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  1. The error is given when I add as a competition in the country, but the error does not occur if I configure it as xml, but then the teams in the groups are disordered. They are only ordered if it is added in competition in the country, as you mentioned to me and it appears in the file that I have uploaded. It must be what you say that something happened to me and I'm not able to see it.
  2. I updated the version with the National Youth League (2nd level u19) activated, leaving the Regional Youth League (3rd level u19) created the competitions and groups but inactive Estructura Ligas de España (v.18.3.0).fmf
  3. I have been reviewing this week, changing the way to activate the Regional Youth League (3rd level for u19) and I can not find the possible failure.
  4. @Slabbekoorn What about adding the equipment? I do it through the Editor.
  5. I do not know why it happens, but from a certain number of rules (more than 300 regles) the editor remains as unconfigured, as noise, snow, in the image. I do not know if I explained well. I do not have any images to show. Thanks for the information, and the collaboration; I have tried to edit the computers in xml file with excell but I am unable. The truth is that I do not know how to create the database of the equipment outside the FM Editor
  6. Thanks you @krlenjushka With patience =). The most problematic is finding information for teams. Thanks again @krlenjushka! It's a pity that I can not get more rules (the BD is unconfigured). Since I would have liked to have more friendly competitions for the youth teams.
  7. All ready! This is last version. Thanks @krlenjushka Estructura Ligas de España v.1.02.fmf
  8. @Slabbekoorn @krlenjushka Hello! I am trying to activate the level of Spanish Regional League (Liga Regional de España), but this error occurs, I have been verifying the relegated of the Spanish National League (Liga Nacional de España) and the promoted of the Spanish Regional League, and I do not see the reason for that error. Estructura Ligas de España v.1.03.fmf
  9. @Slabbekoorn It seems that it works. Many Thanks. Many thanks to all of you. (It's Alive!!!)
  10. @Slabbekoorn No problem. The truth is that complicated. I'm doing a test to see if it works, I'll tell you. Thank you very much.
  11. @Slabbekoorn I would have to put the competitions of the lower level? You have an example so I can see?
  12. Parent Competition "Spanish u19 Division 2" => Child Competitions => Spanish u19 Division Group 1, Spanish u19 Division Group 2, Spanish u19 Division Group 3,...
  13. Thank you @Slabbekoorn. I make reserve league add normally through nation->competitions. I try for local region, beacause the Spanish Group is very difficult for city as a reference point
  14. @TH3 K1LL3R @krlenjushkaThank you for you help. I try make youth level for another way
  15. @MozzaPlays Hello! Thank you for your attention. But I can not send you a DM.

  16. Thank you for your attention @krlenjushka, the competition works well the problem is that the teams after the season do not go their corresponding regional leagues.
  17. Thank you @krlenjushka! I am trying it as a figure in Portugal or in Germany. I like to complicate my life =)
  18. @Slabbekoorn @krlenjushka @TH3 K1LL3R I have made the youth competitions : 0.- Spanish u19 Division 1 (Division de Honor Juvenil) 1.- Spanish u19 Division 2 (Liga Nacional Juvenil) 2.- Spanish u19 Division 3 (Liga Regional Juvenil) The problem is that teams get messed up in competitions. I have tried the following But it does not work Any solution or suggestion? Thank you! juvenil.fmf
  19. @weirj89 Is you only play level 5, maybe you interest: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1311271612
  20. thanks for your attention, if I do not solve the current problem I will see another way to configure it, such as putting the same number of teams. =)
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