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  1. He's not a secret at all but Predrag Rajkovic is available from Maccabi Tel Aviv for around 4 million. In my haste to sign him I neglected the fact that he wouldn't get a WP. And he's not South American so there's no surefire way to get him a permit. So I loaned him out and hopefully he makes enough int'l appearances. Still though for that money it's worth it even with no work permit, he'll get one eventually.....I hope.
  2. The way I see it is that it might not be 100% realistic but it's necessary in game. Those players IRL are basically untouchable. Guys like Rashford or Foden or Reiss Nelson most clubs wouldn't even think to go in for them and that has to be replicated in game. In reality, sure a bid of 50million might tempt some teams, but the main point is that wouldn't really happen.
  3. I find it helps to stick to just a few responses. As soon as I try to mix it up it usually ends up going poorly. Basically just double up on whatever you're saying. If you say I have faith in you continue on in that vein. The only time that's not true is if you've been aggressive and angry don't double down on that. You'll get "down and pressurized" reactions.
  4. As an Arsenal fan I have to agree. Coquelin and El Neny are very much overrated in game. They're solidly average midfielders, but their stats make them more like a "leading PL player". Wilshere too, even though I love him has stats a bit too high. Other than that though I think the ratings are just about right. The one player I think is the other way is Kolasinac. He was good going forward for Schalke, but he's a defensive full back in FM, with very weak technical/attacking attributes. IMO he's more of a wing back than anything. It's almost like just because he's a big strong fullback he automatically got put as a DFB.
  5. looks like they've done only a couple leagues so far for 17/18 season. 3D kits didn't work for me last year though, although I didn't make a great effort to get them to work either https://sortitoutsi.net/graphics/packcat/8/332/3d-match-kits-1718-for-fm18
  6. Was that a save started on the full release or the beta?
  7. No, but my save was started in the beta and from what I gather him refusing to re-sign was hard coded into the beta. I think they removed that for the full release. I won the PL, League Cup, and Europa league in the first season and he still wouldn't sign. Despite me being in his favored personnel? Interestingly I tried to sell him in the first summer and he got mad why I was transfer listing him?!?!
  8. I'm finding the opposite. It used to be if I identified a great young prospect, I could swoop in and buy him with not much trouble. Now every good young player is getting snatched up by big clubs left and right. I was pleased by this and thought at the time that it seemed very realistic. Just goes to show I guess how wildly different experiences players have.
  9. Interesting if that is what is going on because on regen day in my FM18 save I went through the youth intake screen and it doesnt' say that why I can't "approach to sign" It says I think "this player has yet to sign a long term contract". So it's basically making you wait until they sign a professional contract with their club? Even so, most regens don't seem interested in moving anyway.
  10. You clearly haven't really looked into tactics that much. If you go to any "tactics master" thread (Cleon, Rashidi, O-zil, etc) you'll find that they lay out the thinking behind their tactics and how you can apply that to your own. Or worst off, download a tactic, play in Full or Comprehensive and actually watch what's happening. Is your full back advancing enough, is your DM sitting deep enough to cover your back line. Things like this are more common sense than anything. If you focus on a simple tactic, focus on squad building you should have at least moderate success.
  11. I learned last year to put professionalism and determination right at the top of my scouting parameters. Staff, players, everyone I add to the club I try to get at least "resolute" or something like that. I find it makes a huge difference. This might be anecdotal but it seems like you get less players coming crying to you about playing time, etc.
  12. I agree, Coquelin is much too overrated in FM this year. 14 technique for Coq?? Mustafi is overrated, while Kolasinac I feel is a bit underrated. I realize his good form might not have come into play, but even at Schalke he was good going forward and getting assists. His attacking attributes are pretty poor.
  13. What do you mean, that's EXACTLY how the media IRL act. Always needling managers and players hoping for something juicy. Even when they don't get anything they use quotes out of context...at best. At worst they fabricate stories out of thin air for clicks. As far as the player interactions I do agree it's a bit overkill, but also there are certain options that can delay if not shut down the contract requests. It also helps to have a strong captain who you can use to talk to these players. Playing as Arsenal I'd say Mertesacker has a better than 50% success rate in dealing with player complaints for me.
  14. I just clinched the league title with a save I started in the beta. Sitting on 91 points with 2 games to play there's a chance we could break the points record which is 95. I signed Embolo the opening transfer window who has become my first choice RM, and I signed Matt Lowton as cover for Bellerin in January. He's not the youngest, but for me he's about as solid as a back up as I could hope for, and seems content to play very rarely. I also signed Denis Geiger who has some developing to do but looks like he could be a great DLP. I also signed Rocky Bushiri as a youth CB for very little money (not sure he'll pan out though). Reiss is coming along really well, he has a 7.8 avg rating in the PL. Not sure who to sign in the 2nd summer. Sanchez won't sign a new deal. I'm thinking Pulisic or Lemar although they'll both cost a fortune. I'd love another top class midfielder, but I kind of don't need one. Ramsey/Wilsher/Coq/Ozil have all played fantastically. Coquelin especially I'm surprised by. He's chipped in with 8 goals and 10 assists from just a CM-S role.
  15. I agree that the mohawks are a bit much. I've had several players pop up in a game with a newly shorn Mohawk. I know the short sides is in style now, but not that severe of a Mohawk.
  16. Have you tried the 3D engine? It's a good deal better. But if there are lots of 2D purists around SI would be smart to not do away with it completely which it appears they might be considering.
  17. Yes I believe all their barbers went to the Mikel Arteta Barber School. Either that or they all work for the Lego corporation Seriously though they're much better this year
  18. I'm very glad to see that in-game tactics changes don't have as long a lag after confirming it.
  19. So much this. For me, and I'm sure there are many others, FM works because I'm able to lose myself in the world of my particular save. On FM17 I got one of the best regens I've ever seen. The problem was I loathed ever checking in on his player screen because he had a severe receding hairline and ORANGE EYES!!! Decisions like that are absolutely baffling to me. I'm guessing they made eye color some kind of randomly generated value maybe? If so that is absolutely mind boggling that's how they would set it up. No one on this planet has orange eyes...or white, or red or whatever. It's such a shame. https://community.sigames.com/topic/393724-whats-with-all-the-orange-eyed-regens/?tab=comments#comment-10619140
  20. Has anyone since the beta patch been having a face picture glitch on the "scouting report" screen where you click through all the players? The photo doesn't show up unless I somehow interact with that player's name or page. It really throws me off, especially with the Analyst Reports because they don't give all the info
  21. Sorry I meant SI uploading the beginner's guide is throwing off all of us die-hards. Ehhh, who am I kidding I'm still a big time n00b
  22. damn noobs getting everyone all excited for nothing!
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