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  1. I am trying to get it so that players from the commonwealth of nations are the majority of players in my league. I tried to make it so that players from the commonwealth are not considered foreign but then most of the players on the teams were from other countries and not from where my league is from (Canada). Im trying to make it so that there is a healthy amount of canadians and the foreign born players are mostly from the commonwealth nations and the secondly from other north/central/south america. Not sure how to make that happen. Is there a way also that there work permits are more likely accepted from those countries or something? thanks
  2. Hey, just wondering if anybody has tried to make a americas champions league like I have heard about. teams from both concacaf and conmebol playing in a uefa cl like tournament. I dont know how to set up coefficients. I have made one but I would prefer to be able to make it so that the amount of teams entered inter the competition corresponds with the countries would rankings, and that countries can lose or gain spots. Let me know if you have made one like that or know how to work the coefficients like I said. Thanks
  3. I am making professional league in Canada (im Canadian) purely fictional but I have incorporated the three Canadian mls teams (montreal,toronto,vancouver). I am attempting to make a designated/marquee player rule in the game, when I implement it in the advanced rules it never appears in the game properly or at least I cannot sign players to those contract types. Not sure if what I can do to make it an option to sign players to designated/marquee player contracts. If anybody knows how too, please let me know. Thanks
  4. I have had this problem with the football manager game in the past. How I got it to work was that I opened up task manager (ctrl+alt+delete) and click on ''task manager''. Under the heading processes look for the game (mine was under the subsection background processes) and right click on it with your mouse. Click on the 'end task' option. Restart the game. Hope this works for you, it has worked for me in the past.
  5. I was wondering if anybody has an answer to this other the same two things that Riz Remes keeps saying on multiple posts. I keep downloading new fixes, but I still have not been able to start the game. What am I doing wrong ? Do I need to change something in my settings? Do I need to reinstall something ? This is pretty annoying. I liked the game when it was just an early access because then I could actually play it.
  6. I have not been able to load it, so it is on the screen setting from before the newest version, which I believe was only full screen. I have gone to the file you suggested and the "game.cfg"does not exist. I have deleted it in the past as it was a suggested to somebody else in a different post. If this is not resolved I kindly ask for my money back as I cannot play the game I payed for.
  7. Since the update on Dec 1st. I have not been able to open my game. Every time that I open it the screen resolution goes funny flickers and the window pops up saying 'Unable to initialize sound- please make sure DirectX is installed properly'. Once I click 'ok' the screen flickers then goes back to previous resolution.I have the latest DirectX so im not sure the issue. I dont have this issue with anything else and I could play the game fine before the latest updates.
  8. I get an error. 'Unable to initialize sound- please make sure DirextX is installed properly. wont let me start at all
  9. I still get the same error. 'Unable to initialize sound- please make sure DirextX is installed properly.
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