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  1. Hi Riz, I'm using clock speed - FAST Action speed - NORMAL Highlights - KEY ONLY It worked fine before the update, if you can find a way to get it back to how it was I'll give you the biggest e-hug ever. Thank you for your help.
  2. Yes this is exactly the problem. It doesn't seem to change no matter what screen resolution I try though.
  3. Yes - this needs to be fixed immediately, the clock freezes when set to fast and key only highlights. Ruins the game.
  4. Not on Mac. The clock does move but it goes very slow. Before the update the game would fast forward to key moments very quickly, now the simulation is very laggy and takes much longer than before, defeats the purpose of running with key highlights since it takes so long.
  5. The update sort of ruined the game. The 2D engine is no longer functional when set to "key only" and clock set to "fast" (the only way to watch a full game without it taking forever and a very important component of the game), surely you'll have something out soon to fix this??
  6. The 2D engine isn't working anymore after the update when I set the highlights to "key only" and use a fast clock. The game freezes and doesn't move until I hit "pause" and "continue" to move the clock, but it only goes forward a few seconds. So basically an entire feature of the game is broken now. Anyone know what to do about this? Started happening after the update. I really wish I didn't update this game
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