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  1. Been playing now with no more problems, Im happy to say. Appreaciate all the help and replies and hope the steps help others who were having the same problems.
  2. Dont want to speak to soon, but ive been playing now near an hour using the above advice, and all seems to be working as it should- No freezes or crashes.. @MarcusBanks7 @Neil Brock @Jimmy Wong 🤞🏽🤞🏽🤞🏽🤞🏽
  3. Running low graphics, dont use my laptop for anything else only FM basically. Played tonight for about 2hrs no problems, apart from a couple of in match freezes which I hit the windows button and the game re-engages.. I think when the game kicks me out is when I leave FM on screen with the laptop idle, If I exit (press windows, and game on in the background) Its fine no problems, if I leave it in game it kicks me out and gives the recent DxDiags and totally kicks me out i.e. total restart. Ive actually had to start saving before and after each game to ensure I dont lose game points.
  4. OK- done the above, as regards uninstalling Avast secureline and Nirsoft bluescreen viewer, I also keep deleting the cache and preference files. I played 1 game which seemed to go ok, went away for 10 mins and came back to the error message saying football manager had a serious error and to check my drivers were up to date which they are- as again I've uninstalled and re-installed my drivers and graphics now twice this week. The fault is defo game related as I had an engineer check my laptop and he couldn't find anything wrong. There is no DxDiag file in the crash dumps, even though its the same fault as has occurred previous.
  5. Uninstalled the above lastnight and only really got playing for 10mins never got a chance to push it, will get a better run at it today, heres hoping 🤞🏽
  6. I thought it was AMD also blaming my graphics card etc.. but the more I read through the posts, the more I believe its game related. When it isnt crashing it works brilliant then boom.. graphics are excellent also when its working. Thing that makes me believe its the game, is the faults are intermitent, and its a different fault each time. IMO its to much a coincidence alot of us are getting the same crash.
  7. Bare with them mate, hopefully we'll be bug free soon. I actually paid an engineer £50 to look at my laptop as I was convinced it was not game related. But the laptop was given a clean bill of health.
  8. Hi Jimmy, Have sent that Belarc file. Game crashed again to night, same again just kicked me out. Here's the DxDiag- FM 2019 v19.2.1.1177438 (2018.12.20 20.51.02).dmp
  9. Will do this tonight Jimmy when i get home from work 👍🏽
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