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  1. Yep, I tend to go with one big save. Even wrote a 500,000 word story on one... I find it takes a few goes to make it through the first season or two on modern versions of FM though. It used to be quite a bit easier to start back in the day...
  2. FMC / FMT Wishlist Thread

    Fair enough, I appreciate the insight. Given that it's also designed for the tablet market, where memory and space are quite limited, that's understandably a significant factor.
  3. FMC / FMT Wishlist Thread

    I agree entirely re: the player history. I can understand wanting to display a consistent measure of performance, rather than having it skewed by cups against wildly varying opponents, but it omits a large chunk of a player's performance - especially those who are fringe players who might only get a run in the cups. It's a bit frustrating to be considering promoting or re-signing a player without being able to see how they've gone in the first team in previous seasons. From memory, old versions (and I could be going back quite a few years) would discard non-competitive records but keep the rest. The summary would show overall stats, and you could click on the year to see the breakdown. I'd love to see that back. Given that my three-country, twelve-season game is only 40MB, I assume a few extra stats won't blow things out much.
  4. Geez, this all makes me long for the days - less than a decade ago - where I would visit the tactics screen a couple of times a season, and then only to shift my formation around to cover a weak position.
  5. Ah yes, the random form slump. Have a look at this for an even worse example: Going along smoothly, then suddenly concede 22 goals in five games. Same players, same tactics, just suddenly ineffective. It might be that morale is a little overpowered.
  6. FMT16 Save Updates Thread

    Is that effective where they have no aptitude for the position - ie. not even a yellow or red dot, but nothing at all? I'd assumed that they would just perform badly and never learn the position, but perhaps I'm wrong. Wound up selling Deal for £7M anyway, since he was worth £6M more than O'Reilly despite being the same age and rating. Now I somehow have six 3-4 star strikers, all promised rotation or better. I gotta stop rushing to secure free transfers without looking at the bigger picture...
  7. FMT16 Save Updates Thread

    Somehow I've wound up with two great right wingers (who can't play anywhere else), a bunch of quality attacking midfielders and strikers and stuff-all on the left.
  8. FMC / FMT Wishlist Thread

    I'm a bit surprised that the main game has streamlining options which FMT lacks. Two I'd like to see are the ability to automate scouting assignments and the creation of friendlies for the reserve team (especially for sides which have a reserve side which isn't in a competition - eg. the SPL). Perhaps even implementing the assistant's advice during matches? I can't be the only one who hammers "make changes" blindly. Also, it'd be nice to have a bit more in the way of feedback and advice. This game has some incredibly dramatic turnarounds in performance, and the reasons are pretty unclear, at least to me. The backroom advice in the main game seems to be useful, and it'd be nice to have something unobtrusive but similar in FMT.
  9. Yep. I miss the days where you could just focus on building a squad. I had some absolutely epic games in which I barely ever visited the tactics or training screens. I just find the full game to be information overload, most of it being of very little interest. I do miss a few features from the main game, ranging from little touches like the match preview screen with milestones, team restrictions, and helpful information from your staff (and, indeed, actually a bit of effort in assembling your staff), but I am willing to sacrifice that to not be overwhelmed in the full game.
  10. I'm playing as Rangers in FMT. In the Championship, the reserve team was entered into a reserves competition. However, upon promotion, it was no longer part of it - SPL sides are not involved in the competition. Unlike the full game, there is no Under 20s side, so there's no way for players to get match fitness aside from being loaned out or in friendlies. The game allows me to create reserve friendlies, but only four at a time - so every four weeks I have to create another batch. Am I missing something, or am I stuck endlessly creating friendlies each month?
  11. Unrealistic Sackings?

    The visible board confidence seems to essentially reset each season, so I take it the recognition of your long service is conducted "behind the scenes"? It might be somewhat less rage-inducing if that was communicated to the user - a message along the lines that they're disappointed with the current performance but prepared to give you a chance because of your fine service/past achievements with the club. I'm not convinced it gives sufficient credit, though. I started with Hereford in the Skrill Premier League in 14/15 and made it to the EPL by 29/30, and was sacked after just 17 games (3 wins, 4 draws and 10 losses - not even in the relegation zone). Very nearly threw my iPad into a wall. It used to be easier in past versions of FM (going back a decade or so) - I've bounced back down from a promotion more than once without being sacked.
  12. Late to the party, thanks to the recent sale and the endless wait for a new Cricket Captain game. I enjoyed the challenges. I didn't find them difficult, but no doubt the side you choose (I went with Middlesbrough) has a big part to play in that. My first attempt at a full game has been...less enjoyable. The thing I have always loved about CM/FM has been building a long-term career - a few 200,000 word stories on these forums attest to that. The career years limit bothered me a bit, but I understand the limitations of the device. I slaughtered all and sundry in my first season with Wolves, finishing well on top and knocking out a couple of Championship sides in the cups despite selling two top players to reduce the wage bill. Then, four months later, I was sacked after a mediocre start (placed 17th) to the Championship. Well, so much for that career. I tend to play in Classic mode these days, and have always skimmed over a lot of the features, but the slimmed down nature of the game can be jarring at times. I find it a lot harder to find good free signings - no doubt a combination of the small database and the streamlined scouting system. It seems more designed for those players (admittedly the majority) who tend to buy many of their players, something I've never done. It's a real chore sorting through the available players without being able to display attributes. Sure, you can filter them, but that's much more limited. It's also annoying to not see more financial detail - if I get promoted, cut the wages, sell a player, etc, I want to see the impact. In a similar vein, I really miss all the little touches that built up the history of your management - the teams of the year, records, past performances, player of the year... Obviously it would be a waste of resources to have it for every side, but it would be great if it could be done for the user team. I think I'll go back to the challenges - shame three of them aren't unlockable via gameplay, but maybe picking different teams for the available ones will make them more interesting. Edit: Oh, and I really don't need my mailbox flooded with messages about the top league's transfer news when I'm many leagues below!
  13. Well done on fixing up the regional pricing on Steam. It's half the price that FM11 came out at here - indeed, it's actually cheaper than FM11 is currently!
  14. Steam pricing

    Frighteningly, this is not even the worst. Soldier of Fortune is $54.99 - in the UK it's £6.99, which is under $11...
  15. I've noticed Football Manager 2011 is one of Steam's daily sales today. 33% off is quite impressive, but there is a bit of an oddity. US store price - $26.79 ($AU26.79) UK store price - £20.09 ($AU31.19) AU store price - $60.29 Is this a decision of Steam or Sega to charge Australians more than double what Americans would pay, and just about double what European users pay? What is the basis for this? I am aware that some companies overcharge particular regions (2K are notorious for it), but others do not. Not particularly upset; just curious at the reasons.