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  1. I did in fact keep the save... will send now.
  2. Players in "red" positions is a long-standing bug which has actually improved in the last couple patches. The midfielder in a deeper position seems to be a conscious decision on SI's part for the AI's tactics as of 8.1 (i think).
  3. I hope this is a bug otherwise it's kind of ********. I offered 3.1k/wk to a player on an expiring contract. Game tells me that I can't meet his demands. Then he signs for a LOWER division team for 2.8k/wk three days later!!
  4. After a red card, AI's team screen was showing 8 players in the outfield. I saved the pkm if you want it.
  5. I rescouted a player on my shortlist and the scout report didn't update. Note dates and scout name.
  6. I feel like OME is easy mode and EME is slightly harder. Maybe SI can add an expert mode option though I'm not sure what that would be without making the AI cheat. As they continue to work on AI's formation/tactics bugs, game will evolve to be a bit more difficult, in theory.
  7. See screenshot. This is only a display bug. Player profiles do not reflect these ratings.
  8. I've never seen a 5 to a 7 but I've seen ratings adjust post-game for substitutes. Like 5 to 6 or 6 to 7. Assumed that was normal. Like a hindsight bias type thing. How successful are you with disciplinary actions against your players? They seem to turn unhappy very quickly in this year's version with little hope to make them happy so I've stayed away from those actions.
  9. I've had plenty of games where a red card didn't seem to give much of an advantage to either side and the game flow felt largely unchanged. It feels weird but SI could cite plenty of real life examples where a red card didn't have an impact on the outcome (last week's Man United v Bournemouth being the most recent example that springs to mind). Other than that, I do what makes sense. If I'm up a man, I tweak to attack more. If I'm down a man, I'll take out an attacker to plug the gap (unless the attacker went off then no change)
  10. Do you have tackling set to "committed"? That makes your players slide in for tackles more which could cause more penalties if it happens in the box... Also, it's a small sample size - could just be back luck.
  11. Kind of shocked such a troll thread got the attention of 3 SI folks. Kudos to the OP.
  12. No sorry. Didn't think it was significant enough since this game has had rounding errors from the start so overwrote the save already. I'll make sure to save the next one if it happens again.
  13. this is on the current version
  14. Sorry I'm way past this point in my game. But it's from the same save I've been sending you guys with the other bug reports for the last 2 months if you can dig up one of the earlier ones in your records.