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  1. I've said this many times here and on Vibe - the biggest thing that makes the game easy is intensive training. FM at its core is a giant number simulator albeit a well made one. After just a few months of IT, your players easily surpass other players in their division. So league 1 players have the stats of championship level players, championship players have the stats of PL players while PL players are basically all Messi's out there. So when you play players with six 19-20s vs players with one or two, the results are often predictable and inevitable. I've been asking for a revamped training system for a while so consider this my bi-annual request. And for the record, I don't play with attribute masking because I don't like the idea of making the game harder by arbitrarily hiding player stats. Only thing that does is introduce more bookkeeping to keep up with the more frequent scouting requirements. That's annoying to me, not fun or challenging.
  2. veerus

    Squad Harmony

    You probably have a lot of players in the team who are unhappy. Either do something to make them happy (a new contract often works) or demote them to the reserves.
  3. In the past, SI has said that the game simulates matches in the background for players in the reserve team so that's likely the more optimal solution. Would be nice to have it confirmed if that's still the case though...
  4. IMO there should be more leeway in general for youngsters than signed players since everyone always wants youth academy players to play.
  5. He's out on loan. So far 6.4 rating in 10 games so yeah, I guess he's not lighting the world on fire. But uh, he's a youngster, on loan, at $100/week - the lowest salary possible. Surely fans could pick someone else to complain about?...
  6. Fans probably shouldn't ever complain at me for promoting a kid from the youth team and giving him a chance.
  7. I have one from about a month prior. I tried to fast forward thru screens just now and did not get that message again.
  8. Just got a message about a board warning for the last place team a month after the season ended. A bit late to the party there...
  9. There are three major areas contributing to this: the AI is terrible at evaluating players - this applies to squad building and in general (too many good players available on free contracts, etc) Tactics engine is destroyed by the 442 bug Training turns players into superheros compared to the AI Hoping to see improvements to all three in FMM18.
  10. There needs to be a message when a player in the reserve/B team gets injured.
  11. I think it's edited. The game is confused about his position as a left-back or midfielder. Don't think I've ever seen that before.
  12. veerus

    FMM 2016 - updates?

    All annual sport games end their update cycle when the new game comes out. FM, NFL Madden, FIFA, etc.... it's the nature of the beast.
  13. The reason the game feels easy is because training is too effective on the human's players as compared to the AI's players. In a game ultimately driven by numbers, that has a big effect on the outcome. I'm really hoping they revamp (or at least tone down) the effects of training in FMM18. Alternatively, and I haven't tried this yet myself, you could try to self-impose a training limit of no higher than 1-2 medium regime and 0 intensives. That may level the playing field somewhat. So can Real Madrid so I'm not sure I agree with this statement...
  14. FMM is designed to be a bit more simpler and watered down / streamlined from the full blown PC version. So while tactical options could certainly be improved in FMM, you have to keep in mind that SI's primary goal is to keep things relatively simple.
  15. Guys, Let's talk AI's tactics adjustments. I assume (hope) you know that the tiniest change in tactics triggers the AI to change its entire formation. They may have the most elaborate and creative formations to start but... you could change something small like your passing from direct to short and the AI will often change its tactical setup (often to a basis 442) even if this happens 30 seconds into a match. A goal allowed almost always also triggers a formation change even if the AI's team is dominating. Match-day and tactics are the meat of this game and it's irritating that the AI doesn't have an ounce of common sense to properly evaluate the smallest changes made by the human manager or to consider game states. Would be very disheartening to see these things continue to happen in the new version. Thanks.