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  1. Well i loaned him to Stoke, best Player of the Season and this 2 times in a row. Second Season i bought him. Together with Lincoln as the two Trequartista behind the Striker they won me the Title. And he was the best Player ofc.
  2. If you can get Dybala get him. No Question
  3. You can play him as AMC (as Trequartista he is very good), as ST (F9) or IF/a on the right wing. Train Finish and get him a good Tutor, he will develop worldclass. Dont play him als CM
  4. Ah okay thank you. So its a good think that my new Board rent 40Mil. from the Bank to buy the Stadium i guess.
  5. Well. I play with Stoke - new Board. I ask for a Stadium expansion - accepted. We won the Title and the board ask me if we should buy the Britannia Stadium - i said yes. Now both are running, expansion and buying stadium. Im not from England but doesn´t own Stoke the Stadium allready? Or is it just rent? Someone know the answer?
  6. Have bought Van Persie to Tutor him. This guy is my baby, i love him ^^
  7. Well. I play with Stoke - new Board. I ask for a Stadium expansion - accepted. We won the Title and the board ask me if we should buy the Britannia Stadium - i said yes. Now both are running, expansion and buying stadium. Im not from England but doesn´t own Stoke the Stadium allready? Or is it just rent?
  8. Oh Lukaku in my Last Season. My Main Striker was injured for 5 month and i was still in Europa Leauge, Carlingcup, FA and League (5th place at this moment). He was the Leagues Top Scorer with 26 Goals and eliminated ManC 4-1 and Arsenal 5-0 with 7 goals in the last 2 Games. We won the League and the Carling Cup with Stoke.
  9. Well, try it. I would say the Action and Roaming Radius is very limited With Very Structured and everything stick to position you will have a very stationary tactic i guess ^^
  10. Yes Lincoln develops into an absolut AML/AMC Monster, i love this guy - an absolut must buy
  11. The Rebuild I started a Multiplayer Game with a Friend (Stoke - Southampton), still in the First Seaon and i decided to rebuild the Squad and bring in some young Names to challenge for the CL Places in the next 3 years. ----------------------------------------------- GK Butland -------------------------------------- ---CWB/s Mammana/Johnson --- CB/d Wollscheid/Madlung --- BCB/c Shawcross--- FB/s Balanta----- Sub: Some young Talents ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----WPM/s Afellay/Walters ----- CM/d Gil Romero ----- RMP/s Lucas Romero ----- WM/a Shaqiri/Malcom ------ Sub: Cubas ------------------------------------------------AM/a Zarate/Lincoln---------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------DLF/a Rondon -------------------------------------------------------- Sub: Crouch The others had to go, too inconsistend - Also Zarates attitude is miserable, i consider to sell him. Malcom and Loncoln hopefully come out big and i hope that the Romeros Rule the Midfield. The Finance is good, many Talents at the club - the Old have to go or to Teach the younger Players. So far so good - but this Season only Mid Table - Next Season i aim for International Football. Does anyone have good/bad experience in a Consortium takeover?
  12. -Coric -Tielemans -x2 Romero -x2 Zivkovic -Mammana
  13. Yes that makes sense. In the fm 15 the Shadow Striker wasnt so high up the Pitch and created many chances for himself and others. In 16 he is very offensiv and rushes more into goal scoring possession. Should he even coupled with another Striker than? But yes, it makes sense to bring other players higher on the pitch to support him
  14. Hey there. In FM 15 i really loved the Role Shadow Striker. I even played a strikerless 3man- Shadow Strike Taktik. It was so fun. This year it seems the Shadow Striker do something different, but i dont get it. He just pushes forward, dont bring himself into play... The gap between Midfield and the SS is so big, even coupled with a DLF/a-s don´t work out. Now i prefere the Role Attacking Midfielder or Trequista, they bring more variety to the table. Has anyone suckes with a Shadow Striker so far? And if yes how?
  15. So i had many 0-0, 1-1, 0-1, 0-0 , pretty ineffectiv somehow after a good start. Even the counter taktik from http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/444680-The-Art-of-Counter-Attacking doesnt work for me, it was terrible. So i changed my 4-1-4-1 into a 4-4-1-1 ------------------GK--------------------- --CWB/a---CD/d---CD/d---FB-u--- ------------------------------------------ ---WM/a---CM/d---CM/s---WM/a------ ----------------AM/a-------------------- ----------------DLF/a------------------- Standard, Fluid, Short passing, work into the box, fairly wider and the Results are getting better. Maybe couse of the injurys or maybe couse of the creative freedom. beat westbrom 4-0 liverpool 4-2 - after 1 goal in 5 games this was a joy to watch. Defensiv still stable but i felt i dont need a DM. Maybe i play 4-1-4-1 against the top teams. How does the taktik work for you guys? All on counter?
  16. There are... some similar threads. 4-1-4-1 thread - same as you: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/443357-4-1-4-1-opinions-advice Art of counter attacking: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/444680-The-Art-of-Counter-Attacking/page2 I guess its not needed todo another thread about this formation ^^
  17. I also started a Stoke save and i will rebuild them quickly. Also bought Romero, Balanta and Alvarez. So Malcom (loaned back 1 season), Gil Romero, Mammana, Madlung, Andrés Cubas, Zarate (Pretty young for the future) I really try hard a 4-1-4-1 atm, but i had many injury Problems and not the best start in the Liga. A really underperforming Arnautovic who have to go in the Winter - i also failed to get a Striker into the DLF Slot. Diouf plays really bad, as defensive forward or DLF. Crouch also. Only Zarate blinks sometimes, but he is so small. Every Game is even, not many clear chances for the other team, still i have bad luck with late goals and really close games. Can someone see why i struggle here? atm i play: ----------------------------------------------- GK Butland -------------------------------------- ---FB/a Mammana/Johnson --- CB/d Wollscheid --- CB/c Madlung --- FB/s Balanta----- ------------------------------------------DM/d Romero/Cubas --------------------------------- WM/a Walters/Arnautovic --- RMP Gil Romero --- AP/a Alvarez --- WM/a Afellay ----- (Somtimes i play Romero AP, Alvarez as WM/a --------------------------DLF/s Diouf-Zarate-Crouch ---------------------------------------- injured: Shaqiri, Shawocross and more Counter, Fluid, The Future is bright, but atm its hard. I Also dont like balanta as CB couse he is too small. Many Players are unterperforming and my Strikers cant score... Crouch is demanting that he want to play, but he is so bad when he plays, lose so many possession, dont score... What do you mean, should i give them just more time? Change the System? I sell Arnautovic for 15mio. I will buy another DLF striker i guess. Where can i slot diouf? He cant score goals... Even Zarate plays better, but he is so small. Any thoughts?
  18. i agree with vasilli . You need more roles on attacking, you will see you have more power in front of the goal. you also can chance the ap(s) into an ap(a) or an cm(a) and let the BBM/s. If you have 1 Anchor or DM back, you only need 1 support Runner and 1 attacker. And 2 Attacking Wingers/WM are a must or atleast 1 overlapping wingback. If you have problems with crosses: buy tall defenders with good heading.
  19. @roggiotis. i played def forward but he dont score really many goals and he pushes up the pitch hunting enemy players. im not sure if the def forward is good for counter taktiks but i will try it also. in dortmund i have rondon as dlf/s and he scores many, many goals. i stoke i will try dlf and def.forward this season and replay asap.
  20. Hey. Interesting taktik. Do you ever tryed SK(S) FB(A)CD(D)CD©FB(S) DM(D)RMP(S) WM(A) AP(A) WM(A) DLF(S) ? You stay nice in defense and if you attack you have more players upfront. The Roaming playmaker push a bit higher up the pitch as the DLP does, the DM stay back, both WM on attack as they should score more goals - you dont need so many supports if you play a counter taktik. The DLF holds up and bring the players in, or maybe a Complete forward/s, but i feel the AF is just too isolated in my oppinion. And i would not start with retain possession, you want to play a faster game forward and maybe trigger the counter more often
  21. Hey Romney. First i think that AF as alone Striker dont work so well, (as you can read above) Use a F9 or a DLF/s instead. I prefere DLF couse he hold the ball. I dont like Joselu as a lone Striker, he misses so much in quality, i like diouf way more, or crouch or even walters... If you see the opponent plays wide with crosses from the wings, do the same, play wide - defend wide. And the most importend thing: Play with fluid or maybe very fluid. You want everyone to defense and the more attacking defenders to attack, so use fluid as Team shape. Don´t use 2 Wingbacks, you have 2 Wingers in front of them, use 2 Fullbacks - they work better with the Wingers.
  22. Okay - in my dortmund save in season 3, stoke gets a new consortium.... now i just have to wait and see what happen in my stoke save...
  23. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/443357-4-1-4-1-opinions-advice Read this mate, same story
  24. You have 2 man on the Wings, a FB and a WM - they should be capable of defending the other 2 guys
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