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  1. @Slabbekoorn Thank you very much again , it seems to work, at least the editor, so far I have not tried the game. I verifiable in the game. I did not know that the stages were, so to speak, chained phases, I thought they were independent. Thank you again for the help. (I had been trying everything for three days).
  2. I have configured it in the following way: Competition => Stage 0 - leag (Group) [2 groups] Qualifications Rules
  3. @Slabbekoorn The team pool option is very interesting to form friendly competitions like summer tournaments (Bernabeu, Gamper, Colombino, Carranza,...). To select prestigious teams similar to the host of the tournament.
  4. @Slabbekoorn Yes, the groups are formed with the selected teams. Thank you very much. In relation to the formation of the groups for the next season, it is organized through regions / regions north south. Thank you very mucha again for the attention and your time.
  5. Thank you very much @Slabbekoorn, I will prove. In principle it would only be for the first year (2017) after it is assumed that it should be configured with regions, plus the ascents and descents.
  6. Stage 0 - leag (group) => Group Settings => Group Teams @KUBI Could you help me please?
  7. I tried to configure the computers in the groups in this way but it does not work. Registered Teams
  8. Hello! First apologize to the English-speaking users, for my horrible English. I am working on making the complete pyramid of the Spanish leagues, it would be up to 9th level. At the moment the database is created with the clubs, more than 4000 , and their respective regional competitions. This is how easy. Now I am editing the rules so that the system can work. And I'm have problems. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/stats/1303325418 1º In some competitions they are divided into groups. My question is: How to make the composition of these groups with certa
  9. https://www.fmsite.net/files/file/682-tercera-división-de-españa/ In Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1236216087
  10. Hello! Happy new year! One question: In Spain, there are two leagues in level 5 (Ceuta and Melilla) where the winner of the league promotes only if there are no teams from that city (Ceuta or Melilla) in that level. Is ist possible to create this rule? Thanks a lot.
  11. I have a question, what would be the way to activate the following classification in the advanced rules: Competition of five groups the first ones are classified for the superior division, the second ones are classified more the third best classified for playoff eliminatory of three squares to ascend. It would be like implementing the question: the third best of the five groups. It will be done if the competition is designed as generic groups, but this case the leagues are simultaneous competitions since they depend on a higher competition with more number of leagues. Thank you very much.
  12. I told you why they were using your file the wrong way. Congratulations for the work and the effort. Sorry for my bad English, I do not speak it.
  13. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1197901114&searchtext=england http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1203973852&searchtext=england+level+10 Is the same? they're still hacking your update
  14. Version: Primavera. State: Definitive. The Third Division is included in the Spanish league system. This is the activation of the rules of the Third Division, so this version is compatible with modified or extended databases. Comments and contributions are appreciated. Install in: C: \ Documents \ Sports Interactive \ Football Manager 2018 \ editor data Spanish soccer leagues: 1.- First Division. 2.- Second Division. 3.- Third Division. Youth Leagues: 1.- Division of Youth Honor of Spain. - - - 000 - - - FMSite https://www.fmsite.net/files/file/682-tercera-división-d
  15. @Zaharra You are the best . Zorionak eta urte berri on.
  16. @ZaharraThank you! Milla ezker! (are you basque?)
  17. Hi! I am setting up the rules for youth competitions for the Spanish League using the "Custom xml" option and when performing the ruler test proceed with: Error in nation rules Found more than one set of rules for competition Spanish u19 Division 1 I have been reviewing and I have not observed where this error could come from. Does anyone know of any possible solution? Thank you so much.
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