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  1. I’ve just read the guide on how to access my save file but I don’t have a laptop or PC so can’t access iTunes to get the save data.
  2. Ok I’ll get a save uploaded to the cloud. FYI I’ve just updated the game on the IOS App Store to version 10.0.5d1166095 (HD) and loaded my save game but the issue is still there.
  3. IOS version 12.1.1 iPhone 6 FM Mobile 2019 version 10.0.4d1162545 (HD) Hi, I’ve encountered a bug in the game which is a continuous loop which I can’t get out of. After buying a player the news screen asks me to confirm the transfer offer. When I click YES a message tells me that I have confirmed the transfer - so far so good, however, when I click NEXT and proceed to the next day I get the same news screen asking me to confirm the transfer even though I’ve already done so. This has only happened to one particular player. I’ve attached a video of my issue
  4. Hi Mark. Thanks for your prompt reply. I've not installed any custom logos. I'd be happy to email my save game but where is it located on my iPhone?
  5. I've been playing FM Mobile 2016 on my iPhone 6 without any problems but at the end of the second season it crashes. I've tried rebooting my device and removing all my programs from the multitasking screen but the problem still persists. The crash happens when I click on continue on 21/06/17. I've tried saving to iCloud and opening that saved game on my iPad but exactly the same problem happens at the same place.
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