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  1. Data Analyst

    As for the Data Analyst as it is in FM18, would we get a a different report or a more accurate report from a different analyst if he had a much higher "presenting data attribute"? Or if he had higher attributes in judging current & potential ability. I'm wondering if it is worth dropping a data analyst who has figures for these attributes around 9 or 10 for a new one who has 17,18, or 19.
  2. When you get a tactics advisory from the assistant manager before the next match, when he suggests that 2 or 3 players are lacking fitness or severely lacking fitness, what is he trying to tell you? A. Put these guys in the starting lineup to build up their fitness? ( I doubt it) B. Put these guys on the bench and try to get them in the game to build up their fitness? (possible but don't think so) C. Play these guys in u23 or u18 matches so they'll be ready soon. (Is this it?) D. Something different?
  3. LL's Strategy Insight

    LL, Great Guide. I remember you wrote a strategy guide similar to this a few years ago. I followed it and achieved great success. Glad to see you back.
  4. Player Form being tracked by backroom team

    Bump. Anyone? Should this be in bugs or tactics forum?
  5. Don't think this is a bug because I am getting this response when trying to view a few of my players recent form under reports. I had 2 players come up with this line, "Player form being tracked by backroom team but no data is available yet" where there would be stats about the previous 20 matches. About a month later stats came back but only the 5 games played since the backroom team was tracking. Now I have another player being tracked and his stats have disappeared. What is the purpose of this? Also under the same reports, the analysis tab states no matches available for analysis. Other tabs under reports work okay.
  6. Currently under Staff Responsibilities I can assign my DoF to handle negotiations for incoming players to the first team and I can do the finalizing. However, when it comes to handle negotiation of outgoing first team players, I can't finalize the deal that my DoF has negotiated. My DoF has sold two of my key players out from under me. I do not wish to do the negotiations, but do want to finalize them. This also goes for renewing contracts in the first team. I don't want him to negotiate and finalize a contract to a player that I wish to let a contract expire.
  7. This might have been mentioned earlier, but I miss reviewing U-23 and U-18 matches and clicking on each individual to read comment on how each fared in the match. FM17 only gives a rating.
  8. Football Manager 2017 Features Video

    So does FM2017 have licensing to the Premier League logos and faces? Or did Miles have a logo pack and face pack loaded?
  9. Work Permit Problem

    Thanks for clearing that up. Looks like I'll have to wait a year before he can play for me.
  10. Work Permit Problem

    Being from America I am confused by your work permit rules. The player in question is Nir Bitton who has played for Celtic for 4 years and was under contract with them for 3 more years until I bought him. If Scotland and England are both in the UK, why wouldn't this be an automatic work permit grant? Is Scotland considered totally separate when it comes to the work permit issue? He has played 28 matches for Israel. Looks like I may have to loan him out to a Scottish club.
  11. Playing as Wolves, now in Premiership. Signed an Israeli who played for Celtic. Didn't realize he would need a work permit. Applied, rejected, appealed, rejected again. Signed him anyway. Need a club to send him to on loan. Will any European club do? My board has rejected me getting an affiliate.
  12. This might have been reported earlier, but since the 16.3.0 update my Body Language widget has no information in it except for the players' names.
  13. My 3 tactics are: 4-2-4, 4231, and 433(41221). My lineup and numbering system for the 424 is as follows: Numbers starting with a 1 are first team and numbers with a 2 are 2nd team (basically). A few exceptions will be noted. Even numbers are on the right side of the pitch, odd numbers-left side. GK 1- Rune Jarstein 2-Carl Ikeme 3-Cyril Fogacci (Youngster on u21 or u18 squad) RB 12-Dominic Iorfa 22-Peter Pekarik LB 13-Yon Suk-Young 23-Scott Goldbourne RCB 14-Danny Bath 24-Dan Burn LCB 15-Kortney Hause 25-Ethan Ebanks-Landell MCR 16-Kevin McDonald 26-Jack Price MCL 17-Juraj Cuckoo 27-Connor Coady AMR 18-Adam Johnson 28-James Henry AML 19-Balazs Dzsudzsak 29-Ravij van La Parra STCR 10-Cauley Woodrow 20-Nurha Dicko STCL 11-Benik Afobe Exceptions: 6-DM Joe Ledley 8-AMC David Edwards 9-AMC, AML, STC Eduardo Vargas (probably best player on the team) Vargas to PLAY AMC IN 4231 and alternate at STC with Afobe in 41221. Razor Boukari is out on loan and available for transfer. Jamie Walker is out on loan sometimes also (not registered to play in Prem). Owner allowed us to pick up some well needed additional staff also.
  14. It's time to report what is going on with Wolves for my 2nd season (1st season in the Prem). Our new owner, Claude Heil, has put a lot of cash into his new hobby, as you can see:We would never have seen anywhere near this amount if Steve Morgan was still in charge. Transfers in: Transfers out: I had to sell Sigurdarson in order to have enough money to better ourselves at DM. Picked up Joe Ledley as he is slightly better at defense than Price or Coady. Odds at preseason: To win the league. Man City 5-4; Chelsea 5-4; Man U 6-4; Arsenal 5-2; Liverpool 5-1. Wolves 2000-1 along with 7 other clubs. Predicted 14th. Teams that were relegated out of the Prem: Leicester, Sunderland and Bournemouth. Teams promoted to Prem: Shef Wed 1st place; QPR 2nd place; Wolves 4th place but playoff winner.
  15. Continued from my last post in FM15 Wolves thread. (post 137) Well, my Wolves limped home in the final 10 matches. After winning the first 4 of them, we dropped 4 of the final 6 and finished in 4th position. We lost the final match to Sheffield Wednesday which allowed them to finish in 1st place. QPR settled in 2nd place. Our 4th place finish set up a playoff tie with Burnley. The other matchup pitted 3rd place Ipswich vs. Reading. We so overpowered Burnley in the 1st match. 19 shots, 8 on target vs. their 5, 1 on target. 65% possession, vs 35%. We won 2-0. The 2nd match ended in a 1-1 draw so we won on aggregate. Ipswich had no trouble with Reading. The playoff final saw Wolves & Ipswich play before 88,000 patrons at Wembley. after allowing an early 2nd minute goal to Ipswich, Wolves settled in and controlled the rest of the match. Sigh scored on a penalty shot in the 42nd minute and McDonald blasted one home in the 54th minute to put Wolves ahead 2-1. And that's how it ended. On to the PREMIERSHIP. Season stats: Wolves led the league in goals (81), possession (54.7%), and most passes completed. Wolves--Goals----Assists----POM---Rating Afobe-----32--------8----------7--------7.46 Henry-----15-------13---------8--------7.44 Siguardson-15------8---------3--------7.17 McDonald and Iorfa each had 7.46 ratings as well. Ikeme was tremendous in goal all season. He played 51 total matches with an overall 7.02 rating. On to the Prem. I will have to pick up better players to compete. Hope my new owner comes through with a lot of $$$$$$$$.