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  1. I would not disagree with that assessment of my backup options. Then perhaps a clearer message of why the players are being suggested would help. As it is, this screen is one of the least used in the game (by me at least) because the advice here almost never makes sense, and when it does, as in this case, it's still very misleading which doesn't make it feel very credible.
  2. Then shouldn't it say that I need wingers if he's going to suggest wingers? The fact that RM/LM are still midfield positions may be technically correct but in reality it's incredibly misleading and not at all useful. Even more so in case of my team where my wingers are some of the best players on the team.
  3. So my assistant thinks I need to improve our midfield, which I do. However his player suggestions are NOT midfielders.
  4. Looks like this happens in ALL divisions in which your team is. I just got promoted to the La Liga. My game was played on Friday and then I didn't get ANY results from Saturday/Sunday games in MY league but the game continued to update me on scores around Europe. Please fix this - it is so incredibly irritating to not see your own league's match results.
  5. So this player got injured in the previous season right before going on loan. As a result, his history is all messed up looking.
  6. Latest version available for sale has the latest transfers from the January window.
  7. I believe that's how it is in the Second Division B. But in the Second Division, there is a player of the month for every month in the game except the last. That's also why I'm expecting to see player of the year.
  8. I will tonight. Also, can you please confirm that there is NO player of the year award in Spain's Second Divison? I haven't seen it in two years running at the end of the season. In fact, I didn't even get a player of the month message for the last month of the season. I've kept a save specifically for this reason from right before promotion playoffs began. That's the one I will send and you can reproduce the loan bug on it.
  9. Yeah... but it used to happen a LOT more on release. This instance is more an exception than a rule. I don't think I've seen it this bad since the patch they fixed it. Usually players are green/yellow in position. Conditioning however has been plaguing AI teams forever.
  10. So I put my loaned out players into the second team for the season so they didn't clutter the list of first team players. Then at season's end, but before loan ended, I promoted them back to the first team to get ready for the offseason. However this action messed up their loan history so when they came back, game said they hadn't played any matches. I reloaded and put them back. While attacking players' totals seemed fine for goals and assists, the GK's conceded goals got wiped out as you can see.
  11. I don't holiday. Here are a couple examples.
  12. The AI in the second leg of a promotion tournament (while down 1-2 from the first leg) decided to go with a different formation. Which was great. However, player allocation was suboptimal. A tired defender with 6 in shooting as a forward... Whoops.
  13. Had a similar game - achievement didn't unlock. (on iOS)