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  1. That i didnt know. also according to my set piece instructions the throw in taker was the one supposed to stay back. I dont even know anymore, might need to get something to eat now.
  2. I am confused. Is this a bug or something to add to Sepp Blatters failures . I am Bremen II (green) against Ingolstadt (purple) in the match. Ball gets cleared to 2 offside players and hilarity ensues... View My Video
  3. After 8 straight losses to ManCity and facing a 9th coz of an early dismissal... I cracked.
  4. I had to dump my fluid 4231 narrow formation not because it stopped working but rather the quality of players I have is insufficient to match the established teams of the premiership. After a few thrashings I changed to a 4222 wide. TI - Lower tempo, More Closing Down, Direct Passing, Disciplined, Stick to Positions and Work Ball into Box. Shape is standard or counter. Still need to tweak it though: 0W-2D-0L but I've stopped losing ...for now. Its pretty much what ajsr1982 said. Since I dont want to get relegated trying to stick to pretty possession football, Tony Pulis is my sage right now. Maybe in a couple of seasons when I can afford some aging superstars or the youth steps up, I will change back. Other things you can do is make sure you get kicked out of cups pronto or play a bunch of u21 and u18' in them so that your best players are always available for league games. Also prioritize home games during fixture congestion you need to turn Riverside?? into a fortress of sorts.
  5. I just use 'play out of defence' in the team instructions and lower the tempo. Also check his PPM maybe he just likes booting the ball.
  6. Hahahahaha......on course for a treble too.
  7. Well seasons over and its pace over everything. as for Green only a +2 to anticipation. He now wants a 21K/week contract and he complaining to everyone. I think I will cash in... Rhodes started scoring then got injured and stopped . ended up with 11 goal from 25 matches. (scored 4 in one match hehe). I could never play him alone upfront, he'd lose the ball, miss a lot, just be terrible. I did find a gem in my reserves though: Ryan Nyambe. And most of his attributes went up by 3 in about 8 months. So im gonna sell Green and he can do a Gabriel Obertan impression elsewhere
  8. Oh yeah I remember Odonkor, hehe Obertan @ United. I decided to pay special attention to tactics and i noticed he can latch on to any through ball and lay it up or score. Even if his positioning and anticipation are poor, he just outruns defenders to compensate. Also Rhodes has remembered he is a striker. I had to set him up as a Poacher with Koita alongside TM support or Devarn as an AF with Crowley supporting as an AMS. Many thx for the tips y'all have helped me out.
  9. Could be. i think the assist Rhodes got was as a DLF, where the opposition keeper went out of his way to make a missed chance into an own goal. Still I am a buffoon when it comes to tactics, I just toggle stuff and move sliders and hope for the best.
  10. Unless it is outside the transfer window it should work. Try to get a team report with a list of players available for loan.
  11. If its tactics then its pure coincidence , i am not that smart as to exploit his pace. I mainly play a possession heavy 4231 narrow with the striker set to AF. His positioning, finishing have been top class.
  12. My second season with Blackburn. Jordan Rhodes is rubbish, cant score a goal to save a life but Devarn Green is just weirdly good. His attributes do not match his ability or form. I am baffled by how well he is doing and also that his stats arent getting that much better. I mean the guy scores in every game. Rhodes Homepage so is this normal? am i just that lucky?
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