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  1. its the same with the u21 and u18 teams my youth managers as posted somewhere my youth managers are not rotating squads and rarely ever using any subs unless forced to like an injury or if players are made available from team above for less than 90mins. its not only affecting results ie i managed to finish 4th in season 1 with sheffield united and got some massive wins in some games i shouldnt have because of it.

    its harming the development of players wheter its ai teams or my u21/u18 teams controlled by an ai manager rarely ever using rotated or using subs. even if i manually select the u21 or u18 squads, make players unavailable to rest them etc they just use players they shouldnt like u21s using the exhausted u18s. u18s using none existing players. when i have more than enough players for them in each squad now to literally do a 100% squad rotation every game if they wanted to. also the issue of ''full rotation/slight rotation) still does not work properly this has been ongoing since wow how long now where a full rotation often is 1 player swapped out

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