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  1. Happened to me when a player came back from loan and had previously a number that I assigned to someone else this season.
  2. Correct, I have it enabled because it shows it for everyone else.
  3. Almost positive it was present in the save I submitted last week. Let me know if not, and I'll transfer a more recent one.
  4. Arrow is on training summary page but not on the profile page. Also can you move the arrow a little closer to the actual stat being indicated? It currently looks it belongs to the other column.
  5. Attached. See Le Marchand, Zambo Anguissa, Seri, Johansen, Mitrovic. Seems to only affect the starters... This is also the save for attacking coach (head coach) reporting on everybody in coach report & training report so pay attention to the GK and defenders since I have those coaches on staff. fm_save1.zip
  6. Yes. However, on new saves, tactical view doesn't save (another bug) and I have to manually switch to condition view which always fixes it. Then when it defaults to it after the match, it goes white.
  7. I have several players on my team who say (and have been for a while) they want a heavier training schedule yet the assistant mgr hasn't upped it at all...
  8. By the way, condition also shows in white on the tactics screen outside of matches as well.
  9. Had a player get injured twice in two different matches while on international duty. I have a save right after it happened if you want it.
  10. I can send a save if you want. It's occurring to me with Fulham.
  11. Yes. But if I change the entire formation, the option goes away again.
  12. Playing with condition view during matches. It defaults into white color instead of the green, etc. It's fixed by switching view from condition to something else then back to it.
  13. So I had a single tactic saved. Then I switched from that tactic to another and I cannot save it. In fact, I haven't seen the "save tactic" option since I changed from the saved tactic.
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