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  1. Yep, I play on commentary only quite a bit, and have had that too, often enough to be noticeable. Goal in extra time, no highlight shown. Although playing in the lower leagues with a team battling relegation, they mainly go against me! Makes for a tense last few seconds, you never know if that little score counter in the top left is going to turn a win into a draw, or more likely, a draw into a loss!
  2. For those who are missing the pre-match formation screen - this might be of interest. I just had the pre-match formation & intro commentary appear by accident in a low level match. I was managing Chippenham Town in the Vanarama South, was about to play a pre-season friendly against Barry from JD Cymru Premier in Wales. Not a particularly important match worthy of the pre-match formation screen. My highlights were set to commentary only, no replay of goals etc. Just as the match was about to start, I decided to go to Comprehensive mode, and clicked on the Settings gear circle
  3. Would it be possible to change the method of column resizing for the various screens to work more like typical spreadsheet column resizing? That is: (1) when resizing one column it doesn't affect the width of other columns; and (2) show the column separators so that it is easy to see where one column finishes and another starts (toggleable if people have concerns about aesthetics). Just a minor quality of life improvement really, but it would make my day.
  4. As someone who knew nothing about football when I first picked up the game in FM2016, but who has played hundreds of hours of FM since: Tactics Creator: I think this needs an overhaul. I first had to learn how to play the Tactics Creator mini-game before I could even get started on learning how to coach my football side. I am supposed to be a football manager with some level of expertise - I should be able to tell my players what I want them to do, and they go out and do the best job they can according to their abilities and personalities. I guess it boils down to the fact that I feel t
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