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  1. Yes it should be. I missed my window to reply and now am stuck with the lowest possible budget allowed. I was basically a no-show to the board meeting where the club's season expectations were discussed - a likely fireable offense in real life. And ideally, the board should be more flexible with the performance related requests. If I say I will bravely fight against relegation but spend most of the season mid-table, it would be nice to go to the board and "upgrade" their expectations for some more transfer/wage cash before the January window. Currently, it's an ineffective one-way system to request more money from the board which is refused like 99% of the time.
  2. 2nd season. I'm currently in preseason so is it possible for them to come back and ask me again before the real games start?
  3. For context, the following player was on loan with my team and we got promoted while his parent club got demoted. History got its wires crossed a bit.
  4. If you don't talk to the board about their expectations, the game doesn't give you another chance to talk to them. As with most dialogues, I was expecting the game to stop and remind me to tell the board how well I expect to do in the coming season. And now it has rolled off my inbox messages and I can't get it back.
  5. So I've recently run a bunch of test matches by loading a game, simulating a single match, then exiting and loading the same game again. I had 4 instances, approximately 40-70 reloads apart where one of the post-match comments was "Snatched at chances". So the weird thing is - after that message appeared once, it would appear in EVERY post-match result until I shut down the game and re-started it completely. First time it happened, I let it go for 7 games in a row before restarting FMM. I know it's pretty minor but let me know if you need more details in tracking it down.
  6. The players are numbered in the order in which they are listed on the tactic page. So depending on formation, positions may have different numbers.
  7. Nope sorry.
  8. The game doesn't list players who had to take kicks for the second time in an extra long penalty shootout.
  9. Had a player who was sold for $30k in January with a transfer date on 6/30. However when the sale went through, I didn't get my money.
  10. On second glance, this is a bug between overall and season screens..
  11. If you go to the team history page from team's main page, average rating is missing. But if you get to that page by clicking Player Stats on the home page, it shows up fine.
  12. Many of those "bug fixes" could technically be called balancing adjustments... And yes, they typically do at least one more update in late February-ish which includes January transfers.
  13. This is minor but you guys need to fix your adjectives. What part of this performance implies that we eked out a draw? More like unlucky to win due to godlike goaltending or something.
  14. I think I saw it a few weeks ago but I just checked and it's gone now. So looks like they removed it like most companies who put out annual releases of their games. And yes, Brazil is gone from all 2017 versions (including PC) as they lost their license for it or something.
  15. @Alari Naylor is this the new way to submit files now instead of emailing the sega help desk?