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  1. So I am a little tilted here. I am playing bundesliga and I am experiencing this weird issue I don't know how to solve. I am playing a lower-end club and have two tactics setup. Every time I face a stronger team I put my starting mentality at "Contain", and my defense line "deep". Guess what? Less than 1 minute into game my team already conceded a goal. This happened to me in older FM games as well, but it has been like that every game, literally. less than 1 minute into the game, 1 shot, 1 on target, 1-0, every ****ing time. I understand this situation does happen occasionally, but frequent happenings are infuriating. There was one time I S/L'ed and wanted to try out what would happen if I changed tactics. It turned out that if I put mentality on anything up from "Counter", the number of shots would be 30 - 5 while possession around 60-40 (against Dortmund). I would suffer more goals as a result, but I felt better at least. I don't understand how this is some real football, is there some clearer explanation how "Contain" mentality works? Starting tactics, I feel like, should not be game-deciding at all for most occasions, and I am too tired of getting my butt kicked in the first 5 minutes because I set up the wrong starting tactics - such reality. Hopefully it is just that my team sucked. Other than that everything was good so far.
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