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  1. Ok, just checked and I'm not crazy after all. The game does NOT pause for evening game results. So basically, what happens is this: All but the evening game are played Post-game email with match analysis is shown If you check the table, the evening game is yet to be played; however, Pressing continue moves on to the next day WITHOUT showing the evening game's score I'm sure it's the same for lower leagues everywhere else as it was present in last year's version as well.
  2. AI team management is pretty terrible and has been for several years now. Your team's AI manager is probably based off the same AI system so it's not surprising his decisions are terrible. The last couple patches made the AI selection decisions slightly better (it's now less likely to play yellow/red players) but the conditioning of players has not seen any improvement in ages.
  3. LOL maybe you shouldn't post a question in a bug forum?
  4. Historically, their support tends to fade after the winter update as they start focusing on next year's version unless there are game-breaking things that must be patched. And I'm guessing your ratings issue is not even ranked in the top 100 of their to-do priority list.
  5. You can set it to highest speed comments only and blast through a match in like 60 seconds. Alternatively you can holiday for any amount of time which will skip everything including matches.
  6. I suppose it's possible I looked at the table in the match interface before the evening match is simulated. I'll try to pay attention to the table when # of games is mis-matched so I can send the save when it matches up w/o showing results. Ignore for now I guess. Thanks for checking.
  7. I have the message filter turned on to the max (global?) and I'm STILL not seeing match results from my own league on the days when my team doesn't play. I'm in the Second Division in Spain but I suspect this is the case in all non-top divisions.
  8. They already make us go through and edit 30+ players' regimes when we first set them up. It's really not different from what I'm asking. I just want to tell my players how I want them to train, get feedback right away on whether or not the player is ok with it (real life suggests ~95+% of the players are fully compliant) and then not worry about micromanaging it ever again. This game is called Football Manager not Training Manager. And under the current system (which became amplified even more with unhappiness in this year's version), I feel like I've spent more time dealing with training issues than I have working out tactics in last two releases. In my current save, I signed 3 players in summer and two of them became unhappy by mid-September. That is simply unacceptable.
  9. I'm sorry but there's nothing good about the current training system. It was always bad and became even worse this year with the increased unhappiness. I understand and welcome the need to streamline the game but this is the case of it being done poorly. We have a squad of 20-40 players and you're telling me that 5 possible training schedules is enough for them all? Setting it up individually per player should only happen once - into the position you want them to play - then it's not a grind and allows greater flexibility. How often do you hear of players being unhappy in real life? Maybe once per team, per season? (unless they're managed by Mourinho)
  10. I want a notification (! icon) any time there's a red message on a player's personal page - currently things like "slightly tired", "adjusting to team's playstyle" are not identified. More feedback at halftime from the assistant manager - it could be identical in format as the post-match report (good width, etc) More feedback from players/assistant manager about interaction options. This especially applies to dealing with an unhappy player and having ZERO clue as to how to make him happy. Training system needs to be COMPLETELY ripped out and revamped. It is ancient, inflexible, and counter-intuitive. Each player should have their own training and it should NEVER make the player unhappy. Unless you do something specifically AGAINST the player's wishes, then you should know that (see point #3). One variant could be is to train a player by position you want him to play and training would improve the relevant stats to that position. Injuries in training are WAY too common and need to be toned down. If anything, increase the amount of in-match injuries as those are relatively common. However, if training is fixed to not completely suck (since injuries are likely caused by intensive training, I'm sure, except there's no feedback so we never know what intensive training for a given player is), then this point likely won't be an issue.
  11. Unfortunately the interaction system doesn't give a lot of feedback on how to handle players and most of the interaction options seem to likely end up being more detrimental than helpful. I try not to mess with it if I don't have to. But if you do, private convos seem to work better than public. And positive feedback on form is the best bet to improve morale of a player, I've found.
  12. Here's one more from the if it's not a bug, it should be list. When I make a bid on a player and immediately get a message that another team outbid me, I have no option to submit a revised offer based on that information. When the offers resolve, and I try to put in a new, slightly higher offer, the team always rejects it because it has accepted the AI's offer. Every. Single. Time.
  13. I don't know if this is a bug or intended but when a scout is fired, all of his reports are removed from the player's scouting page. Since the reports are already given to the club, shouldn't they remain viewable?
  14. Figured it out. I'm still on iOS 9.x so Game Center is still enabled. Without it, those buttons take me to the in-game manager and achievement screens. With it, I'm directed to Game Center leaders and achievements lists.
  15. I have an iPhone 6s Plus. When I go to the options screen and click on the hall of fame, it takes me to the leaderboards screen which is basically the same effect as the achievements option. It is my understanding that this option should allow me to see in-game manager reputation rankings. If not, how do I get to that screen?