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  1. I agree with this, but I don't think anyone's clamoring for FIFA-realistic regens. In FM 16 the regens were very decent. It has less to do with quality of graphics and more to do with art style. At first blush I didn't mind this year's regens, but after seeing more of them they really are far too cartoonish. Look at this from FM 16. It's not going to blow anyone away, but it's a perfectly acceptable style which I think most people were fans of. Compare that to last year when it was players changing ethnicities every game (I know they all go to Fiji or wherever for vacation, but they can't get THAT tan!). The year before it was 16 year old orange eyed hellspawn with the hairline of Count Dracula. I really don't think it's too much to ask for something approaching FM 16's regens.
  2. Anyone have any insight? I don't want to register players if I don't have to. But I also don't want any issues down the road were it turns out they are not actually eligible for U23 status. Surely I must register the foreign players I've just bought? I don't see how they're eligible in any way for U23. Unless it's simply a 23 years of age cutoff?
  3. I might be missing something here, but these are the new PL registration rules following Brexit: But look at the rule on my registration screen about which players qualify to be one of the required 8 home grown players: Players I've only just signed weeks ago from abroad are showing home grown on my registration screen. Can this be correct?
  4. I've noticed the same exact thing in FM 18. Haven't gotten far enough this year to judge. It's such a shame because I'm constantly finding intriguing looking players, but they'll be missing a couple of crucial attributes at the position. Extremely defensive fullbacks with zero attacking ability (which is all fine), but then a flair of 17 and positioning of 8. And yes, there is a surplus of Advanced Playmaker CMs, and very few of the terrier types like Kante or Torreira. The most frustrating thing (and this could just by my saves), is a lack of well rounded strikers. I appreciate that a top quality striker who is good at everything is extremely rare, but all the regens seem to be poaching kind of strikers who are lacking in creativity department.
  5. I guess that is a bit similar, although I was thinking a bit more detailed of a feature. Where a specific regional scout would give you maybe a shortlist of 30 players. It could be an alternative to investing in a long term contract for a scout with knowledge of that region. Just get a quick look at the region, and the shortlist they give you could have all 80% scouting completion already to speed things up a bit. Idk, maybe that's redundant.
  6. That might be an interesting idea to introduce to scouting. Have independent regional scouts who, for a fee, will give you a quick view of the best local players.
  7. Are they all shortlisted? If so, couldn't you select all > cancel scouting report? Then reassign them in chunks to your various scouts?
  8. I've been looking at the training screens only in small doses so far. I like the idea of going into much greater detail with it. I think I'm struggling mainly because of the presentation/UI of training. There's so much going on and the sharp contrast in colors makes it confusing to look at. I know it will take getting used to, but for right now I find myself avoiding everything but the individual training which is straightforward enough.
  9. YES!! Regens look fantastic. Can't wait to get done with work tonight...
  10. Any relation to the Belgian international Lorenzo Staelens? If so, then SI better hope he doesn't see this, or if he does, that he's not a homophobe
  11. You're being disingenuous about Asensio. The few saves I've played he always gets transfer listed by Madrid, and goes for about that - 25-40 million. So if you want to make transfer market comparisons it might help to be honest about what you're talking about.
  12. It is a solid edition. The scouting is still annoying to me, making it a chore instead of something you can do at your leisure. Other than that no big complaints. Ive seen some amazing goals this year too. Last night a regen player I have was at the byline near the left post and backheeled a cross to his teammate at the far post. It hit the bar, but I've never seen anything like that before. Intricate build up play, great long shots, etc. Much more variety this year which is great to see.
  13. A side question to this is, are those season bonuses based off of their bonus requirements in their contract? So if one player had a bonus of 100k if we win the league, would it increase that 100k by some arbitrary number if I increased the overall team win bonuses? If they don't have any preexisting bonuses in their contract, would it give all non-bonus players a flat bonus across the board? I know these things don't really matter, just curious.
  14. How about using slave labor to build stadiums? That's good clean fun that everyone can get behind
  15. Mourinhos base tactics in-game and I think also his high motivation contribute to this. For whatever reason Pep's tactics in FM just don't seem to work.
  16. One thing I do is if a youth player is crying about training he gets released immediately. Oh what's that you dumb 16 yr old? You don't like your new tutor? Then I hope you'll like your new career!
  17. To be fair I am seeing much more variety in goals this year. I've seen really fantastic short passing leading to goals with flicks and everything, players actually score from those long runs once in a while now too. Yes, winger to winger goals happen a lot, it can't be denied. It looks to me like one of the issues is that the ME makes it far too easy for wide players to drive inside when they're on the shoulder of the defense. A dominant wide player in FM is able to make those angled runs in on goal from a wide position into their nearest post. If their opposite wide player hoofs it in, there's a good chance the fullback/CB won't pick him up and he's right there for a tap-in. Sometimes they're almost inside the goal when they score. That said, I think when you're looking for it you notice it more. Take an actual tally of the types of goals you score and I think you'll see much more variety than you think.
  18. Actually this was the regen with 82 million value. A very expensive signing I got from Liverpool. Hes insanely good
  19. I signed this regen from Barca for 3.5 million when he was 20. I still don't understand why they sold him. He wasn't listed as unhappy at the club, he had years on his contract and had the wonderkid tag at the time. He hasn't quite performed to what I was expecting. It's mainly his consistency. He still has runs of a few games where he's unstoppable. Also 82 million pounds is one of the highest market values I've seen
  20. Have your current club put out a statement saying "we wont stop Ermant from leaving if Soulless FC come in for him", like the Brodge has just done with Celtic
  21. My strategy now is if there's a player I'm desperate to sign I try to get in done outside the window. This way like others have said you have more time to work with and less competition. I still always keep an eye out during the window though because there seems to be more crazy deals to be had in FM18 than previous years. Just by keeping an eye on transfer listed players I've poached a handful of wonderkids for 2-4 million from mega clubs. I'm not talking borderline wonderkids, but ballon d'or potential players. This seems kind of broken this year. I bought a regen from Barca for 3.5 million and he's now the best AMC in the world. At the time I bought him his mood was happy, he had no information stating he wanted to leave. He was happy at his club. Why Barca would let him go for so little was baffling. Not something I'd seen before.
  22. what is the quality of your players like? In premier league I had players scoring those occasionally
  23. Just curious what skin you're using? I like how the attribute numbers are big for easier viewing
  24. That's interesting that the rules aren't explicit for this scenario. As it went, I finished regular time with 10 men, I was just hoping to make it to extra time when I *should've* been able to bring back on my 11th man. That was not the case though. I was able to sub out one of my 10 remaining players, but was unable to bring on anyone for the "vacant spot". Very odd, logic would dictate that the 4th sub could be used to bring on a player without taking one off I would think.
  25. I haven't run into this situation before and I'm not sure of the rules here. Carabao Cup game which is 3 subs + 1 in extra time. I make 3 subs during regular time, after which a player becomes injured and can't continue. So he is removed by default from the pitch. After regular time, shouldn't I be able to bring on the 4th sub? I think that's correct, and if so then you don't have that option in game. Not a common scenario though I would imagine.
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