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  1. I love this thread. I believe if you were streaming on twitch or something doing this, I for one would be glued (when I got time).
  2. Also if you have any tips on how to go around the amateur side of things, please express them. I'm also just sorting the layout of how I want to post things so please bare with me.
  3. League Preview 2016/2017 (Current teams within the league) The local media has predicted us to finish 3rd in the league however, with all teams evenly matched it can end up being a shock. Throughout this season, attributes of players mean very little for me and I'll be more focused on form, morale and condition, training effort of the player. Amateur football is more focused around those three things, rather on abilities. I can lose players at anytime and gain a player due to amateur contracts so keeping a hold of my players will be merely i
  4. (Current profile) Hi guys. I'm starting a new save on FM17 with the Northern Irish league expansion pack so I thought I would post my career on here. I guess I want to do this because starting from nothing to something seems nice. So, if I start with an amateur club with nothing it gives me a challenge after all Northern Ireland have a lot of league systems to conquer. However, the aim of the game is to get an amateur club to a professional status, but I won't guarentee to stay with the club I first pick, after all if I want it a little realistic, I will follow the money. I pick
  5. Personally mate, you can't expect a real answer for that. There's no detail on how city play, how you play, what your weak/vulnerable areas are and vice versa with Man City. Who's their key player? Who's the top goal scorer? I'd personally place one of my best defensive midfielders on to man mark their main attacking threat. But on the other note, that's one hell of a table!
  6. Pitch does matter depending on your playstyle in my opinion. A small pitch means a narrow approach in majority of games. A wider pitch means wide play (I usually use the biggest if I was to play a possession style game to create more space for players and etc).
  7. These are things you should be deciding in my opinion in regards to mentality and shape. What formation are you using as fundamentals? What player roles? You won't get the maximum effect of flank play if your formation and roles doesn't suit it.
  8. I say it would have a minor effect. Linked up play would be different. I'd say he'd want the ball more but will be a lot more greedy to score rather than make a simple pass.
  9. I'd change it to an attacking side with the defence dropped deeper to prevent the long balls, put more pressure on the opposition.
  10. Marking tight? Any other instructions such as tackle hard and etc? The defender issue could be down to his own attributes, concentration and etc. He may have as seen another player Un marked? Definitely need to see some screenshots or something mate.
  11. This is nice to follow. I'm trying to pull the same stunt with my Bristol Rovers save but due to their bad youth staff, facilities and very little shining prospects I have I will have to start from scratch to build it all up which is challenging and probably take 5 seasons to even get to a decent level of youth. This topic was actually what inspired me to start that aim in the save I'm currently on. Keep the updates coming.
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