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  1. If you have any questions, or require help start a thread maybe. Just like this one there is plenty of people willing to give advice and help out.
  2. @tamertunatt I have some slight changes since the screenshot which has improved us again. The AML is now IWs this allows more space for my LB to operate. The WTM is not on support duty and the Mez is now on attack. Also I now have just standard passing but a quicker tempo and we are playing some excellent football while still solid at the back.
  3. Just an update on this, through injuries and resorting to a tried and tested tactic I have settled on this new tactic. We still are defensively solid and although we are not banging in goals we are definitely creating more chances than before. I decided to limit to TIs as a foundation and make in match changes as required. If anyone has any thoughts or feedback on this feel free to voice them. We had a media prediction of 16th at the start of the season but as you can see from the screenshot we are going pretty well. PS still in the FA Cup and Leasing.com cup aswell.
  4. @zabyl I went with counter pressing so we could win the ball back early which I think has helped with my strong defensive performances. Good point on the right flank though, the reason I have WBs is to make use of the space that the IW leave they cut inside. I'll try FB a and see what difference that makes
  5. @Experienced Defender Ive been playing fm since the early cm days and somehow always end up with defensively sound tactics even when I'm not trying lol. I'm very happy with the results just not so much the attacking performance, like if I go 1-0 down we're gonna struggle to equalise currently, which happened in our defeat in the league and Cup game. @NotSoSpecialOne I see your point re the difference in TIs and roles, never really spotted that so I'll look to settle on a style. And as for the F9+SS combo, it has worked well for me before and maybe its not working now because of my
  6. In my current journey man save i have ended up with Colchester United. Having taken over with 10 games left in the season, it gave my time to assess the team as we were comfortably safe from relegation and had not much chance of the playoffs. I settled on a 4-4-1-1 and during the summer window signed the players needed to work in my tactic. I know its early days, but after 6 league games we have W3 D2 L1 scoring only 5 goals(4 from set pieces) but conceding only 2. We create very little from open play and basically i'm hoping someone can give me advice or highlight some deficiencies in my tact
  7. Not at my computer so no screenshots I'm afraid. Last time i posted i mentioned how my save had gone a little stale. Well i took some time away from it and messed about with FM17, which helped big time as I went back to this Challenge earlier in the week and my hunger has been reignited. My last report was a brief one about my time in Turkey, which ended with me winning a Treble with Galatasary before moving on to PSG. At PSG we won the league without losing a single match and we also won both French Cups bringing my total to 26/33. I also secured the S.Korea national job and my target is the
  8. Great to see plenty of progress here, unfortunately i felt my save was getting a little stale so i took a few weeks away from it. Then my brother decided to get me FM 17 for Xmas and now i find myself in a bit of a dilemma. I'm keen to try a one-club challenge like Dafuge's and i'm also very keen to play FM 17 but i dont wanna totally give up on this Challenge as i'm pretty close to completing it. When i last saved, i was 1 point clear of the top of Lique 1 with 15 games to play, and still in the French Cup. I reckon i could finish this challenge off in about another 2-3 months, but can i resi
  9. Again not enough time for a full season report but I was able to secure another treble with Galatasary by winning the LEAGUE, the CUP and the Europa League. Although the EL doesn't count towards the Challenge its a nice trophy to add to my collection. I've since moved onto PSG in France, taking over with 4 games gone in 4th position. Monaco have dominated recent seasons, but i'm confident we can secure the League at least. Having trouble on the International job front recently though, no countries in either S.America or Asia have had any vacancies since i left Italy. I was hoping some might be
  10. Not much time so cant do a full report but progress has been slow over the last few weeks. I won both the Brazilian LEAGUE and the Copa Sudamericana with Santos but I wasn't happy at the club and left after Suda final to take over at Galatasary in Turkey. Galatasary were 4th after 17 games, 7 points behind top spot. They were also still in the Turkish Cup and the Europa League. I know I had a chance to have a crack at the Copa Lib. with Santos but I don't think i could have endured another season at the club, whereas now I have 2 more Challenge trophies to aim for. CLUB CAREER Season
  11. Good to see some new faces starting the Challenge, will be interesting to see how ye get on and good to see others making good progress. How has FM17 been for those who are playing it? In my own game, I won the Confederations Cup with Italy and resigned a couple of days later. I'm gonna miss Italy, I've essentially had the same squad since I started WC qualifying so it sort of felt like a club team. Speaking of clubs, we're joint top of the Brazilian League with 21 games gone, we were already out of the Cup but we have got the Copa Scudamerica to compete for, although it doesn't count tow
  12. @SavoNFFC, best of luck with the ACL, hopefully you can avoid Seoul. What reputation are you on, its seems strange that you havent been able to secure any of those International jobs. @Fadedaf; congrats on the Norwegian double. Its always nice to see people winning things in different leagues. Any preferences on your next destination?
  13. Wasn't long before i got a new job. Santos sacked their manager after their first game of the season, which was a draw. I resigned from Chelsea to ensure that compensation wasn't issue and a couple of weeks later i was Santos manager. The caretaker manager had being doing well, winning 4 and drawing one of his 5 games in charge. Unfortunately they had been eliminated from the Brazilian Cup though, but i took the job nonetheless. So after 6 games we were top of the table, let my Brazilian adventure begin.
  14. 2028/29 Season Review Chelsea League So having taken over Chelsea with 20 games left in the season, but a massive 17 points behind City, my plan for this season was to focus on the FA Cup and use the league to assess the squad and see what I needed to win the league next season. But a small glimmer of hope appeared after our 3rd game which happened to be a win over City, this was our 3rd win a row and for City it was their 3rd defeat. So now we were only points behind City with 17 games left. Could it be done? Having only suffered 1 defeat and a couple of draws in our next 14 ga
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