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  1. I changed it for this Stage 0 - leag (group) 4 teams x 5 groups = 20 teams Stage 1 - prom (group) 20 teams = 2 groups (10 teams)
  2. Failed in Person is Record not fund ID 67014270, 7442828 Failed in Competition is Record not fund ID 100000202, 100000203, 10000204, 100000205, 100000206, 100000207, 100000208, 100000209, 100000210, 100000211, 100000212, 100000213, 100000214, 100000215, 100000216, 100000217
  3. From the copy of 2016. But since this error has passed, I think it is better to leave the ones that are SI, and make a different file from media sources, so that the same thing will not happen again
  4. and what I was wondering if it is possible to delete these records of database changes without modifying the content, (new clubs, competitions, etc ...)
  5. They leave failed, for not finding two records one person and one competition. These errors came when I retrieved the 2016 database for 2018. the media sources is for the last update, before it did not leave.
  6. It's possible? Another question, Is it possible to delete change records? Without affecting the database Estructura Ligas de España v.1.04.fmf
  7. For the moment the solution that I put another year is that the champions of Ceuta and Melilla played a playoff and the winner was classified for another playoff promotion of another region in this case Andalucia. In reality, the normal thing is that no team from these cities rises, removing the two professional teams, while the others are amateur teams formed almost every year.
  8. @krlenjushka Thank you for information. I understand, then make the reality is more complex, because it may be the case that no team descends to Ceuta / Melilla, and be able to ascend from Ceuta / Melilla because there is no team from that city in the Third Division
  9. With the friendly tournaments to get the teams I put this option But would there be a way to make a team pool of certain teams by reputation? For example, for the Joan Gamper Trophy (Barcelona) or Santiago Bernabeu Cup (R.Madrid) certain teams like those that usually play in reality. Top Europe and South America
  10. @Slabbekoorn @TH3 K1LL3RThank you, @Slabbekoorn I will try to do what you say, for the case of Ceuta and Melilla. The youth divisions would put me to create them once finished with the competitions. At the moment, only the upper youth division figures. Nogmaals hartelijk dank.
  11. @TH3 K1LL3R Thank you. I understand (my english is also very poor) @Slabbekoorn A question. This is very strange for FM but is real: In Spain, there are two leagues in level 5 (Ceuta and Melilla) where the winner of the league promotes only if there are no teams from that city (Ceuta or Melilla) in that level. Is ist possible to create this rule?
  12. @Slabbekoorn This is what worries me the most since the disordered teams usually finish out of the local competition, I hope that what you said before will work
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