground level passes are an issue in general. Any pass longer than like 15 yards seems to have to be put into the air even when it would make much more sense to be passed along the ground
  8. Has anyone tested 3 striker tactics to see if they're still too strong? I'd quite like to play use one but not if it'll break the game like last year
  9. It's not though, no one would argue that Simeone plays a strikerless system and therefore he shouldn't in fm. The issue is that the way FM handles strikers while defending is incredibly unrealistic. This affects not just Simeone and Atletico but every team that plays with 2 strikers. According to fm they all have their strikers just sit on the opposition cbs no matter what which just isn't true at all. Not even kids football teams defend like that It's a very basic and very obvious flaw with the ME and should have been fixed years ago
  10. Simeone is the AI manager, I'm using Barca, so your point doesn't really make any sense. I have no trouble setting up my defence the way I want it but if AI managers completely fail at that the game loses its realism and challenge. And you shouldn't have to spend months retraining a striker to play AMC just because you want him to track back, that's not realistic And the 'shape on tactics screen is defensive shape' thing is nonsense no matter how many times its repeated here. If you set up a 4231 with the AML and AMR on support they'll defend in line with the CMs, not the AMC. Same goes for wing backs who won't play ahead of centre backs without the ball
  11. Really frustrating that strikers still don't defend properly, particularly when there's two of them. Absolutely zero chance that Simeone would set up a team leaving such a gigantic gap between the strikers and the rest of the team irl, especially against Barcelona. Really hard to consider fm a serious football simulation when even fifa deals with this issue better
  12. I'm having the same experience. Nothing but crossing, despite multiple PIs and TIs discouraging it
  13. Really irritating how 'runs with with ball' is hardcoded into so many full back and wing back roles this year, along with 'cross more often'. There is not a single role or duty in the wing back strata that does not have 'run wide with ball' or 'cut inside with ball' hardcoded. I want a possesion based system that doesn't cross much with attacking full backs but that's just impossible as the game currently is. Full backs constantly running away from support then sending big looping crosses into the box is not the style of football I want. Why are player instructions even hardcoded anyway? Let us change them if we want to
  14. Is there any way to have an attacking full/wing back that doesn't cross all the time or run wide with the ball? I want Jordi Alba to play at least somewhat like he does in real life but it doesn't seem possible in fm19. Even WB(S) has 'run wide with ball' hardcoded this year
  15. Find it very weird how few headed goals there are despite seemingly 50%+ of goals coming from crosses, half volleys are bizarrely common again this year. And even weirder that the crossing issue is arguably worse now than it ever was despite being in the game for years. Hopefully some progress will be made for full release but I'm not particularly optimistic. Seems to be the result of multiple different design flaws in tactics and the ME rather than an easy to fix bug
  16. Still way too easy to use the 5 year + 3 year optional extension thing to tie wonderkids down for 8 years on very low wages. Doesn't matter that much seeing as you can just avoid using it but surprising it hasn't been addressed
  17. Is the thing where almost every player bunches up in the 6 yard box for wide free kicks etc a known issue?
  18. The thing where all passes of like 15 yards+ are put into the air even when a pass along the ground would make much more sense is very irritating. See this video for example, at 8:17 and 8:57
  19. What's the deal with players running towards the corner flag and away from the goal just before they cross? You never see it in real life yet its very common this year if you're playing with wingers. Take this for example -
  20. With player progression now being slower has there been any changes to the way players develop post-23? Late bloomers seemed very rare in previous games, contrary to real life
  21. Is there a make your cbs push into the opposition half when you have the ball? Seems like no matter how you set your defensive line at the minute they just stop at the half way line, teams like Barca are much more aggressive than that irl
  22. This is not what I've heard and also not remotely logical. A dm could easily make the defensive line drop deeper and still stay ahead of it
  23. I know playing with a dm means the cbs will be deeper than otherwise, is this still the case when you play a regista? I'd prefer that role over a DLP(D) in the cm position but not if it'll affect my cbs
  24. How can I have very attacking full backs/wing backs that don't cross very often, at least until they've reached the by line? The cross more often PI is hard coded on every fb/wb role with attacking duty and only FB(A) doesn't have a hard coded cross from deep PI
  25. Feels a bit weird how cheap a lot of players are. You can sign Varane for ~£65m and De Ligt for ~£30m. No chance of getting either for that price irl
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