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  1. Do you mean you have a poor adaptability in your head coach's attribute in geme to lead to these problem? If so, the attribute of adaptability will grow Naturally as time goes by. Maybe the adaptability will grow quickly if you become a manager and win trophies as many as possible in other countries. It not only related to adaptability but also related to your reputation as a head coach in my opinion. If your reputation is too low for this club, the players will tend to be disappointed to play for a low reputation head coach and have less motivation than normal. Try to win some trophies and become a more famous head coach and eventually this situation will improve. Pay attention to your job security in "Borad" screen, if it's larger than 50% I think it's unlikely for you to be fired. Remenber that the best way to hold your job is to win the matches.
  2. I think it may be a good idea for you to create a topic in FM Career Updates Forum to record the growth or depravity of these wonder kids.
  3. So, I'd like to put the players in DLP role if they both suit the roles of DLP and BWM to match my tactic plan. But if the player is a top player and very suit to play as a BWM I will use him as a BWM and change the tactics.
  4. Yeah, it depends on a player's personality (hidden attribute) and player traits. However, the player will tend to receive more yellow/red cards in the role of BWM than DLP in my opinion. In BWM duty, the players have to tackle harder in some situations.
  5. If there is a press conference before match, journalists will ask some questions of players milestones. Also, you can see the milestones page after match. Not sure whether it's removed in FM2019 as I don't notice to it.
  6. I prefer to use DLP, which couples with a BBM in a 4-2-3-1 formation. The reason is the DLP is more creative while the BWM is more likely to get yellow/red cards.
  7. Maybe it's because your team personality is "low determined" and the young players' are affacted by the environment so their determination will drop.
  8. Yes, they are posted by a professional Spambot service and it's unlikely to run out unless they decide to stop.
  9. Hello, knap. Thanks for sharing. I'm using the 19.34 4231 beowulf, it has many shots and control possesion. However, my AF always misses one-on-one clear cut chances when receiving straight long passes. The AF even not scores once in 6 matches after using this tactics. The scorers are AML, AMR, MC and one from DC, with GS:GA=14:4 with 4 win and 2 draw. I will keep using it and monitor my AF's performance.
  10. Club reputation is the primary factor I think. The more reputation a club has, the more attraction for players/staff want to move to. As for city attraction, maybe it is just related to ticket price, attandance increase, away fans, etc. In a more direct way, you can simply create the two clubs with rep-7000 att -8 & rep-6800 att-16, to try to sign the same player/staff, to see if he is willing to move to one of the clubs.
  11. Seems interesting. However, for me I'm not used to set nicknames. I'd like to see the players' full name on the screen.
  12. If you want to build a new stadium: 1. The average attendance in home game should get close to the capacity of the stadium. 2. The stadium should be used over 20 years.
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