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  1. Has anyone got a league winning tactic that just involves lumping it? I'm talking crazy-gang-esque hoofing to the two upfront. Or if that fails, hoofing it out wide and your winger crossing it to the big man up front?
  2. Really disappointed And absolutely shocked by this statement. You’ve taken £40 from every single one of us and then said you can’t fix the faults anytime soon because “it’s not that simplistic.” Can you imagine paying a plumber to install a new boiler and when it’s not heating up as much as it should he says “Ah well it’s just not that simplistic.” FM19 was really good for me so I spent £40 on the next game in the series expecting to get, at the very least, the same level of game. It is honestly, for me and many others, unplayable it’s current state and there seems to be no urgency to get it fixed. It’s also the most expensive PC game that I own. If you’re going to charge £40 for a game, the very least you can do is fix it as soon as faults arise. It may not be straight forward but for £40 you should offer a certain level of service. This is not a £5 indie early alpha game. The fault with one on ones is such a huge element of the game that directly affects the user experience. It’s not just something little and aesthetic. It’s also something that should have been picked up on long before the game was even released in Beta. You only need to play one or two games with a lone striker to see that it’s an issue. It is extremely disappointing to be in this situation with any game, let alone one from a company we all have such an affinity for.
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