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  1. I notice that too, always figured it was my 5 year old laptop
  2. Going to need more information. Were those booking totals after the end of a full season? Do you ever do hard tackling in opposition instructions? Or get stuck in in the instructions?
  3. For me has to be when I see a player after a while has me as one of their favorite people. Makes me feel good That or when I sign a player I'm not too sure about and they achieve "legendary" status at the club.
  4. For me it depends what mood I'm in. Sometimes I'll be in the mood to go really in depth with my save and it could take me 5 hours to play a month. Other days I'll just want to rattle off 5 games in an hour. I go back and forth a lot during the course of a save.
  5. It'd be cool to see info about owners of the clubs. Maybe just a brief bio and their overall ownership style (fiscally conservative/agressive, etc.). For example Stan Kroenke for Arsenal could mention that he also owns an NFL team, and that he's generally not one to go all out in the transfer market. Not sure if that would raise legal issues or not. Would also be nice to be able to upgrade more than just youth and training facilities. Maybe if you're an up and coming team, have the ability to secure a charter jet for your travels, improve lodging standards for away fixtures. Maybe these things could have a very minimal effect on your chances of success in away games, maybe even slightly more of a boost if the match is very far away. I was playing as Arsenal in FM 15 and brought Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain's father into the staff. His father was listed on his info page as one of his favorite people. It was an effort to keep him at the club since he wanted out. I'm not sure if bringing in his Dad improved his performance or morale though. Would be nice for Alex to have a message like "I'm thrilled you've brought my dad into the staff, I know he'll be a great fit for our team." And then maybe see some changes in his form/morale. I wonder also if as a manager you could have a little more about yourself, even if it's just for flavor. In addition to your media style, tactical and mental attributes, maybe have something like good sense of humor/stoic type/combative type. Maybe if you adopt a Mourinho style with all the mind games other managers would be quicker to challenge/question you. At the same time your ability to deflect media attention from the players onto yourself could earn you more respect/better morale from your players.
  6. I think you guys are overestimating just how many corners are scored nowadays. I was looking up stats and it would appear that corners are on the downturn. http://www.espnfc.us/blog/tactics-and-analysis/67/post/2256611/corner-kicks-a-dying-art-in-the-premier-league These were numbers from the 15/16 PL season. So if you score 75 goals in a season, that you have only scored 5 from corners is very realistic. Now if people are not scoring any corners at all then it's a problem, but myself and several others in this thread have scored a fair share from corners in FM 16.
  7. Everton is a good challenge. Pretty good squad with young talents, the only issue is not much cash available to you when you start. Have to be creative at first, but I'm in my 2nd season of the save and have them in CL after finishing fourth the first year.
  8. Dumb question maybe where is that tactic? The only thing I can see with regards to that is shoot on sight in instructions. Or are you individually telling players to not shoot from distance?
  9. I've noticed this year (playing with Arsenal) that I've scored 1 long shot that I can remember and not 1 direct free kick. I've only even had maybe 2 highlights from us taking a FK. FM 15 I felt had a good balance with these. They'd happen often enough to be realistic, but didn't overdo it. Now I never see either in a highlight. I realize Arsenal don't have a slew of good long shot/FK takers, but still. You'd think Ozil or Santi would whip in a FK here and there. And maybe Ox/Alexis/Ramsey are good for a long strike once in a while. Anyone else notice this?
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