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  1. what does the player do here in 10/10 situations when presented with a similar opportunity a) picks an onrushing player out to create a 1 on 1 b) run to the byline and shoot from an impossible angle c) shoot from where he is standing d) cross it all the way to the opposite touchline
  2. Have SI shown any actual acknowledgement of the 24 pages here(so far), the hundreds of deleted posts of constructive feedback(for marketability no doubt), and countless other threads/posts with PKMs all sitting on 0 downloads. All these pointing towards the issues with the ME. Perhaps show us some transparancy?
  3. I see the same image but with a multitude of players under my eyelids.
  4. There are 20+ pages of people complaining about the same problems with the match engine and it will continue like this. What an odd question to ask given the current environment. I love watching my players shoot from this angle 20 times a match. Exhilarating stuff. As soon as a player decides to shoot that's it. Nothing will stop him shooting. A pass is on? What's a pass?
  5. just because you're suddenly winning with the new patch, it doesn't change what's on show. it's drip.
  6. shooting when 1 on 1 inside the box, squaring it 1% of the time when 2 on 1, shooting from quite literally impossible angles make sure ur matches arent just on commentary & you can see them
  7. no. if you want to use another formation, feel free. don't be bullied into sticking with one formation for an entire save, that's just absurd and laughable. what a strange suggestion.
  8. the game is tripe, the most tripe of them all. simply go with an attacking mentality with much higher loe + much higher dl and extreme pressing + tight marking + offside trap now tick counter-press + counter, throw some players in FM19
  9. I've tried, and failed. FM17: possible ✔ (ish) FM18: possible ✔ (ish) FM19? *******
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