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  1. On day 04/14/2019, the game closes by itself, it doesn't say crash dumps or anything, it just close. I don't know what can be, cause I played another game until 2029 with no issues, and now this happened. Maybe the europa league is with issues because i got into quarter finals.
  2. No, none backups :/ how the game gets corrupted?
  3. My game appears that it cannot be loaded when i try to loaded it.. Can i do something to fix it?
  4. Thanks man, and i'm sorry for the inconvenience.
  5. Hey guys, i wanna know how i could change the folder to save the things of fm, because the default location is in disk C:\Documents and i don't have space in this.. In fm 2015 I could do this in preferences, but now I couldn't do this because don't have the option...
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