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  1. A simple typing error in the danish translation when you don't get offered a job as unemployed. "persn" in the second line should be "person". Danish and English screenshot provided below
  2. Usually I use this trick in contract negotiations if I won't accept that for example yearly salary raise is a part of the contract, yes. But for some reason, I simply can't do anything about the option mentioned above on this player. I don't know if it is some kind of bug and it is only this option that locks when demanded the first time from the selling club, but it is really strange.
  3. Hello, I have through a season and a half tried to sign a player. One of the first time I bid, before I was ready to trigger the release clause, Standard locked the option: Sign Replacement Player First. Now when I trigger the clause and get a contract, they never sign a replacement, meaning I don't get him. He is a top priority for me because I play with WBR and there are very few of these in 2027 with quality. Is there anything I can do to get this away? I have waited and waited and everytime I try to make a new bid, it starts with this option locked. Thanks!
  4. After doing these steps we have proceeded a couple of months without it occurring. I'll let you know if it happen again, thank you! :-)
  5. Hello, My friend and I have been playing a multiplayer game since the day Football Manager 17 arrived. Since the 17.2 patch we have repeatedly experienced that the game froze at the social feed page. Normally we can wait for a few minutes and it will come back but we have now twice been forced to close the game down after waiting 15+ minutes. It didn't occur before the update (I don't know if it is connected and we were lucky before) but we are quite tired of waiting and being forced to replay our games. We even save every 14th day and in 3 files just in case. I have linked a short video below showing that there is nothing we can do. (in Danish) https://gyazo.com/21e33bc9b19a0e4e24f6db3f0e4e825a I can furthermore upload our save if needed. Anything we can do to prevent this in the future?
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