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  1. With the friendly tournaments to get the teams I put this option But would there be a way to make a team pool of certain teams by reputation? For example, for the Joan Gamper Trophy (Barcelona) or Santiago Bernabeu Cup (R.Madrid) certain teams like those that usually play in reality. Top Europe and South America
  2. @Slabbekoorn @TH3 K1LL3RThank you, @Slabbekoorn I will try to do what you say, for the case of Ceuta and Melilla. The youth divisions would put me to create them once finished with the competitions. At the moment, only the upper youth division figures. Nogmaals hartelijk dank.
  3. @TH3 K1LL3R Thank you. I understand (my english is also very poor) @Slabbekoorn A question. This is very strange for FM but is real: In Spain, there are two leagues in level 5 (Ceuta and Melilla) where the winner of the league promotes only if there are no teams from that city (Ceuta or Melilla) in that level. Is ist possible to create this rule?
  4. @Slabbekoorn This is what worries me the most since the disordered teams usually finish out of the local competition, I hope that what you said before will work
  5. And is it true in the ascents and descents? Or do we have to specify the competition that ascends and descends? (I understand that it would be to put the child league)
  6. @TH3 K1LL3R I have a problem with the bounderies, in the case of Madrid and Castilla La Mancha
  7. OK. I put the two rules to ensure, in addition that competition is organized from north to south.
  8. OK. This should do the trick: 1. Go to "Stage x" -> "Group settings" and from the dropdown menu "Rules" choose/tick "Regionalise Groups" (you can untick the other one). In some cases I have put two options, I have not verified if it can work.
  9. @Slabbekoorn In this file the nine levels are activated, but for the moment I have edited up to 6th, I would have to change the rules of the 7th, 8th and 9th levels. Estructura Ligas de España v.1.02.fmf
  10. @Slabbekoorn Thank you. But there is one thing that gives me doubt In the Parent League, there is this option : But it also appears this (this is the one that less clear I have what it works for) Which is also found in the Child League And I think I understand that it is related to the leagues and levels that appear here
  11. @Slabbekoorn He has explained it better than me. @Slabbekoorn & @TH3 K1LL3R A question. What metod are you using to keep the teams in your local regions?
  12. @TH3 K1LL3RYou coul do the group competion, instead of three competitions. And add rules to each group
  13. @TH3 K1LL3R The league system in Spain is different from Portugal, for example in Andalusia there are two groups one for Western Andalusia and another for Eastern Andalusia (18 teams each, total 32) after that level would come provincial (in Portugal districts) Huelva, Seville, Cádiz, Córdoba, Jaén, Málaga, Granada and Almería, and depending on the province can have a single group or several, for the number of teams involved.
  14. @Slabbekoorn And I also had to edit more than 4000 new Spanish clubs, because in the original DB of the FM do not appear.
  15. It was verified before, but I had to change it because the teams did not fit into their respective regional groups. For that reason I am changing the "unique" competitions for group competitions that contain several groups, and thus avoid the dispersion of the teams and that decompensen the number of teams of said "groups". In reality there are competitions that do not have a clear criterion of composition and vary from one year to the next. https://www.fmsite.net/files/file/692-divisiones-regionales-de-españa/
  16. If it's a bit hellish , it's the complete Spanish system competitions from the First Division to the Fourth Regional (9th level). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Divisiones_Regionales_de_Fútbol Thanks for the help
  17. The winner of Stage 0 - CnA1 goes to Stage 1 - CnA2. And the winner of Stage 2 - CAuA go to Stage 3 - AndA Estructura Ligas de España v.1.04.fmf
  18. I would go to stage 3 - AndA (cup). And The winner of Stage - 0 CnA1 (Cup) go to Stage 1 - CnA2 (It's another mistake that I just saw ) .
  19. =). It seems to be located in the playoffs of the Regional Preferential competition. Since I have tried again and to go suppressing Stages in Regional Preference the error happens.
  20. @SlabbekoornGive the following error, I have reviewed and can not find the cause Estructura Ligas de España v.1.04.fmf
  21. The problem in the league system in Spain is that there are many regional divisions with several groups, which vary their composition.
  22. I have used the second option. I have untick "Qualification Rules" If I'm using stage - 1 for the top playoff player Thanks again Hero!
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