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  1. Did that, but 6 months isn’t enough to know all the pros and cons of long term issues like consistent glitches, quirks, etc. not to mention the sale ends in just a week or so, and that isn’t a whole lot of time to thoroughly test run the game. I just want to hear the thoughts of another community than Steam reviews, which can often be full of people who have never played FM before and are simply not used to this style of game or not good enough to succeed at it
  2. Ok, so with FM18 on a great sale right now, it's looking pretty tempting to upgrade from FM16. However, the negative reviews are holding me back. I'm not too concerned with injuries, as it seems that there are ways to manage the uptick in quantity, but match engine (ex no direct free kicks being scored) and transfer market quirks (namely with selling players) seem to be two big problems that are holding me back. That being said, is 18 a better enough game to make the jump from 18? I'm interested in hearing some responses - thanks!
  3. EXACTLY. Think about real life. If Arsenal use the same tactic over and over again for the rest of the season, teams will get smart and start to counter them. They wouldn't stand a chance at winning the league. You have to mix up your tactics and play with your opponent in mind; in other words, set your tactics according to how you want to exploit your opponent. If they like to play possession football, try to play counter attacking. If they like width, make sure you adjust accordingly.
  4. And now this is awkward... they're all sold out! And Steam didn't put it on sale for their Winter Sale! Agh! Where do I find a decent deal on FM???
  5. I was really hoping for a Black Friday deal of at least 20%... but there weren't any deals at all! Disappointing. Guess I'll have to wait until the Winter deals to get FM 16 and FM Mobile this year...
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