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  1. I have this Brazilian (surprise surprise) player who keeps missing match days (seen leaving a nightlub the night before), last season he must have done it 5 or 6 times. Now i am 4 games in to the new season he has missed 2 games already. The first two times he done it i gave him a warning and talked to him about his conduct the next time i gave him a 1 week fine then every time after that a 2 week fine. I cant talk to him about it anymore he thinks every fine is harsh even when i warned him about it he said that was harsh. He is one of the best players in my game so understandably i dont want to lose him but i am dealing with a player who looks like hes going to miss more games than i can afford. I have fined him a months wages in the space of a month. Any advice?
  2. Like i said i am playing him week in week out i am in the premier league, chances are he isnt going to get into the brazil national team but that doesn't stop other player from south america in my team who dont play int football from signing new deals
  3. i have a player who has been playing for me at Portsmouth for about three years, hes Brazilian and his contract is up in 7 months and i have been trying to renew it for the last year but they wont give him a work permit even though he plays every week. Is there anything i can do or is he just going to leave on a free
  4. I need some help taking a tactic to the next level. Most of the games i play i will win or lose by one goal even though i normally have much more shots, shots on goal and ccc.I have one of if not the best squad in the championship but i am struggling in 4th. If any more information is required i can share it.
  5. Thanks for the info I checked he has played in Ecuador's last 5 games, i applied for another wp but it has been rejected. Any idea how many games he has to play before he will have one granted?
  6. I got this goalkeeper he's 20 and looks like he could be my first team keeper for long term. I am Portsmouth in the championship and cannot get a work permit for him. I got a Croatian team as a feeder club to send him and get a wp there but he wont go to them, all the other clubs coming in for him are from countries where it will take to long to get a work permit or he wont get one at all. I am completely stuck.
  7. I have found that putting an anchor man in dm helps break up the oppositions play more. Might work for you might not, just what has helped me concede less goals.
  8. I know he has already been mentioned but i cannot recommend Felix Horn Myhre enough. He has been an absolute rock, i hope i can make it into the premier league with him although there are a few teams interested in him. Also i picked up Joel Valencia for 63k mid way through my first season. Absolute match winner. Also i'm not sure how much he will cost at the very start of the game but Ryan Hardie has been great for me from league 2 to the championship. He cost a fair bit at the time but has been well worth it.
  9. I brought him in thinking at worst i could make a small profit off him. Only really starting him in games that i will be more in control or bringing him off the bench late on. He has 3 goals in 7 games (4 of them subs) so far.
  10. Championship. I have Ryan Hardie who's getting 20 goals a season so i wouldnt be depending on him to keep me up or anything.
  11. Buying/Selling: Buying Player Name: Your Team:Portsmouth Buyer/Seller: Valarenga Player's Value:105k Offer: asking price of 250k Transfer/Wage Budget: 800k/9k Patch: Season: 2019/20
  12. Got this guy on a free without being able to scout him. Not sure if it will be a good decision or not.
  13. sure sorry. I find that i cant keep possession and score. But when i try and play a counter attacking style i concede way to much. this is with my 3 at the back formation and this is the story of most of the games. hopefully this will be enough
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