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  1. Always amaze with people can manage micro tactics every match and get the result, amazing article!
  2. do you try DW? some says it's as good as winger when attacking and good for defending. I always use WB when playing 3 atb, so never used DW, as long as I remember
  3. how could you spot this player and got him on an amateur contract??? he's a good player at your level and is only 17!!! maybe good enough for league 1 if he develops well in my eyes
  4. thank you, gonna try it when i'm abit free from work
  5. Hello, guys. I'm totally new at skinning, never thought about change it or anything except using available skin, but this year is different. Maybe someone has asked, but I can't find it. How to replace attribute values with, for example, stars, or something like that? Or is there a thread that explains it? Thank You
  6. as I wrote that reply, yes. might trying change the scale edit: that's too small to my eyes, so, no change
  7. okay, gotta try it after work. thanks for dicussion, Ben
  8. I dont know, try reload skin and reload game but same result. or should I delete the other skin I have? also the 2nd pic is from tactics -> player screen
  9. I've done it a few times but still. Or maybe it's my resolution?
  10. Hi, Ben. It's my first time using your skin, as it's my first time too to go attributeless. Just asking one question, is that normal having attributes like this? Or should it be little cirlce?
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