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  1. so just to state i tried to post under Football Manager 2024 Crashes, performance etc but it was greyed out and wouldnt let me select like tons of other options to select leaving my only option as posting here.

    for some reason every time i launch the game some of my settings default such as Windowed mode always defaulting to Full Screen, 85% zoom always defaulting to 100% and Skin Reload on Apply always defaulting as on. it doesnt seem to matter if i remove all face images, skins databases etc and just use default or if i use and custom stuff.

    it also defaults to my Laptop screen even when i specifically want it to open on my attached TV screen 

  2. no i do not have a save prior to any of that. hence why i took a screen shot of that main issue which is clear as daylight to see. its not like i know in advance its going to bug out, to say oh i best create a backup save. but the next time it occurs i will try to create a save. and due to memory i do not keep more than 5 saves at a time. 4 are different saves entirely now whilest 1 is reserved for current save and then most recent which is typically 1 week prior to current save. once ive slept and got back on the game i am in the transfer window and seeking a couple more signings so its possible it will happen again

    most of the players signed are all newgens u18 meaning they are all usually from the most recent intake and so wouldnt have many if any youth apps let alone international youth apps, and are all wonderkids or potential future wonderkids including my most recent signing who apparantly hasnt had atleast 60% international appearances and has got 7/7 possible senior caps for Egypt, whilest also being a regular in his former team and is ''premier league quality'' whilest he only got me 1.5mill release clause, his initial 50k p/w wages again seems stupid he did not get a work permit.

    you say that the ai would be unlikely to sign these players as they are unlikely to get work permits yet i am always battling out with other premier league clubs for the players, and they are now trying to poach the players for less than i paid/less compensation that are still on a ''youth contract'' due to age, had preagreed fulltime contracts and most were signed for a fee/compensation yet their history shows free transfer, compensation should not be listed as free as it is not technically free

    as for the transfer/loan being changed it is completely ongoing through the save including the previous one i uploaded whilest before the save corrupted, yet all transfer/contract is set to me in responsibilities. so if another happens i mean its hard to know when one will be changed and as i save often due to a recent increase in crashes since last update the 2 saves are typically within a week of each other to prevent having to annoyingly go through everything again should anything serious happen .

    i have never signed a large ''mass'' of foreign youth during 1 window as i dont mind signing a few each window/season depending on how many i have due to the fact eventually so long as i can prevent my dof or whoever it is from agreeing a loan and me not being able to cancel it (even though as i stated its set a me) they will become home grown at club and should get work permits, and i am happy to play the waiting game just annoying when so many are eating first team wages

    i cannot recall Lafont again having only just sent him back out but im hopeful it will be normal when he returns if not i will upload a save.

    i also reported another work permit related issue, i could perhaps try to trigger again when the next work permit application is due for players due to join that also triggers the exact same issue as with Glosli. that was just one of many. and i would need to save prior to triggering the issue as it also cause their transfers to be reconfirmed and re-charged despite most of them have been ''charged for'' already.

    but there has been no reply to that post or i would just upload my current save as it can often be replicated with any players due to join that do not have a wrok permit

  3. so ive found an issue whereby without going on holiday when a player gets a work permit rejected the continue button is becoming ''Must Respond'' but there is nothing to respond to


    I am able to bypass this by going on holiday for 1 day. but i HATE going on holiday. as it resets the progression for staying at a club. perfect example every FM i have never been able to get stay at a club for ?? amount of years purely down to going on holiday for even a single day to bypass a bug like this.

    furthermore i dont get why ''youth/development'' players are given the same work permit requirements as a ''first team'' player and why the dof/technical director/head of youth etc will say a day after you should transfer list a player because they dont have a work permit ofcause they wont have played 60+% of games for country or have ?? league matches, achievements etc.

    or why despite having responsibilities for setting players available for loan transfer etc set as me they will automatically change the status to transfer listed/loan listed even when i set them as not listed/unavailable for loan, and there is no promise to sell/loan them out.

    yet the ai teams are able to sign players in the exact same circumstances and get a work permit 90% of the time. infact i can only see 1 ''youth'' player (u23) in every 5 premier league clubs that does not have a work permit all of those being non European players, the majority of mine are European only 8 of the 23 are non European if you dont count dual nationality with a European country so i dont get why human controlled team and ai controlled teams are being treated differently when it comes to work permits.

    or why a player such as Alban Lafont who had 206 career apps in Ligue 1 and Serie A  for Fiorentina so not a poor league, 5 u21 caps and had been called up to world cup squad but unused and was rejected a work permit for me on a 50k per week contract 22million gbp transfer, but granted a work permit to go on loan to newly promoted Brighton & Hove Albion for no contribution, then he was granted one so i recalled him but then the work permit vanished so i had to loan him back to them again this time full wages and a loan fee, i also dont get why ai teams the loan fee is paid monthly but when i agree a loan fee on a player it has to be paid upfront. example Aaron Wan-Bissaka loan Fee 2.1 mill already deducted form transfer budget and is apparently also coming out additionally every single month 190k meaning so far i have paid 3.2 mill when it was only supposed to be 2.1 mill total. so now i have triggered the optional purchase fee i expected to be refunded the pre-paid monthly loan fee amount but was not, and the monthly loan amounts are still set to come out, whilst one player i recalled who was on a monthly loan fee amount for the same amount, their incoming loan fee payments have vanished. its not fair.


  4. so ive noticed this every season and thought it may have been a build up to the '22 world cup, but it is now after the 22 world cup and still coming towards the end of the year (post world cup) between December 31st - March 20th there is absolutely nothing showing not even the existing fixtures this goes throughout all of the squads except now i cannot even select u23s or u18s schedule, to fill in any empty gaps with friendlies to raise money.

    during that period there is several 1 week gaps where all of my teams have absolutely no fixtures some 2 weeks and there is no international duty scheduled. just a blank gap were the dates arent even visible



  5. When you have pre-agreed a transfer for a player without a contract, when the time comes to be able to apply again (before they join) but they are already agreed and cost already taken you are being charged again whether the work permit goes through or not.

    example i had agreed 30million worth of transfers and now a week prior to them joining i had been able to apply for work permits again, once again they were rejected and once again the transfer fee has been deducted from balance meaning i have now paid 60mill, for players agreed at 30mill. further more most of those transfers have clauses with rising fees.

    the alternative being if i chose not to confirm the ''transfer'' even though its just a work permit application for an already pre agreed transfer. despite them having already been confirmed and charged for the transfers are then cancelled without the funds already paid being refunded.

    meaning i am now down 30 mill in transfer funds to what i should have had and with that of cause bank balance

  6. So I'm not sure which category to put this in at it doesn't technical fit one so I thought other, if I'm wrong please move it to the correct one. 

    I'm on Season 3 of my Save, in the previous season i was in Europa League and all players u23 trained at club was eligible but now in Champions League the rules in ''both'' competitions only show ''Only registered players are eligible'' nothing about players u23 trained at club.

    Now I'm days away from the first match in Group stage where we entered at and some of the players U23 trained at the club that were NOT registered are available but only those rained at the club between 0-21. not those trained at the club between 15-21 which is what the players train to having ''been at the club for 3 years'' meaning the majority of my u23s and U18s are unavailable. I'm pretty sure that IRL the case is that any home grown at club are eligible no matter what length of time they've been at club and to that matter players trained in the country so long as they are U23. do not have to be registered.516784b46a9f42b6bdb976eb1ab5512e.pngf8afbced5d3cd0455fa970be4075f599.png

    Having looked at all my opposition none of them have been affected in the same way, take Barcelona their ENTIRE senior team, B Team and U19s are available minus 1 player not trained at club or nation, this includes all players Trained at Club 15-21 and 0-21 why are AI teams treated differently to Human controlled teams. they only have 3 players unavailable 1 out on loan aged 23 and 1 aged 31 not registered otherwise every other player is eligible including apparently those out on loan


    Leverkusen players are ineligible due to being under age requirements

    Whilst AC Milan have their entire squad available except those already involved in another game.

    to me it seems like lower ''reputation'' teams are being treated unfairly by the game even if they are seeded higher.

    further to that apparently players trained 0-21 do NOT class at trained at club for registration as they have NOT been at club for 3 years so a few of my players from latest intake are not yet classed as homegrown, when I tried adding one the home grown players did NOT increase

    Please let me know if a save game is required and post the link for it again please and I will happily upload the save file I have just created

  7. i did but i override it when i force transferred to west ham and it worked that way.


    just thought i'd bring it up incase anyone else has the issue and as it will probably also happen in all the other saves which i havent progressed with but they all use the original setup to save time waiting for humungous database to setup

  8. Hi so i am in season 2 have just moved from Chesterfield to West Ham in the middle of the transfer window and have signed a few players but i am not able to register them, i click the squad registration button and it just takes me to the squad screen. i try selecting the squad registration number and well it is not there, the option to set squad numbers is but not to register the squad, i have already had to face 2 of the 6 top 6 clubs Tottenham (cup) and Liverpool and still have to face Man City and Arsenal before the window closes. i have also noticed there is no squad registration date on the calendar.

    there is nothing in the league rules saying players can not be registered infact it stated players can be registered between Sunday 2nd January 2022 and Monday 31st January 2022. and i have sold 6 players and there is no players of ''premier league quality'' in the youth as i have already moved  the only 1 out of 18 that was at the club when i took over.

    the players show Unr - Unregistered but Eligible for the next game if they are registered in time, i have tried a variety of things from reloading the save. reverting back to save still at chesterfield and then going through interview process and missing half the window again, completely closing the game, verifying game etc nothing is resolving this. considering 5 of my 6 saves are built of the 1 save, tried holidaying a day to see if that would do anything to resolve the issue (i wouldnt normally do this due to even a day holiday seemingly preventing me from getting xx years at club achievements), i have now also even tried using the ingame editor on teh same earlier save forced myself to west ham, before the transfer window opened

    i had thought it was tied into a skin i was using but ive switched back to the excessively purple default skin and nothing, i have even purchased in game editor using the last of my food money just to activate ''register squad at any time'' and still nothing, i reverted back to previous save whilest still at Chesterfield to just before the window opens and before i had interview for west ham job and created a test save and used ingame editor to force myself there ''again''

    this is a serious game breaking issue

  9. if i press start game it uses a small database and 12 leagues loaded from 5 nations. i NEVER use a small database and i have no idea what leagues are loaded. i get that i can add leagues later but will they not apply until the start of the next season. which means im stuck to using whatever leagues loaded until the rest are added

  10. Hi so i went to start a new game with the new update. but everytime i press advanced setup i just get a blank screen, it wont let me add or remove any leagues etc


    attatched below is exactly what i get




    I have tried this with and without official Gibraltor and Canadian leagues loaded but no other database stuff.

  11. I have tried various combos of leagues loaded and it crashes (Every Single Nation) (North/South America Only) (North America Only) Canada set as default nation. (this should perhaps be noted to avoid)

    having just the Canadian prem loaded it seems to be ok. so I can only play it with Canada the only loaded league ok.

    North/South America (with MLS) set as start date works fine.

  12. no i am using the default dark skin.


    on a further note its possible the game did not update properly because i just verified files and there were 8 files that could not be verified and had to be re aquired


    i will try another match and update.


    nope that didnt work. it went from a red screen during highlights to a white screen during highlights


  13. I know there is not long till Beta now but please consider some of these. FYI i have pre-ordered and am eagerly anticipating playing

    1. whenever a goal is disallowed or a player is sent of, or a penalty is given to opponents all that should(shouldnt) happen and the highlights and replays blatantly prove that and you speak about it, appeal etc but the decision is always the same and you always get fined.

    2. whenever you send a player on a leadership course and the responce is always ''gained little from the course'' you look at the attribute changes and nothing at all. always

    3. the amount the board disagree to sending a player on leadership courses that clearlyhave the potential to become leaders. especially when you are seriously lacking any leaders.

    4. too many players without pictures. atleast give them random gen/new gen faces

    5. not enough variety in the random gen/new gen faces

    6. bring back some classic roles, even even they arent currently being used by big teams some lower league teams use them aswell as if you create/play a classic database but have to use the current roles its not quite the same, aswell as some new roles needed such as Overlapping Centre Backs is a must have edition for 2020 because its used by a premier league team Sheffield United who i plan to use in Beta and this role is a must because none of the centre backs currently have anything that allows this. further to that the ability to say create old school stuff in tactics such as setting player movement etc

    7. many players especially youngsters having limited pa often many youth players literallyhave no pa at all or will never be able to reach the standard. potential should be more tied into how they perform in matches and training and club facilities staff etc and not a set number/range, weve seen many times players expected not to do well becoming good and the opposite players expected to do good, not doing good and sometimes players expected to do good not doing so well untill later in their careers

    8. not sure how this will work in fm20 with the development centre instead of youth/reserve teams can you still manage them. if you can then even if you have a manger for that team the ability to set yourself as the manager for a game or atleast have some influence over the selection, changes etc

    9. ability to view training sessions and at that more variety of training sessions additional groups etc thatcould focus on specific stuff like leadership, penalties, free kicks etc

    10. the amount of injuries increasing when you have more medical staff seems odd should it not reduce instead, i dont mean completely vanish but you get the point

    11. some counter acting strengths/weaknesses ie. The goalkeepers in this team have good Eccentricity. The goalkeepers in this team have poor Eccentricity.

    12. the ability for players to develop indifferent positions/roles. many players irl start in one role but change as time goes on yet the game seems to limit this (The player will never develop past...) if you are training a player in a specific role and playing them in that role surely over time that would become their natural role. 2 examples. IRL John Fleck started as a Striker but is now a DM/CM, in game Luke Shaw purchased him for Tottenham in 19/20 age 25 and immediatly started training as a LW (Inside Forward Role)by the time he announced retirement at 32 (7 years later) having played around 50% of matches in that role during the first 2 seasons increasing to only playing that role. he was still only yellow unconvincing no suitable best roles for this position which he reached by Nov 20 and then nothing for the remaining 6 and a half years

    13. the ability to have players capable of playing outfield and in goal (you can not say this is not used) perfect example Phil Jagielka IRL CB, DM, CM and a capable backup GK, i get that outfield players can get a goalkeeper rating but they are never anywhere near capable enough of being backup as you cant train them in that role and the opposite for natural goalkeepers, the ability to train them for outfield roles would be great 

    14. something to do with personal finaces ie create a club later in life, invest in a club, if club finances are limited the ability to use your own money for anything especially say if laterin a decent career you go to a small team

    15. board requests rejecting for stupid reasons

    16. being sacked for declaring interest in a job by saying in a press conference if they approached you you would be willing to talk. (Example managing a lower league team(bottom level) and the parent club is considering approaching you. this has happened to me in FM17 through 19

    17. Teams either not interested in you because your coaching badge is not high enough despite the fact ability wise you are better than the person they sign or hey approach you hold talks but then sign someone else for that same reason. this basically made me quit one save after 3 seasons managing in Malaysia and the board never willing to send me on coaching courses past a certain level (again this is something you could do from your own money)

    18. transfer values in many countries. ok i get thatreputation somewhat affects countries even irl but some small countries have sold players for massive fees beyond what is set in the database. the amount i get fed up of managing in a lower repuation country because even if you have a bigminimum fee release clause the board acceptstupid ridiculously low transfer fees even if you have built the clubs finances very well. example a save in Sweden i developed a team to be competing for the champions league season in season out, even winning it on several ocaasions got a decent positive financial balance built up yet because the nations finances etc are set in database and never change basedon whats happening in game, even if i had a player with a £20+ million release clause the board would sell less for less than £1 million and instantly the players value would rocket up once transfered.

    19. when you have decent finances more than sufficient to expand or build a new stadium and the board still reject despite the fact you are selling out every match. for the reason of either finances or not selling out matches often enough. another counter acting thing.

    20. further breakdown of some of the finances especially ''other''

    21. ability to create/design kits, select/negotiate with sponsors etc every season, the same kits get boring. also ability to set the game to not use official kits without needing ingame editor or something like FMRTE, FMSE etc. and someway of the engine replicating the editor kits you create. ie i created a kit in editor and created the images but ingame the default kits or ones that did not match would show.

    22. ability to start as a youth team/reserve manager (without the exception of some B Teams that playin some leagues)

    23.  in-game music. FM18 was it that had chase and status on the menu was alright but so limited. then nothing in FM19. you could consider using online radio stations such as the one i volunteer for Trucksim.fm that often have live presenters.


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