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  1. callme_hd

    injured but no substitution

    @Jack Joyce
  2. callme_hd

    injured but no substitution

    Yes, same problem here. When a player has an injury in the match, sometimes the AI managers do not make substitution to replace this injured player. After this event, it is always 10 vs 11 in the match. I'm not sure whether it is a match engine issue but it is indeed a bug.
  3. Yes, I agree. It seems that many players have low fitness condition on international duty. Even with 3-4 day interval, their fitness barely recover to at least 90%. Most of them are about mid 80s%. However, nobody knows whether this issue will be fixed in FM2019.
  4. Yeah, most of Chinese people don't know how to report these bugs. And the quality of Chinese translation has improved a lot since 18.3.3.
  5. callme_hd


  6. Yes, I agree. There are too many Chinese translation errors in game. However, it will be better to post it to https://community.sigames.com/topic/411536-chinese-simplified-issues-in-chinese-simplified-translation/. Many people had reported a few of translation issues but the majority of posts were ignored in Chinese Tanslation Issues Sub-Forum, I think.
  7. FM2018不会更新了,所以反馈到SI没什么意义啊。这样吧,要不然我FM2019帮你留意一下,如果有这个bug,我直接反馈上去,怎样?
  8. 洲际杯赛估计还是没有开放吧,具体的语言文件修改方法steam的社区里面应该可以找得到。
  9. FM2019翻译会不会改善我不知道,但是翻译是已经开放了。可以自己制作语言文件,修改翻译。
  10. callme_hd

    Fitness issues and playing time

    As 'Rotation' status, if he is given 50% of playing time, he should no longer become unhappy. If he is still complaining about playing time, maybe it is a bug I think.
  11. callme_hd


  12. 这游戏中文翻译就是这么蛋疼,我也受不了中文翻译。
  13. callme_hd

    Fitness issues and playing time

    1. Talk to this player and promise to give him enough playing time. 2. Try your best to fulfil the playing-time promise (put him in first 11 as often as possible and do not substitute him in match). 3. If being given enough time, the player will become happy again.